Usually, towards the end of the year… there will be lots of invitations… all kind of invitations…. like year end party invitations, anniversary invitations, birthday invitations, wedding invitations… and so on.

Of all the invitations, the most expensive invitation will be the wedding invitation. Maybe some don’t feel or realize it if they are only getting a couple of wedding invitation in a year… but if you are getting a couple of invitation in a month, that will be something…

The other day, a friend was complaining about spending lots of money for this month… all because of wedding invitations. He has about 4 or 5 wedding invitation from relatives and friends.

Nowadays, the couple’s family prefer money than gift for their wedding gift… we call it ang-pau… red packet with money inside. Usually we give about RM50 to RM200… so, lets say you are going to give RM100 for each couple… multiply that with 5 invitations… that’s RM500 for the month of October alone… πŸ˜›