Did you all notice that Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (Kota Kinabalu City Hall) or DBKK has been upgrading the public toilets lately?

I don’t really use public toilet because of the cleanliness issues. I can’t really recall when the last time I use public toilet in KK was.

When I saw them tearing down and rebuilding the public toilet in Tanjung Aru, I said here goes another public fund wasting project.

But a few weeks ago, while I was in Damai Luyang having lunch, I really need to pee. I finish my food and decided to use the newly rebuild public toilet nearby. Although I can use the shop’s toilet, but I just want to try the toilet since it is very near to the shop… just across the road.

I went there and ask the ladies manning the toilet how much do I need to pay to use the toilet… she said 20 cents… I paid and went into the gents. The toilet is very clean… sparkling… looks like 5 star hotel wash room.

But the one really shocked me was the sink faucets… it is the sensor type faucet. It’s not that I never use that kind of faucet… I used them in places like hotel, conference hall and many other places which are well maintained but never expected it to be in public toilet!!! Did DBKK use the cheap faucets or discount faucets?… I don’t think so… thumbs up to DBKK for upgrading the public toilets… with sophistication!!!