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new faucet for the office sink

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At last, last week the office faucet was replaced after almost a year it was reported broken… yea it was almost a year ago… and yea we have a sink in our office… and not sure what was brand of the new faucet… it could be from Delta faucets

Well, it is not allowed to have a sink or any water supply pipes in the office area other then the designated area like pantry or wash room, but somehow during the last renovation about 3 years ago, we manage to convinced the architect and building management to install one for us… we needed a sink in our engineering room or you can call it ICT maintenance room to wash our hands or anything dirty…

How the faucets got broken?… We suspect someone has twisted the faucet lever so hard until it broke coz probably the water coming out is too small… well, the water is too small coz we connected it to a water filter for our drinking water… we suspects the person did not know how to operate the lever for the water filter… the lever for the water filter has two functions… one is to direct the water from the main to the water filter and produce the filtered water, that’s the  ‘small water’.  Second it let go the water directly from the main without going through the filter… and that is the ‘big water’… 😛 So, ever since the lever was broken, we have to use all kind of stuff to twist the lever… even sometime with plyer…

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orgy inside public washroom?

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These sinks definitely fail in term of practical usage… but definitely successfully in making heads turn 😛

Imagine a guy is to use the sink and he has to bend… and he has to bend a lot coz the sink is quite deep unless he has a pair of long hand to reach the tap. And if the bathroom lighting is not bright enough which make the ambient light darker or dimmer…

Then when someone… lets say a lady… sees this from the side… she will definitely see a couple ‘doing their wild thing’ in the public washroom openly… 😛

Imagine if all three sink are occupied… definitely will looks like an orgy in public washroom… 😆


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