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Went to check if the Canon EOS 400D is ready at Investline Sdn. Bhd. during lunch time today. We sent it for fixing last month. Look like it’s not ready yet.

But it was fruitful since the Canon EFs 55-200mm f/4-5.6 IS lens is available. Now I have the chance to use it first before the 400D come back 😀

I told Lucy, the taukey, that I will write about her shop in my blog… and I gave her my blogs url 😀 Trying to get free promotion… win win mah…

I also get myself a HOYA CIR-Polarizing filter with 0.75 pitch. I know what polarizer can do, but I’m not sure yet about the figures. I will try this first and hopefully I got the right one. More of the polarizer result at my SnapShot ShutterBomb.

Investline Sdn. Bhd. located opposite of the road in front of Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu. You can get a good price from Investline if you know your way. I’ve compared with other shops around, and found out prices for body and lens can be much more cheaper here 😀

The look of the 40D with the 70-250mm… very long till my Lowepro bag has to be modified a bit to fit it inside.

Maximum 200mm towards Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu and Wawasan Flyover while moving inside car.


Starting posting the results


Last Saturday, did some extra work at the office from afternoon. Went back around 6pm and stop by for drinks at Grand Millennium Plaza at Penampang Bypass with Jonathan.

When we arrived there, the sunset is just setting… so immediately took out camera. There will be more photos from my big gun at my Photo Blog soon.

Jonathan with his big gun… no lah, thats my S5… checking what he captured… he said got ‘Tiger’ on the photo he took… I also confused 😆


More about Le Meridien

Le Meridien, photography

These are from my T200 camera…. almost forgot about it. There are more on Filipono Market at my photo blog.

Taxi colorful formation… Le Meridien swimming pool at 2nd floor.



When I’m bored, I will do anything… after lunch, I was soooo sleepy.



Workshop today at Le Meridien

Le Meridien, photography

Today, I attended a one day workshop at Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu.

On my way, when I was going downhill towards the Penampang Bypass’ tunnel, I saw a huge & thick black cloud. It looks like a huge smoke from a burning houses or something like that.

But it doesn’t have the smoke tail from the ground… it just floating freely on the sky… then I said it must be a chemical or toxic cloud… just arrived in KK!!!

Well, I keep on driving towards Sutera Harbor Resort… then I noticed it actually coming from the Sutera’s power plant… their diesel generator… the only huge private diesel generator in the middle of the city… they claim it is ‘environmental friendly’.

The smoke tail is in the middle of the photo… and the smoke cloud.

Captured some photos from the 3rd floor of Le Meridien Hotel.

Pulau Gaya’s stilt houses

Reflection of the Filipino Market or UNHCR Market… more of the market activity photos at my Snapshots.Shutterbomb blog.


5 MegaPixels Camera Phone


Do you own a hand phone?… Do you carry digital camera too becoz you like to take pictures? Why not get a hand phone with camera or camera with a hand phone or which ever it is…

Aaaaha… the camera phone is not producing good pictures… i see your problem… in fact almost all pictures taken with camera phone are below par… but why don’t you get the Nokia N73?… it’s a decent camera phone with 3.2 megapixel… with Carl Zeist lens 😮 … yea, it’s a great camera phone… But how about if you can have a 5 megapixel camera phone? Yea! Sony Ericsson has one with 5 megapixel camera.

The Sony Ericsson K850i Cyber Shot… yea… that’s right… Cyber Shot as in the Sony Cyber Shot compact digital camera line.


My watermarking trial is over…

blog, photography

Oooo man… my Watermark Factory can’t be used any longer. My trial period is over. I was enjoying using it for the past few weeks. It is piece of great software to add watermark on your photos and for editing photos too. I guess I will not shows any photos for a while, I hate using the photo editor I have right now. Maybe I buy the Watermark Factory online… it’s only $49 + $7 for insurance…


KLCC Night View from Sky

blog, photography

While approaching KLIA yesterday, I had a great opportunity to capture KLCC night view from sky. Unfortunately the aircraft was moving quite fast so I did not manage to capture many snaps. These are captured using Sony T200 digital camera.

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KESITER Charity Dinner 2007… Part 1

blog, charity, kesiter, photography

The charity dinner was a success. 5 wheel chairs were donated to the needy… and the video shows of the recipients is very touching.

The souvenier book of the dinner.

We were seated at Table 2… very near to the stage.

One of the recipient…. here is the translation of her message…
I feels very happy because chosen to received the wheel chair, this gift meant a lot to me, with this wheel chair it will make it easier for me to go to the clinic and for me to move around in the house. I thank you to KESITER.

And of course the star of the night… Velvet the Malatup… which I did not ‘bodyguard’…

🙁 my not so lucky ticket…


Lets Have Dinner and Do Some Charity

blog, charity, kesiter, photography

I’ve been waiting for sponsorship of $1,500.00… It is for Charity Dinner by KESITER, sports club of Jabatan Perkhidmatan Komputer Negeri Sabah. Ben and Kupi have blogged about it in their blog few months back. Kupi has asked me to promote it in my blog, so now I’m doing my bits

Today, I received the $1,500.00… it is a sponsorship for one table. The table of 10 will be given to my colleagues… and if they are working hard for me, I will allow them to bring their spouse or partner… ha ha ha…

The proceeds of the charity is to buy some wheelchairs… frankly, I’m not sure what is the target number of wheelchairs… but if you plan to come or sponsor… please check it out at Ben’s blog.

The highlights of the dinner will be the performance by Velvet AF the Malatup! KESITER have to ‘agree’ on certain ‘condition’ by her ‘manager’… one of it is ‘BODYGUARD’… and two of the event organizer told me that…. I can be the BODYGUARD… ha ha ha… no way lah… but if they really serious and they can’t find any… emm… I will think about it… but for now… no way lah…


Sunset at Mimpian Jadi

blog, photography

Taken this pictures a few months ago… Mimpian Jadi, Tuaran. I was trying some tricks on photography 8)

The dragon fly is focused and not the sun or the centre of the picture. How did I do that?.. Although I was using the Canon PowerShot S5 IS which comes with DIGIC III which can focus 9 faces at one time, the dragon fly is not a face.

What I did was, first I focus the dragon fly. While focusing on the dragon fly, the sun is not within my composition. But it’s OK… once the focus is locked to the dragon fly, I turn the camera to the right so that the sunset enter my composition… and that is the result 🙂

Mimpian Jadi Tuaran sunset with dragon fly on a tweak. The dragon fly is focused. The sunset of Mimpian Jadi Tuaran.

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