Last Friday, 18 September, six of us were treated for Ramadan buka puasa buffet at the Marina Café, Sutere Harbour.

We book a table for six for 7.45 dinner buffet… the buffet is from 6pm to 10pm but we don’t want to go early because it will be packed with those who are breaking their fast… after all none of us are fasting 😀

When I book for the table on that evening, I requested for the open terrace… coz I’m sure it’s not going to rain on that night… and I wanted to sit next to the Sutera Harbour’s golden bird. Unfortunately the management put us inside the café and it was brightly lit… it was next to the hallway… 🙁

Well, we don’t want to complain so much, there are actually not many guest when we arrived… and most of the guests are sitting near the buffet tables… and we are sited quite a distance from the buffet table, so we have to make a long trip to get our foods… they did told me about this when I made the reservation.

But good part, our table is next to the entertainer’s micro stage… the entertainer is an old couple called The Mahoney’s… Johnny and Shelley. They live in their boat berthed at the Sutera Harbor marina. We believe the couple travel around the world on their boat and every time they stop, they just get some simple work like entertainer… not sure how long they have been here, but good enough for them to sing Tinggi Tinggi Gunung Kinabalu… they goes to some of the table for song request and for our table, Ahaz requested for Unchanged Melody 😀

OK back to the food, the foods are ok but not much coz we believe most of the good food is all taken by those breaking their fast at around 6.30pm… but they do refill the food. On our table they put a big red candle inside a big glass cylinder with some metal decoration around it… and not on a wall candle sconces… 😀

After the food, we went to the marina to take some photos… yea, brought along my big gun. Then came the idea to take group airborne photos… and that’s where my hand phone… yea the hand phone I just bought a couple of months ago to replace my old broken hand phone… get airborne and crashed landed on the marina walkway… lucky it’s still working although the body is bent and there are parts opening up a bit… 😛 have to send it for repair soon… dang…

Look closely... and you will see the handphone is getting airborne... 😛