Next week, the three McDonald’s restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland, will be close for good.

The collapse of the Iceland’s krona currency has forced McDonald to take the big bite out of the country. It’s a big loss to the fast food lovers in that country… especially to the BigMac lovers… 😛

It must be hard to imagine… a place without McDonald!!! 🙁

Health conscious group must be laughing their head’s off after receiving the good news… 😛 They will be happy that there will be no more overweight people in their country… but more skinny people… and it’s going to be a bad business for those who are doing sliming products business in Iceland… there is no use to advertise slimming product in Iceland anymore… no use to pop-up ‘click here for weight loss pills’ advertisement in their internet browser from now on… 😛

Good luck to Icelanders without Big Mac… and Icelanders please say good bye to McDonald… 😛