Will be taking a day leave tomorrow… the last leave I took was in May 😛 and that was for the paintball event in KL. This time, I’m taking leave just to relax… I think I have been spending too much time sitting in the office… 😆 and sitting too much is not good for health… especially the back and butt… now I’m trying not to sit too long… I’m worried my back get injured again. Luckily the acupuncture I took last month solved my back pain problem.

But tomorrow I also want to visit the acupuncture sifu again… I want to ask what else the acupuncture can do… and maybe I will ask the sifu to acupuncture my leg… so that I can walk faster and further… I hope too much acupuncture will not void my NC health insurance 😆 But the insurance company should be happy to those who go for acupuncture coz it is much effective than the modern medicine and cheaper… in fact they should allow their client to claim for the acupuncture bills… just like the physiotherapy bills.