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online delivery service

august6th, courier service, delivery service, logistics management, online tracking, post office, tracking number, transportation management

warehouseHave you ever bought something from an online store? Say Well if you have, you know that they send the stuff that you buy or bid directly to your house, office, or any other places that has address, but have you ever wonder, how they do it? I mean it’s common sense that they send it through air, sea or by land, but have you ever wonder how with a few clicks and few days, the stuff that you bought online will appear at your door step… well it’s from a thing called transportation management software.

So what is it you might ask, well it’s actually a transportation management solutions, by that, the software itself will automatically match the detail that you have entered when you buy something online to where the package needs to be send. So somewhere the computer will automatically know where to send a package that you have ordered and this will help the post office or courier service in sending your stuff to where you live.

warehouse trolyAlthough it looks simple from the outside, it’s actually a lot of hard work being put into it, imagine all those package needs to be sent in the correct address, otherwise lots of angry customers will make complaint.

Thanks to computer, shipping stuff has minimize human error in a way, it’s not perfect, but it’s a little bit better. Another good thing to us as buyer is every package has a tracking number. With the tracking number, by just punching those tracking number to their online system, we can directly find out what is the status of our package such as its current location, and able to know whether it has left the seller’s office or has arrived to the destination custom office for clearance.

Don’t you just hate missing your package, where you have to ask them to re-send it to you or pick the package by yourself. Well, thanks to logistics management software, it’s a lot easier for you to keep track on your package so that you will have your package safely and on time.

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Learning Disabilities

Anna Gillingham, august6th, dyslexia, kinesthetic, orton gillingham method, Samuel Orton, school, schools for learning disabilities

A few years ago, I watched this movie called Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief at a local cinema, so Percy Jackson is not really a smart kid, when one of his teacher asked him about something, he couldn’t answer him, not because he didn’t know the answer, but during that time, when he was reading the question, he actually couldn’t read.  But then there’s this scene where he was at a museum, one of his teacher asked him what was the name of the statue, of course he didn’t know, but then he looked at the letters, and the letters were not English, but when he looked at it, it changed into English, and he told his teacher the answer and he was right.

Then there were a couple of action scene where he freaked out, then one of his best friend started to explain why all of this things are happening, and one thing that was explained was why he couldn’t read normal English, it was because he was dyslexic, and that’s where it hit me, there are actually people who have dyslexia, and they face the challenge of not being able to read, one of them that I know of is called Daniel Powter, you might know him from the song Bad Day, yeah, I started to realize that dyslexic is a problem for a lot of people, it kinda stops them from showing their true potential which is hard. And maybe there are people out there who is affected, but let’s not lose hope, there’s actually a schools for learning disabilities which specialize in these types of situation where they show people who were successful in overcoming dyslexia.

So how does one with dyslexia try to get better? There’s this thing called the orton gillingham method which consist of visual, auditory and kinesthetic to help people with dyslexia. The method was conceived by Dr. Samuel Orton and Dr. Anna Gillingham, thus the name Orton Gillingham Method.

Knowing the method is not enough as it is, as they say practice makes perfect, that’s why there’s orton gillingham training, the purpose of training is to consistently build up and be better than before and slowly achieving something that’s worth fighting for. Just because you failed once doesn’t mean you’ll fail forever, just gotta keep trying, like Thomas Edison, he failed 10,000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb, but he said, he didn’t failed 10,000 times, he just found 10,000 steps into building the light bulb.

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On Friday night, 8th February, I went for street photography at Segama, Kota Kinabalu, with a friend in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Night Market. You can say that the CNY night market in KK is somehow a tradition… the market is held once a year, the night before the big dinner…

I pick up my friend around 7.20pm and reach KK after 30 minutes… but it was havoc in KK… the traffic was almost stand-still… we spend about an hour circling the area to get a parking. At the end we parked about 500 meter away from the night market.

Anyways, I’m going to talk about today’s business… not the traditional way of doing business. Business are hard these days, and some of us still do the conventional way of business which is opening up a store and sell stuff like the CNY night market. But nowadays, most of us are moving in a new direction which is doing e-business or online business.

There are plenty of ways to do business online; one of the preferred methods of doing a business online is through website. There are plenty of websites that sells stuff online, mainly because it’s easier for the consumer to buy stuff without leaving their home, instead, they can just purchase stuff from their computer while comfortably sitting at home.

Although there are a lot of people or company sells stuff online, for example the successful eBay and Amazon, there are still many out there who are struggling or not up to par to make profit. If you are starting an online business from scratch, it does gonna be difficult bringing traffic to a newly created website. One way to avoid this is to get a website from those who sells online website such as Dallas internet marketing firm. These people build website for a living, so they know what and what not to do through their experiences.

Having a good website alone isn’t enough to push your online business, even if your website sells cool stuffs, it’s not going to help if no one knows that your website even existed… less traffic means less exposure… less exposure means less sells… less sells mean no profit! But even if your online business is getting a lot of attention, is there anything more that can be done?

So, say you have a good website that is functioning well and it’s getting a lot of attention, but the attention or traffics are only those from around you… you wanted to get more traffic not only those around you but from around the world. The easiest and cheapest way to get attention is to subscribe the google search adwords. Basically what it does is display your advertisement created by you for your product that you’re offering on your website, and it will be displayed on Google if someone is searching for something that’s similar to your keyword. Your advertisement will show up, and they might be interested in it and click on your Google adwords… and hopefully buy your product once they are at your e-commerce website. Or if that is too complex to you, you can just subscribe to a web marketing service like Dallas web marketing to do the advertising for you 😀

The other way to get an e-business noticed is to get the help from an online business marketing agency like Dallas Internet Marketing. Unless you’re someone who is well-known or your business has been published in many business magazines or papers, you do need help from expert in bringing traffics to your e-commerce site 😀

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wedding hall

august6th, banquet hall, hall, wedding, wedding hall

Last Saturday, 2nd February, was my cousin’s wedding… her wedding was solemnized at Stella Maris Parish, Tanjung Aru.
Weddings are a great ceremony where two people vow to spend their life together till the end, at least that’s the main point. So a wedding usually takes place in a church, then after that, they have the wedding reception, usually in a place like hall such as banquet halls in dallas tx.

So what do people do in banquet halls for a wedding reception? Usually there’s food, cake, band, singers, and people dancing on the floor, toasting the many years of happy marriage, first dance, yeah. I have been to several weddings, and they are all pretty great actually, considering nothing bad happens, but wedding reception could be expensive, so if you’re planning on getting married soon, you’ve to start saving up so you can have your grand wedding reception at banquet halls dallas.

Banquet halls aren’t necessarily used for weddings, there are lots of events you could do with banquet halls, just some examples, like annual dinner party, anniversary party, birthday party, you name it, it is possible. Banquets are more than just eating, dancing, and celebrating, it’s about meeting with people, old and young, may we be more closer to the old friends and may we make new friends in the process, who knows, maybe they end up being some of your closest friends or even more.

I think those are the most important part of any banquets really, for togetherness, and building a relationship to make us closer, because our lives has changed dramatically over the years, it’s been hard to see our relatives or friends for such a long time, but it’s kinda great when we can have one event that would bring all of us together and meet again. So if I have a chance, I would most probably do an event at a banquet halls in dallas tx 😀

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tru the atrium windows

atrium windows, august6th, microsoft, vision, window

OK, it has been two months and many days since my last posting… so yea, i went hibernating once again… 😛 I hope I wont hibernate too often this year… after all, I feel this year gonna be a super year for me… 😀

So for my first posting this year, I’m gonna talk about something which helps me to see far… and hopefully it will helps or drives me to go further this year… out of my comfort zone.

OK, here it goes… every morning after waking up, the first thing that helps me to see further are the windows… OK, I’m not talking about the Windows that we are most fond of although turning on my notebook is one of the fist thing I do in the morning… I’m talking about the regular old windows, the one you usually have at your house. So for this posting it’s gonna be be about windows but not the regular windows… but atrium windows… so this posting is like an atrium windows reviews 😀

There are all sorts of windows available, most house use normal windows with glass, metal or woods, square or rectagular, and some tried to be creative and add a hemisphere on top of their square or rectangular windows. But I’m not gonna talk about those small windows… this year I want to go big… so I’m gonna talk about atrium windows… so what are they? Well, they are not regular windows, they can’t be seen in our houses, they are most commonly used in large buildings like offices, shopping mall… and because of that, they can be expensive to install… the reason I want to do an atrium windows reviews.

So what is the purpose to have an atrium windows?… Well first of all, you need to know the type of building you are building it on, is it a shopping mall? is it an office?, Then pick your design and material to see if it fits in your building, after deciding, you have to see if your budget fits the atrium windows that you decided to use on your building.
Atrium windows aren’t only good for conserving the air-conditioning inside the building, but it also helps reducing the use of powers for the light where natural sunlight can be used during the day as light so it’s not dark around the building, but also at night, if there are stars or moon, it would look beautiful and awesome. Other than conserving energy and power, it also helps making the building look classy by using colorful glass windows. Those are couple of useful things that atrium windows could be used for.

I want to do more on this atrium windows reviews but I have to stop here for now… too tired and sleepy 😛


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