Sirloin Tip Beef With Rhubarb Plum ChutneyIf you are a food lover especially BBQ kind of food, then I’m sure you know or watched License to Grill before. When I do channel surfing, especially when there is no good program on TV, usually I will watch the channel 703 at Astro… the Asian Food Channel. One of the series I like to watch is the License to Grill hosted by Chef Robert Rainford… I don’t really like him coz he talk too much and too animated, but I like the food he cooked… BBQ!!!

Pork Ribs With Smoky Peach SauceHe do his cooking outdoor… outside at the patio next to the swimming pool… most of time he do grilling and smoking the foods… with a couple of large and modern grills… but I believe it is not an outdoor electric grills but outdoor gas grills… I tried looking for the same grill here, but I don’t think anybody selling it here yet. I’ve seen the same grills in Singapore last year… but can’t buy it coz the prize, currency and the weight of it will make it too expensive to bring over here… hope someone will bring those electric and gas grills here soon… grilling using charcoal is quite messy and take long time to prepare… 😛