Time really fly… it seems like it was just a few days ago we celebrated new year… and today it is 1st May… am I happy with this?… Frankly no… coz I have loads of works behind schedule… I don’t even dare to count and think all about it…

1st May is Labour Day, so today is public holiday… I guess many people were resting today. For me, I slept almost half day… or maybe almost 12 hours… 😛 I slept around 1 AM and woke up just before  8 AM. I was still very sleepy… I went to pee and continue sleeping… and I woke up the second time around 12 PM… I was enjoying my sleep as if I was relaxing on wicker swings and wanted to sleep more… I was still very sleepy but hungry… so I forced myself to wake up.

I had my breakfast… yes breakfast although it was already 12 PM… after that, I continued relaxing in front of the TV while surfing on the tablet. I wanted to do some work which were worrying me… but I didn’t… instead I continue surfing in front of the TV. I read loads of news and articles… world news, national news, local news, technology news etc… I was just lazy to do anything.

After a couple of hours, I went outside and walk around the house… I wanted to wake up my brain and muscles… but I was still feeling lazy and sleepy… so I decided to go out… I feel that if I drive, my brain will wake up… called friend to have a drink… and indeed my brain and muscles did wake up… feel fresher… went back home and continue watching TV… 😛 had dinner and now in front of my computer writing this piece… once I finish this piece, I’m going to do my office work which I need to submit tomorrow… 😛