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inspiration… semangat…

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I’m getting uneasy with the mess in my office and room back home… it’s not about the work… I don’t want to talk about work this time… it’s about the ‘garbage’ which seems to be increasing exponentially in my office and room… ๐Ÿ˜›

The fault can be attributed by myself… I’m the type who don’t like to throw ‘stuffs’ away… but at the same time I don’t know how to arrange ‘stuffs’… and some laziness… the stuffs I’m talking about are letters, magazines, books, notes, boxes, etc… If it digital stuffs, then it will be easier, coz it wont take space. But these are real… physically there which occupy my space… all the time… and the space I have is getting smaller and smaller…

And worse, these stuffs are not only taking my space… it sit there idling doing nothing, giving me nothing… zero… nil… I never look or refer to it ever since I put it there… well, almost all of it… the feeling of needing it someday makes me ‘letting it go’ difficult… it’s hard to let go… so they are happily occupying my precious space doing nothing.

So I needed an inspiration or ‘semangat’ to get out from my comfort zone, if that can be considered as comfort zone… so instead of looking for apex house cleaning service, I asked a good friend which I think can inspire me… coz if I use my own inspiration, I’ll be back to square one… if I start cleaning up now like before, I will start keeping back what I want to throw… and end up throwing nothing at the end. But if it from someone I believe who can truly inspire me… and be discipline with the idea I was given, chances are… I can get rid of all these stuffs without feeling bad… yea, feeling bad is one of the major reason I can’t throw away old stuffs… the friend suggests recycling… yea, recycle wont hurt that much I guess… now that I’m inspired, let’s see what will happen the next few weeks or probably months later… ๐Ÿ˜›

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lazing on labour day

labour day, life, relax, wicker swings

Time really fly… it seems like it was just a few days ago we celebrated new year… and today it is 1st May… am I happy with this?… Frankly no… coz I have loads of works behind schedule… I donโ€™t even dare to count and think all about it…

1st May is Labour Day, so today is public holiday… I guess many people were resting today. For me, I slept almost half day… or maybe almost 12 hours… ๐Ÿ˜› I slept around 1 AM and woke up just beforeย  8 AM. I was still very sleepy… I went to pee and continue sleeping… and I woke up the second time around 12 PM… I was enjoying my sleep as if I was relaxing on wicker swings and wanted to sleep more… I was still very sleepy but hungry… so I forced myself to wake up.

I had my breakfast… yes breakfast although it was already 12 PM… after that, I continued relaxing in front of the TV while surfing on the tablet. I wanted to do some work which were worrying me… but I didnโ€™t… instead I continue surfing in front of the TV. I read loads of news and articles… world news, national news, local news, technology news etc… I was just lazy to do anything.

After a couple of hours, I went outside and walk around the house… I wanted to wake up my brain and muscles… but I was still feeling lazy and sleepy… so I decided to go out… I feel that if I drive, my brain will wake up… called friend to have a drink… and indeed my brain and muscles did wake up… feel fresher… went back home and continue watching TV… ๐Ÿ˜› had dinner and now in front of my computer writing this piece… once I finish this piece, Iโ€™m going to do my office work which I need to submit tomorrow… ๐Ÿ˜›

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Nike Utility Duffel Bag… it’s coming

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I’m crossing my fingers right now… I really hope my Nike Utility Duffel Bag will reach me before 14 October 2011… I need it for my cloths and stuffs for photomarathon… and for my gym after that… ๐Ÿ˜›

About Nike Utility Duffel Bag (Black)

Cool bag designed to be carried with the handles/shoulder strap as duffle, with the straps as a backpack or single strap as a cross-body bag.

Large main compartment with zippered hang pocket.

This duffle has a large end pocket that’s ideal for wet/dry storage.

Also has a small end pocket and zippered front pocket.

Water-resistant Tarpaulin bottom. Tough 600 denier polyester.

Size: 25″ x 13″ x 11″

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wheezing lung

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On Monday, I took a day leave… and I did take a day leave the previous Monday too. Probably I have Monday sickness or Monday blues… nahhh… not exactly… I just feel tired and a little bit sick when I woke up on both Mondays… no, not a little bit sick but probably a worrying sickness…

You see, I have been having this wheezing sound on my chest for sometimes but it usually not very serious… but it getting louder and I’m worried I’m getting asthma or something… The first time I seek for medication this year was somewhere in February… I went to a private clinic near my office. The doctor seem to be very experience… he gave me few advices regarding how to take care my health… like he was giving me a crash medical consultant interview course… ๐Ÿ˜›

The wheezing sound usually appears in the middle of the night or early morning… the funny thing is, I don’t have breathing problem with the wheezing… I can breath just as usual… how do I know it getting bad?… well, first the sound getting louder, but it don’t really worries me coz it only happen during the night. Then the worse feeling comes… I feel like my lungs full of water or bubble… I still can breath properly but I feel drown or chocked with the water in my lung… I don’t even know if there are water in my lung… I just feel like there are water inside… probably I should get medical teaching course so that I can explain better… ๐Ÿ˜›

I get better after taking some medication… a week supply of antibiotics. But then somewhere in May, it comes back again… so I went and seek medication from the same doctor. The doctor said, if I still not cured after I complete my medication, then I have to get an X-Ray… I was worried… is this going to be very bad?… After a week… which means I finished my antibiotics, the wheezing and ‘water’ inside my lungs gone…. But it came back again!!!… This time it started when I was in Tawau last month, end of August… I guess it was caused by the bad air quality inside the hotel room… I was sneezing and coughing one night… I have to make hot tea at 3am just to calm my sneeze… After the journey, I tried to hold on to myself although the wheezing came back… but it getting louder and the ‘water’ came back… So last Monday I have no choice but to seek medication… but this time I did not go to the same doctor coz that clinic do not have the X-Ray facilities.

This time, since I took a day leave, I went to my regular clinic at Donggongon near my home… Hilltop Clinic. Why regular clinic?… Well, ever since I started working, I only go to this clinic… but I rarely go to clinic coz I rarely get sick… but this year I went to the clinic near my office instead of this… the reason I change clinic was not of the distance or convenience, but becoz I don’t like to see different doctors. Previously, when I go to Hilltop Clinic, I only saw 3 doctors… which happen to be the owners… They have 3 clinics I think… and they rotate taking care the clinics I guess ๐Ÿ˜› But after sometimes I don’t see these 3 doctors anymore… well, I usually go at night or after office, around 6pm. The doctor during those time are locums… I believe they are from the government hospitals and doing part time there. I really don’t like it coz they seem to be not experience… ok, I don’t know anything about medical management course but I don’t like it… I prefer to see the same doctor, the doctor who knows my medical history.

Anyways, this time I decided to go back there. I went there around 12pm and the ‘original’ doctor is on duty… yeahhh… Unfortuntely the Donggongon clinic do not have the X-Ray machine… but their main clinic at Luyang has. I asked the nurse what time the Luyang clinic close for lunch, she said 1pm… so I rush to Luyang and reach there around 12.40pm… I approached the counter and asked if I have a chance to see the doctor before lunch time coz there a number of patients waiting. She said should be no problem… and I told her I should have my record here since I came here once a long… long time ago… and it turn out that first visit was somewhere in 2003… ๐Ÿ˜›

I told the ‘original’ doctor about my predicament… by the way, there are only 2 ‘original’ doctors left since one of them no longer partnered with them. When I told about the history, I tried my best not to tell him which clinic I attended before… but somehow he know the doctor at the end… ๐Ÿ˜› The doctor check my chest and back using stethoscope… then gave me a worried look… he said I might be forming asthma!!!… arrrggg………………… then I only can take X-Ray at 2pm coz they X-Ray people are going for lunch since it is already 1.20pm… I came back at 2.15pm and took my X-Ray… after the doctor examine my X-Ray, he said my lungs seem to be fine… but a little bit of infections at the bottom of my lungs… emmm… he gave 5 tablets of special antibiotics… he said it is special… and two other type of tablets… I told him I need to be cured fast and do not want it to come back since I need to climb Mount Kinabalu next month… he said he can give me an injections… I don’t know what type of injection but I took it anyway…. it way on my left hand. And so far, I feel ok… I already finish my medication… we see how after this… I really hope the infections or what ever they are, are gone for good… ๐Ÿ˜›

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Saman Ekor

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Speed trap or ‘samam ekor’ or ‘tail summon’ is really sick… especially if you are not aware of the speed limit on that route. Imagine this… you’ve been driving 100 km/h everyday thinking the speed limit of that route is 100 km/h.

Then 3 months later you received a summon… your very first traffic summon of your whole life… through the post office… yes, the summon is sent to you through a registered mail… the summon said you have exceeded the 90 km/h speed limit on the route… dammm… now you realize the speed limit is only 90 km/h. OK, never mind, let’s just be a good citizen… comply the speed limit from that day and pay the summon too… and great, they even give you 50% discount for paying the summon from the RM300.

But two weeks letter, you received another registered mail… and this time, there are 7 summons inside!!! Holly craps… the total is RM1,650!!!

If they have stopped me immediately on my first offence and informed me about the speed limit of that route, I would have not accumulated those 7 summons continuously!!! So I got very upset…. I did not pay the summons…ย  until today!!!… that was at the end of 2006 when I received all the summons.

But now, they are giving us dateline… if summons are not paid by 1st March 2011, there will be no more discount and those who are renewing their road tax will not be able to do it… they need to clear all their summons first!!!

So, I check my summon through the online service a few days ago… I want to see how much discount I get from those 7 summons… but now, instead of 7 summons, now I have 10 summons!!!… craps… with a total of RM2,550!!!… and after discount, I still have to pay RM1,260… meaning, tomorrow I’m gonna waste RM1,260 for the 10 summons… that’s about $400 man… with that amount I can get lots of stuff… including foods… dammm… I’m gonna need to apply for payday loans just for these… and I still need a lot ย more coz I’ll be outstation next week…ย I need some mercy here man… ๐Ÿ˜›


A day trip to Tuaran and Kota Belud

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Last Sunday, 13 February, four of us… Disney, Malcolm, Stevenson and Me went to Tuaran & Kota Belud. We have been planning for this trip since last month and we supposed to go on 6 February but unfortunately everyone has plan on that day. We also having difficulty choosing a suitable date for this trip coz of the wet season… we need to have clear sky to take the Mount Kinabalu photo… yea, that was our mission, to take the Mount Kinabalu photos.

The rainy season for almost 3 months already made it uncertain for us to go… unless we all have waterproof cameras then we don’t have to worry about the heavy rain… but still, the mountain will not be visible or clear when it rain and when clouds surround the mountain. But luck was with us on last Sunday… although it was raining the whole day on Saturday, I was surprised to see the sky so clear on Saturday night… I can see thousands of stars on the sky… no clouds… wow… ๐Ÿ˜€

I woke up around 4.15am and immediately went to prepare for breakfast… all I have to do was make a cup of tea and put the hams and sausages into to microwave oven… I have fried the hams and sausages the night before… I packed the rest of the sausages to bring along for the trip. Disney picked me up around 5.15am and met the rest at KK. We stopped at Mc Donald, Jalan Sulaman to pack breakfast coz the others have not take their heavy breakfast… I bought a cup of tea which I did not drink… but I drank it on our way home around 1.30pm.

The trip was wonderful… the sky was a bit cloudy but it was actually very hot and I received sunburned on my neck. And it was for me to test my new Canon 7D which I just received on Friday after waiting for it for almost a week ๐Ÿ˜€ That camera is damm good… my old Canon 400D and 40D looks like dinosaur… ๐Ÿ˜† All together we stop like five times at five different places to capture the mountain… the sunrise and the clouds surrounding the mountain is very challenging.

Along the trip, we stop at one hanging bridge and saw a family bathing and washing their cloths at the river… we took the opportunity to capture their life. It was great… I feel like going back there next time and do different way to capture their life… Then we stop at Kota Belud Tamu… this is my first time here… and it also a wow… then we had our lunch at the Kota Belud Pasar Tani… the food is damm bloody tasty… and I even got a shocked when we paid for the food… for four of us, the food is just RM16… that RM4 each… In KK it will cost us more than RM25… :O

Then on the way back, we saw funny stuffs too… like excavator bathing itself… I was frozen when I saw it… can’t even lift the camera and snap the moment… then saw an almost accident… a Viva suddenly did an acrobatic in front of us by doing 90 degree and luckily manage to recover while overtaking on a bend… on a bridge… ๐Ÿ˜› Then lastly we saw a lion dance show at Mengatal Town…

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inside steel building on 10:10:10am 10.10.10


Went to KL on Sunday, 10 October 2010… 10/10/10… and where was I on 10:10:10am on the day of 10.10.10?… well, I was in the airport, KKIA, checking in for my flight to KL at 11.45am.

I went to the airport almost two hours before my flight… I started from home around 9.50am and reach there after about 15 minutes journey… and this is the first time I used the self check-in kiosk… actually at that time, passengers do not have any choice… all are asked to use the self check-in kiosk… two of them… before going to the counter (again) to check-in your luggage if you have any, else you are ready to board the aircraft. But I understand counters were open to receive passengers later on after more passengers are crowding the kiosks.

It is very easy and convenient to use the self check-in kiosk… you just need to key-in your eTicket number, and you can even choose seat if you don’t like the pre-assigned seat. I was given seat 8D… i usually asked for window seat… but when I tried to change my seat, windows seats are only available at end of the aircraft… I decided to accept the predefined seat… after all it is row 8 which is only 3 rows behind from the 1st/Business Class section.

After checking-in, I roamed inside the airport… for more than 30 minutes. It seems the airport is not fully completed yet… there are still many sections still under renovation. The airport is not really big… at the moment… the structure is not bad… although it looks like steel buildings, it is actuallyย  not… there are some artistically in its design…

Althought allย passengersย wereย akready inside the aircraft by 11.45am… we only took off at 12.10pm… we were held inside the aircraft for almost half an hour… just becoz our aircraft hasto give way to two incoming aircrafts…

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box… box…

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So many empty boxes occupying space in our office… including inside my room. Every time we throw away the old empty boxes, new boxes will come… some of the boxes are made of good quality papers…high quality cardboard… especially those boxes for expensive electronics like laser printers. Sometimes staff from other sections comes to our place asking for empty boxes… sometimes the reasons are like… moving house… transferred… so need lots of boxes for their stuffs… but so far nobody said they want to use it as shipping box… yea, those high quality boxes are suitable for packaging fragile stuff… and very suitable for shipping… ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, usually there are ‘re-cycling papers’ people who come to collect the boxes… yea, good for the environment ๐Ÿ˜€

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i’m feeling lazy…

honeymoon, jack pot, life, travel, vacation, wedding favors, work

This month and next month are busy months…

So many office works need to be completed… backlogs are so much… meetings here and there… to get specifications… to prepare reports… to do technical drawings… going outstations… attending courses… ๐Ÿ˜›

So many activities coming up… paintball training… paintball competitions… photography outings… donno want to go or not… ๐Ÿ˜›

So many favors need to give away… lucky no one asked for wedding favors… helping others to prepare reports… digging for information… specifications…

I don’t think I like to do all these anymore… work so hard… at the end nobody appreciate you… well, not all… but some… ๐Ÿ˜›

I need a break… I need to go for vacation… how nice if I strike the Jack Pot… nothing to worry about… just spend… do charity… travel… ๐Ÿ˜›

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The Next Prime Minister?

barisan nasional, Hulu Selangor, keadilan, life, pakatan rakyat, politic, zaid ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim & Co

Zaid Ibrahim

Is this man, Zaid Ibrahim, going to be the next Malaysia’s Prime Minister???

He started as a kampung boy in Kelantan and build a 130+ lawyers law firm, Zaid Ibrahim & Co… the biggest law firm in Malaysia… probably the biggest in South East Asia too…

He was appointed as a Law Minister but resign after about 6 months… he can’t go against his principle… so he resign…

But tomorrow he might stand for the Hulu Selangor by-election… a parliament seat which can allow appointment for federal minister or Prime Minister.

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