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getting busy for end year closing account

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For the past one week or so, I was like super busy and super tired… and it’s not over yet… work at office are piling with dateline… ๐Ÿ˜› end of year chaos… everything must be completed… dateline on this date… dateline on that date… ๐Ÿ˜› and at the same time systems, network, computers and printers are giving nerve wrecking pressure sometimes… probably they are overused at this time, that’s why somehow they also get over-burned… ๐Ÿ˜›

With all the chaos, I still manage to join the Operation Nexus last Sunday… you can say it was the biggest woodsball game so far held here… 120 woodsballer divided into two teams… the good guys US Black Water and the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party… but I’m not in any of the team… I was there to take photos… ๐Ÿ˜€ At the end of the day, I was completely exhausted and knockdown… coz on Saturday, I was also under the sun for our Ministry sports event.

But today, Friday, our office had an early Christmas lunch at Promenade Hotel… the food are OK… I was not really hungry… so did not really eat… there are 16 of us, but lucky we did get a good discount… no, we did not use home everything coupons or any Christmas vouchers or discount coupons… but because of one of our staff daughter is working there… so she gave us loads of discounts… ๐Ÿ˜€

And this Sunday, I will be going east-coast for work… probably will be covering Tawau, Semporna, Lahad Datu, Sandakan, Ranau… another Journey Around Sabah trip for one week… ๐Ÿ˜€

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cheap shoe at lintas

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If you are looking for cheap shoe, you can try the shop at Jalan Lintas… I think it is called Grace One… it is somewhere in front of the Lintas Golf Driving Range. The shoes are somehow reject shoes… well, the shoe are a little bit deformed… but you will not be able to tell it… the deformed are like uneven colors, stitch not inline… etc… they don’t have fancy brand like Giuseppe Zanotti but a much bigger brand like Adidas and Nike. I was there a few weeks ago… I was attracted with their banner… 70% Discounts!!! But I did not buy anything… but I was eying for the Adidas Predator soccer shoe… to use for paintball game ๐Ÿ˜› … it was selling for RM107.00… in fact, most of the shoe are sold at that price… ๐Ÿ˜€

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Kota Kinabalu Public Toilets

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Did you all notice that Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (Kota Kinabalu City Hall) or DBKK has been upgrading the public toilets lately?

I donโ€™t really use public toilet because of the cleanliness issues. I canโ€™t really recall when the last time I use public toilet in KK was.

When I saw them tearing down and rebuilding the public toilet in Tanjung Aru, I said here goes another public fund wasting project.

But a few weeks ago, while I was in Damai Luyang having lunch, I really need to pee. I finish my food and decided to use the newly rebuild public toilet nearby. Although I can use the shopโ€™s toilet, but I just want to try the toilet since it is very near to the shop… just across the road.

I went there and ask the ladies manning the toilet how much do I need to pay to use the toilet… she said 20 cents… I paid and went into the gents. The toilet is very clean… sparkling… looks like 5 star hotel wash room.

But the one really shocked me was the sink faucets… it is the sensor type faucet. Itโ€™s not that I never use that kind of faucet… I used them in places like hotel, conference hall and many other places which are well maintained but never expected it to be in public toilet!!! Did DBKK use the cheap faucets or discount faucets?… I donโ€™t think so… thumbs up to DBKK for upgrading the public toilets… with sophistication!!!


Discounted Online Coupons

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Online coupons seem to be the talk of the town lately. With online coupons during this holiday season, you can say bye bye to Santaโ€ฆ but not for the kids. Like who provides a one stop coupon deal and discount resource, their offerings include all kinds of big discounts. For instant, if you plan to play guitar during this Christmas holiday, get your guitar at Music Notes and get 10% discount. Or if you plan to change your ugly CRT TV, get an LCD or Plasma TV at Best Buy and get another 10% discount.

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