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Last Saturday, 2nd February, was my cousin’s wedding… her wedding was solemnized at Stella Maris Parish, Tanjung Aru.
Weddings are a great ceremony where two people vow to spend their life together till the end, at least that’s the main point. So a wedding usually takes place in a church, then after that, they have the wedding reception, usually in a place like hall such as banquet halls in dallas tx.

So what do people do in banquet halls for a wedding reception? Usually there’s food, cake, band, singers, and people dancing on the floor, toasting the many years of happy marriage, first dance, yeah. I have been to several weddings, and they are all pretty great actually, considering nothing bad happens, but wedding reception could be expensive, so if you’re planning on getting married soon, you’ve to start saving up so you can have your grand wedding reception at banquet halls dallas.

Banquet halls aren’t necessarily used for weddings, there are lots of events you could do with banquet halls, just some examples, like annual dinner party, anniversary party, birthday party, you name it, it is possible. Banquets are more than just eating, dancing, and celebrating, it’s about meeting with people, old and young, may we be more closer to the old friends and may we make new friends in the process, who knows, maybe they end up being some of your closest friends or even more.

I think those are the most important part of any banquets really, for togetherness, and building a relationship to make us closer, because our lives has changed dramatically over the years, it’s been hard to see our relatives or friends for such a long time, but it’s kinda great when we can have one event that would bring all of us together and meet again. So if I have a chance, I would most probably do an event at a banquet halls in dallas tx 😀

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celebration everywhere

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This month is the month for the big celebration for all in Sabah… the Harvest Festival… only about a week away which is on 30th and 31st May. Harvest festival are more on traditional and cultural events… not like wedding although weddings usually do have traditional thingy like foods, dances, etc…

And during this  month, attended two weddings… first was boss’ daughter… second was colleague.  Both are big weddings held at The Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort and The Pacific Sutera Hotel coz the VIPs are the Governor and Chief Minister… then expect one year from now, gonna need to get some unique baby gifts for them… 😛

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invitations… money come… money go…

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Usually, towards the end of the year… there will be lots of invitations… all kind of invitations…. like year end party invitations, anniversary invitations, birthday invitations, wedding invitations… and so on.

Of all the invitations, the most expensive invitation will be the wedding invitation. Maybe some don’t feel or realize it if they are only getting a couple of wedding invitation in a year… but if you are getting a couple of invitation in a month, that will be something…

The other day, a friend was complaining about spending lots of money for this month… all because of wedding invitations. He has about 4 or 5 wedding invitation from relatives and friends.

Nowadays, the couple’s family prefer money than gift for their wedding gift… we call it ang-pau… red packet with money inside. Usually we give about RM50 to RM200… so, lets say you are going to give RM100 for each couple… multiply that with 5 invitations… that’s RM500 for the month of October alone… 😛



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August was the busiest month… not busy of work but family affairs and personal stuff. I’ve taken 5 days leave in August alone… that is way too much than usual…

During the month of August, there were two family wedding receptions… first was my brother’s on the 8th and then my cousin’s on the 29th.

For my brother’s wedding reception, I guess there was no choice but to be fully involved… 😛 all the way up to the stage.

And lucky it was only reception since they have married in church last year outside the country…

As for my cousin’s, involved for the hall preparations… you know… carry chairs… carry tables… more on physical kind of work… and during the reception which started at 6pm, I turn myself as a bar tender… a bar tender who doesn’t know how to take liqour 😛


Well it was fun handling the alcohol when you yourself don’t like to drink it… Me, brothers and cousins was handling the hard liquor and drinking water… and other brothers and cousins handle the beer… handling the beer is much more easier than handling the hard liquor and the drinking water… the request for the drinking water was non-stop… way before the reception started because we need to provide drinking water to everyone especially to those fasting for their breaking fast at around 6.30pm.


Then there are also futsal games… which I have not played… either I watch only or never go at all… friends must be mad at me… 😛 they have started using their new futsal shoe… but mine, it still wrapped in plastic and kept inside the refrigerator… 😆 Then there are birthday parties… 😛

Updating facebook… 😀

Wokay… now, it’s time to recover… there are many works to be done… in the office and home… but because I took so many leave… I feel like not going back to work… I just feel lazy… I just don’t feel like working… I don’t like waking up early in the morning… I wish I strike the jackpot and don’t have to go to work any more… just travel around the world… eat… and sleep… 😛

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