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sperm soup

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There was a news from Singapore about grouper fish yesterday… it was reported that a restaurant in Singapore has bought a male grouper fish from Sabah. I can’t recall how much the restaurant paid for the fish, but the news is not just about the fish… but what inside the fish’s belly.

The restaurant manage to collect a kilogram of sperm from the belly of the male grouper… and it was valued a few thousand dollars… but the restaurant is not selling the sperm alone for a quick bucks yet. It is believed that consuming the fish sperm will bring lots of benefits… good health, sex libido… πŸ˜› Sound disgusting… but some do consume weird stuffs… if consuming fish sperm is good, I think using the fish sperm as face cream will makes skin healthy, smooth, wrinkle free… πŸ˜† So ladies, the next time you go to the market, make sure you buy a male fish with loads of sperms in it… πŸ˜†

According to the restaurant, a kilogram of sperm can make 80 bowls of sperm soup :O and the price for a bowl of sperm soup is almost 200 dollars :O so if you calculate that, that will turn about 16,000 dollars :O Not bad for selling sperm πŸ˜›

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sex stimulant drugs for students

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Now days, schools are not a safe place… not just by bully amongst the students… but danger are lurking from the very trusted authority… the teacher. And this teacher is not the normal teacher… it is the discipline teacher!!!

Last week, a father was shocked after reading the brochure… or pamphlet… or leaflet… or whatever you call it… brought by his son from school. The brochure was given to the students by the school’s discipline teacher. But what is wrong with the teacher giving the students brochure?… it could be about anti drugs, anti smoking… or anything about improving discipline inΒ  the school.

ButΒ  hell… this is no ordinary brochure… it’s very kinky… more kinky than sexy costumes brochure… this is brochure about is about sex stimulant drugs and pills… to make you last longer when making love!!! The teacher was promoting the products coz he is selling them and was encouraging the kids to try them!!! A check on the website printed on the brochure, the teacher face was clearly displayed on the website… his website promoting and selling the goods online πŸ˜› This is getting insane… the Education Department must look into this seriously… including the racist stunt by some of the teachers and principals in the public schools!!!

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orgy inside public washroom?

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These sinks definitely fail in term of practical usage… but definitely successfully in making heads turn πŸ˜›

Imagine a guy is to use the sink and he has to bend… and he has to bend a lot coz the sink is quite deep unless he has a pair of long hand to reach the tap. And if the bathroom lighting is not bright enough which make the ambient light darker or dimmer…

Then when someone… lets say a lady… sees this from the side… she will definitely see a couple β€˜doing their wild thing’ in the public washroom openly… πŸ˜›

Imagine if all three sink are occupied… definitely will looks like an orgy in public washroom… πŸ˜†


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