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amazing rain

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The weather nowadays is not only cold but wet… it’s raining everyday… every evening… sometimes until midnight or throughout the night. And it’s not the casual rain type… it is the super heavy rain… if you are inside a car, the feeling is like someone keep on throwing buckets of water on the roof of the car… like someone is playing games… throwing water games… 😛

And outdoor lighting is very important since it gets darker earlier than usual… driving home after work with the heavy rain is quite challenging since visibility is very short… and it will be worse when the road is without street lights.

I’m not really against the heavy rain… it’s much better than having hot weather or droughts… I always like rain… the normal rain… especially the rain in the afternoon, then the sun appears after that… it makes the ambient lights fantastic… usually the sunlight shining on the mountain… Mount Kinabalu… just amazing… the mountain will be so clear… coz there will be no clouds surrounding it… the direct sunlight shining on it just amazing… you can even see the instant water falls on it… :O

And tomorrow I have to go UMS… no, I’m not enrolling with any study courses or anything… I’m not interested studying anymore… I got some seminar to attend there… 😛

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My new gadgets

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Because of the ‘super lightning’ last Wednesday night, 21 January 2009, I have to spend a few hundred bucks to replace my broadband Linksys modem router. I was not the only one getting a barbecued modem that nigh, but two of my friends also had a modem barbecue party that night. One is about 10 km from my house and another is about 30 km away… it was really a ‘super lightning’ party indeed… . . . Continue Reading »


Shock… Shocking!!!

broadband, life, lightning

Tonight, I will have to use my mobile Celcom’s 3G broadband instead of the wired Streamyx broadband at home.

Why? Because my Linksys broadband modem/router got barbequed last night.

I think it was just before 11pm when the dark sky started flashing intensely. But I did not really bother because the thunder sounded very far away.

Then after 11pm, it started raining… followed by the strong wind. Then the rain started getting stronger with the strong wind… and it become noisy by the hauling wind and the rain hitting the roof.

I still did not bother… continue surfing on my notebook inside my room as if nothing going on outside.

The lightning and thunder stated getting louder and louder…


My hand experienced a supper strong electro shock and was thrown away from the notebook!!!

It turned DARK!!! The lightning tripped the whole house…

Lucky my notebook still alive… although it becomes dim coz it is running on battery now. I immediately pull the power cord away from the notebook.

BLOODY LUCKY!!! My notebook did not fry… PHEWWW…

I grab my LED torch-light… Lucky it wasn’t far from me coz I just took it out from my luggage bag… yea, the very same luggage bag I took with me to Gayana Eco Resort 😀

I went to the switchboard near the living room and put everything back to ON. The house turned bright again. Unfortunately, two of the fluorescent lamp got fried and probably an air-con.

After checking here and there, I went back to my notebook and see if it really OK. It is OK, and I am using it right now. I believe it was saved by the APC extension cord which has an internal surge protection… but I’m still wondering how the heck I got that bloody shock and the notebook is still alive?… but that doesn’t matter for now. When I check the Wi-Fi connection, it is down… DAMM… the modem/router got barbecued!!!

When I think back about the shock I got from the notebook… gosh… imagine if the notebook exploded and it wasn’t just a strong static shock but a real current from the lightning!!!… Imagine if I don’t have the APC surge protection!!! I don’t think I will be writing this piece right now… even if I have Lexington personal injury lawyer, I don’t think it will help. Who can I sue?… Who can give back my… errr hand?… life?…

Well, I don’t care all that for now… the most important is I’m still here typing 😀

And that’s how my Linksys broadband modem/router got fried last night… now I have to waste some bucks for a new router… and I’m willing to waste some more for a new APC or Belkin surge protection extensions cord, not for my notebook… but for the TV and router.


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