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amazing rain

ambient lights, lighting, lightning, outdoor lighting, rain, street lights, sunlight

The weather nowadays is not only cold but wet… it’s raining everyday… every evening… sometimes until midnight or throughout the night. And it’s not the casual rain type… it is the super heavy rain… if you are inside a car, the feeling is like someone keep on throwing buckets of water on the roof of the car… like someone is playing games… throwing water games… πŸ˜›

And outdoor lighting is very important since it gets darker earlier than usual… driving home after work with the heavy rain is quite challenging since visibility is very short… and it will be worse when the road is without street lights.

I’m not really against the heavy rain… it’s much better than having hot weather or droughts… I always like rain… the normal rain… especially the rain in the afternoon, then the sun appears after that… it makes the ambient lights fantastic… usually the sunlight shining on the mountain… Mount Kinabalu… just amazing… the mountain will be so clear… coz there will be no clouds surrounding it… the direct sunlight shining on it just amazing… you can even see the instant water falls on it… :O

And tomorrow I have to go UMS… no, I’m not enrolling with any study courses or anything… I’m not interested studying anymore… I got some seminar to attend there… πŸ˜›

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Murray Feiss?

lighting, Murray Feiss

Every time my MCSE class go for dinner before the class start, we always pass by this lighting shop… they have all kind of nice and beautiful lighting on display.

They have the ceiling mounted, wall mounted, post mounted, hanging lantern, chandelier and even ceiling fan with lighting… for indoor and outdoor lighting… almost all are nice and beautiful to look at, probably they are from the Murray Feiss design collection πŸ˜€

Whenever I come close to those lighting, I always try to touch them… especially those hanging on the ceiling coz they are quite low… πŸ˜€

I had planned to take photos of the lighting long time ago… but I just don’t feel like to snap on them… I just enjoy looking at them and touching those lamps.

But, a few days ago, I decided to take a couple of photos… the photos wasn’t that great coz I was taking it in the rush… they are really looks nice and beautiful if you see it right there, I think you won’t be able to see the beauty of it from those photos… coz like I said, it was taken hurriedly, so the result was not really that good… I was doing it hurriedly probably I was scared the shop owner might catch me and start asking all kind silly questions… I hate that when it happen.


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