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still tired

mount kinabalu, weight loss

I’m feeling very lazy right now… But i need to update my blog… It’s almost 4 weeks i did not post anything… The reason being i’m not only lazy but too busy and tired.

OK, roughly about 3 weeks after returning from Mount Kinabalu, to be exact 28 October 2011, I went there again from 21-23 November 2011… Yeah I know it’s crazy… Everyone were saying that.

This time we took the Timpohon route which is shorter and less challenging compared to the Mensilau route. In the last expidition, it took me almost 12 hours to reach Laban Rata, but this time I reach there in 7 hours… Yeah I know it’s still lame coz other only took around 4 hours… :p

And this time I did not carry any backpack at all while climbing… Not even the small backpack I carry during last expedition… I let the porter to carry both my backpacks… Yeah I know this is double lame…:p Actually I did tryvto carry my small backpack like before, but I feels I’m too exhausted carrying it… So after carrying it for about 200m, I passed it to the porter… :p

After returning on 23rd November, I still feel ok… Not much pain on the legs… The next day I went to work… But on friday, my legs getting painfull and my left arm was hurting… Actually I slip and slam my butt when I was goung down with the rope after the checkpoint near the summit… I did not realize my left butt side was briused till last night coz I thought it was just ‘pain’…

I think my body is mutating too… Probably coz of the altitude and wheather up there… For sure I lost weight I guess… I think I’m about 90kg now compared to 95kg a year ago… I know that’s too lame… I should use the austin quick weight loss if I wan to lose more weight, but I thing I’m ok with this for now… Anyways, i should stop here for now…

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live well…

energy food, GNC Live Well, mount kinabalu, weight loss

I wanted to write about my Canon Photomarathon trip and Mount Kinabalu expedition, but not now… there are many things I have to settle in the office… and furthermore, I’m going back to Mount Kinabalu next week… πŸ˜›

Yea, I’m busy with not only office craps but also for our next Mount Kinabalu expedition preparations and training… there will be 12 people in the expedition…

Although I just came back from Mount Kinabalu about 3 weeks ago, I still worried about my fitness… in the last expedition through Mensilau troute, I walked for almost 12 hours… I almost did not made it to the middle of the mountain. And I did not go to the summit the next day… two reasons, I don’t want to waste more of my energy after walking 12 hours the previous day… second, I know I’m coming back soon… πŸ˜€

So I tried training again after we came down from Mount Kinabalu by climbing Bukit Padang… but man… I feel more heavy than before… so to make sure I have enough energy to train and for the next trip… I decided to use GNC Live Well energy products…

So during lunch hour today, I went to GNC Live Well outlet at City Mall… Before, I thought GNC is the type of products for slimming or weight loss thingy… you know those chain retailer promoting their best weight loss pill all over in every mall around town… But that is so wrong, thanks to my friend who explained to me during our last expedition. OK, back to GNC’s City Mall… I bought some energy stuffs… three types all together… and to get some discount, I join as a member… as a GOLD member for RM30… πŸ˜€ I tried the Strawberry Banana before I went to gym just now… and it is true… it really energized me… I can do reps after reps without getting tired… I did feel a bit tired, but after resting like a minute, I feel I still can push more… I just hope I don’t get addicted to this stuffs… πŸ˜›

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CART vs. NPY… Good vs. Evil… Good Guy vs. Villain

CART, NPY, phenphedrine, weight loss, weight loss product

Every time I talk about my joy of eating food, someone will offer me a weight loss program… but I don’t think I’m that heavy… not yet… have not reach 100kg… πŸ˜› The latest weight loss program I saw is The funny thing about it is, it talked about the battle in my brain which cause the weight increase… CART vs. NPY… Good vs. Evil… Good Guy vs. Villain… It’s hard for me to explain, it will be easier if you just go there and read it… πŸ˜›

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water bottle

core fitness, gym, weight loss, weight loss product

Renewed my Core Fitness membership today… this gonna be my second year… I joined in October last year. I don’t really go to gym… I just need a gym… complete with good equipments… where I can go anytime. I only use the weight stations, thread mills and bicycle… so far I have not use the free weight.

Last year when I joined, they gave a water bottle… I like it very much coz it look modern. The cap has a hook… a hole… or a hook-hole… where u can use it to carry the bottle with your finger while moving around. This year, they also gave water bottle. But this time, the bottle looks normal and cheap πŸ˜› and its pink… they said it is red… but to me, it looks red-pink.. so it is pink… ladies must like this bottle very much as much as the best weight loss pills for women they use after gym… maybe, I don’t know… but funny, I have not seen anybody carry the bottle in the gym yet… probably there are, but it just that I don’t bother to notice… who wants to notice something they don’t like… πŸ˜›


biggest lipofuze loser

DIVA Universal, fat, lipofuze, The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2, weight loss, weight loss product

Astro’s DIVA Universal viewers Β are talking more about losing weight… so maybe I should do lipofuze review this time… maybe not… but what’s on DIVA Universal?… well that’s where they show The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2… and it’s already episode 9… and they are only left with four contestant in red team and three contestants in blue team.

The competition is getting stiffer and members in each team are starting to back stab each other to stay put to the final episode. When contestant Saw from red team was booted out this week, the red team started breaking apart… we will see that in episode 10. I hate the blue team coz its members are ‘arrogant’… the red team are mo friendly… I hope the red team will win… πŸ˜›

The blue team has lost 5 of its members plus 1 from red team which was transferred to them. The red team so far lost 3 members plus 1 which was transferred to blue team. Whenever the red team win challenge or weighing, they shows their sportsmanship by not irritating the other team… but whenever the blue team win, they really don’t have a sportsmanship… they shows their irritating actions… that’s why I want them to lose… πŸ˜›

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danger of losing weight

fake pills, health, weight loss

Read someone posting in her facebook’s wall yesterday advising those who are trying to lose weight using diet pills to be extra careful… coz not all diet weight loss pills are good or true to its promises in their packaging… some are genuine and some are imitation… and some are completely fake and made from dangerous ingredients πŸ˜›

If you pick the wrong pills… fake or imitation… you can lose weight pretty quickly as it promises, but the side effect is the most damaging to you. After consuming those fake pills, you will start experiencing migraine, lack of energy, insomnia and all kind of stress related side effects…

The worst part is, the moment you stop taking those fake pills after realizing its side effects, you will start ballooning!!!… you will immediately start gaining weight… probably higher than your highest weight before… so you must be careful when picking diet weight loss pills… especially from unreliable source… the best way to get one is by getting advice from the pharmacists or doctors or weight lose experts.

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cop unhappy, resign then throws uniform

Dai Bao Xiang, fat, overweight, policemen, supplements, weight loss

If you look at the policemen… some of them are way out from fit to chase crooks… they are fat with big tummy… they are just not fit for doing fast activity… well, you can’t blame the public when they said that… coz usually fat people can’t run fast… and crooks usually thin, skinny and run very fast… πŸ˜›

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about fats or fat people here… some fat people are sometimes better than those skinny people coz some fat people are way more active and fit than those who are skinny… πŸ˜›

OK, the news today about Corporal Dai Bao Xiang, a 51 years old policewoman who throws her uniform into dustbin right after she resign really caught my eyes… why?… civil servants cease their service when they reach the age of 56… pension… and this policewoman is only 5 years short from her pension… instead of taking early pension, she resign… why???

She said, she tendered her resignation letter to her superiors at the Gombak district police headquarters in Selangor on Monday becoz she is unhappy with the hectic workload and little increment. β€œThis was not a hasty decision. I had given it a serious thought,” she said.

She said she had lost 20kg since she was promoted to corporal and transferred to the Selayang police station as an enquiry section head last year… this is a good place to those overweight policemen… no need for supplements for weight loss πŸ˜€

Dai said she only received RM50 increment after her promotion, however her other wages of up to RM500 including a motorcycle allowance were discontinued… so unfair… get promoted but get pay less… β€œThat means my actual income is lower than what I had received before,’’ she told the media… πŸ˜›

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electro muscle dance

acupuncture, burning fat, fat, supplement, weight loss

I found out that the electro acupuncture I just bought can work as a body shaper… it can help reduce weight… burn fats… but I’m not sure if it is as good as the best weight loss supplement you can buy out there… πŸ˜› But I’m having fun using the device… the electric shocks it gives really make you awake… when the electrode or the slippers which have electrode are used, your nerve and muscles moves out of you control… it just follow the electric shocks rhythm… πŸ˜€ you can’t stop the your muscles from moving… no matter how hard you try to stiffen your body… πŸ˜›

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blackout, so go photography…

blackout, city mall, gym, night, photography, weight loss

Supposed to do gym tonight… but unfortunately it was blackout at City Mall. I arrived there around 7.10pm… only certain parts of the mall are lit up. I ask one of the shop keepers how long the blackout has been… he said quite sometime… πŸ˜›

The gym is totally out… there is no single light I can see inside the gym… on the 1st and 2nd floor of the mall. So, I called Disney… who is also coming to the gym… he was still on his way. I told him about the blackout… then we decide to abandon the gym… and decided to go for night photography instead…

Since I did not bring my camera, I have to go back home… same with him. Going back is another hard part… there was a massive traffic jam at the main road outside the mall… and I was stuck there about half hour before manage to make a U-turn.

For the photography, we went to Kota Kinabalu’s Central Market… around it, there are many stalls selling foods… its quite lively… so we spend quite a long time there… and I was sweating and damm tired walking around… but well, since we did not go for gym, this is good way to do quick weight loss… πŸ˜€

After that, we proceeded to KDCA to take photos of the dragon lanterns… and it was so tiring… worse than doing exercise at the gym… I have to use every part of my muscle to stretch out to have a good view of the dragons… πŸ˜›


world record weight loss

Guinness Book of World Records, mike hebranko, oprah, richard simmons, slimquick, weight loss, world record

The other day I watch in Oprah talk show how a super huge man loose over 700 pounds in 19 months!!! That’s what we call slimquick!!!

The man, Mike Hebranko, during his life has gained and lost over 3,000 pounds. When he was 34, he reached his heaviest weight of 1,100 pounds. He said during that period he can take 24 pork chops, 2 pounds of bacon and three dozen of eggs at one serving!!!

Then he lost his will to live… he put a gun in his mouth but lucky he came to his senses… instead he wrote a letter to weight loss personality Richard Simmons.

With Simmons coaching, Hebranko created a world record in weight loss by loosing more than 700 pounds in 19 months. The record earned Michael a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the world’s greatest dieters, losing the most amount of weight in the least amount of time.


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