petaiThis is the best diet pill you can find in the wild!!! It is super strong, once you eat it, you will throw up until you loose all your weight… 😆 just kidding… ok, let me introduce you to Petai or in its scientific name, Parkia Speciosa.

This is a ‘back posting’… during our way home on the 24 October 2008 in our Journey Around Sabah – Sandakan Region, we stopped at one of the stall along the road somewhere in Ranau. I bought some petai coz I do eat them… not raw but cooked with sambal 😀

Petai also know as sataw, twisted cluster bean, yongchaa, yongchaak, zawngtah or stink bean… yea a stinking bean! If you never come near to it before, most probably you will faint if you ever come near it… when the beans are pealed from its cocoon the strong aroma will fill the space.

The smell is stink and taste super bitter… once you eat them, your pee will smell the same 😛 They said, eating petai brings lots of benefits, especially when eaten raw!!! No way can I eat them raw though. But anything taste bitter always brings lots of benefits to our health… which good medicine don’t taste bitter?..:D

I also bought some local durian called ‘dalit’. Dalit is very different from durian especially its spike. Dalit spikes are more sharp, thinner and longer unlike durian’s. Dalit’s flesh are also not white like durian but red or yellow depending on the species. Dalit can be found in the jugle wild… but some are planted in the orchard. Dalit are more expensive than durian too coz they are quite rare.