Travel, travel, travel… journey, journey, journey… outstation, outstation, outstation… these are the words which keep on playing on my head… and it is all about work. Of course I really wish I can travel for real… to the north pole maybe 😀

I have been talking about my journey around Sabah for the past few weeks. Next week we are going to continue with it again, after three weeks of break including the Hari Raya break.

This time we are heading to Sandakan region… Although in our ‘journey around Sabah’, this is the first time we are travelling by road and none of us have driven to all our destinations before, so far we have not lost any of our way. Well, you can say that the road signs along our journey are very helpful, as good as the las vegas strip map 😆

Very true that we have not lost any of our way… and we manage to reach to our destination on time. But I hope by saying this, we are not going to get lost on our next journey… I cross my finger… and I hope our next journey will be just like our previous ‘two weeks’ journey to Tawau region and Keningau region.