warehouseHave you ever bought something from an online store? Say eBay.com? Well if you have, you know that they send the stuff that you buy or bid directly to your house, office, or any other places that has address, but have you ever wonder, how they do it? I mean it’s common sense that they send it through air, sea or by land, but have you ever wonder how with a few clicks and few days, the stuff that you bought online will appear at your door step… well it’s from a thing called transportation management software.

So what is it you might ask, well it’s actually a transportation management solutions, by that, the software itself will automatically match the detail that you have entered when you buy something online to where the package needs to be send. So somewhere the computer will automatically know where to send a package that you have ordered and this will help the post office or courier service in sending your stuff to where you live.

warehouse trolyAlthough it looks simple from the outside, it’s actually a lot of hard work being put into it, imagine all those package needs to be sent in the correct address, otherwise lots of angry customers will make complaint.

Thanks to computer, shipping stuff has minimize human error in a way, it’s not perfect, but it’s a little bit better. Another good thing to us as buyer is every package has a tracking number. With the tracking number, by just punching those tracking number to their online system, we can directly find out what is the status of our package such as its current location, and able to know whether it has left the seller’s office or has arrived to the destination custom office for clearance.

Don’t you just hate missing your package, where you have to ask them to re-send it to you or pick the package by yourself. Well, thanks to logistics management software, it’s a lot easier for you to keep track on your package so that you will have your package safely and on time.