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A gift package from Dalit Bay Golf and Country Club

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Last Friday I received a package from Dalit Bay Golf and Country Club for renewing my membership there for another year. I renewed my membership in January 2009.

Every membership will be given a package. My package was ready since February but I do not have the time to collect the package at the Club House in Tuaran… A friend collected it for me from the Club House which shows that I have not played until today since my last game somewhere around 4th quarter of last year.

There are few things inside the package… club by-laws, club rules & regulations, golf cap, car sticker, golf shirt and an envelope.

The shirt is size L, not my size… I have to exchange it coz if I were to wear it, it going to be a body-fit kind of shirt. Hope they have the big big size coz last year they run out of the big big size and I end up keeping the L size shirt.

Inside the envelope, it feels like there is a gift card inside. When I open it, the content is actually a membership card… new membership card with beautiful picture on it. This year the card really look neat compared to the previous year which is very plain.

Next, I have to fully utilize my membership… but it looks like I will be playing much lesser this year… 😛

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Journey around Sabah – Ranau’s Petai

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petaiThis is the best diet pill you can find in the wild!!! It is super strong, once you eat it, you will throw up until you loose all your weight… 😆 just kidding… ok, let me introduce you to Petai or in its scientific name, Parkia Speciosa.

This is a ‘back posting’… during our way home on the 24 October 2008 in our Journey Around Sabah – Sandakan Region, we stopped at one of the stall along the road somewhere in Ranau. I bought some petai coz I do eat them… not raw but cooked with sambal 😀

Petai also know as sataw, twisted cluster bean, yongchaa, yongchaak, zawngtah or stink bean… yea a stinking bean! If you never come near to it before, most probably you will faint if you ever come near it… when the beans are pealed from its cocoon the strong aroma will fill the space.

The smell is stink and taste super bitter… once you eat them, your pee will smell the same 😛 They said, eating petai brings lots of benefits, especially when eaten raw!!! No way can I eat them raw though. But anything taste bitter always brings lots of benefits to our health… which good medicine don’t taste bitter?..:D

I also bought some local durian called ‘dalit’. Dalit is very different from durian especially its spike. Dalit spikes are more sharp, thinner and longer unlike durian’s. Dalit’s flesh are also not white like durian but red or yellow depending on the species. Dalit can be found in the jugle wild… but some are planted in the orchard. Dalit are more expensive than durian too coz they are quite rare.


Great Golf Opening

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On the 6th January, my first golf game for this year was the greatest so far… I scored 4 par 😀 … That is so impossible because for the past one or more year, I only manage to get 2 par I think… Well, I’m the laziest to do practice… I only practice by watching the Astro 815 and in my dream 😀 So, by suddenly scoring 4 par at the beginning of year 2008 is very exciting although it feels impossible.

In fact this is not the only sign that my golf is getting ‘impossible’… like our last game for 2007 which we played on 30th December, I hit the driver… and I think the ball fly around 268m… wow… to get a PGA license I think you need to drive 250m…  well ‘agak-agak’ only after minus here and there bah … I hope I can play more games this year… Last year, if not mistaken, only played 6 games and pay 2K for membership… So malas kan… :O

After the 18 holes game… so hungry, so wack chicken fried noodles at the Club House… mann… the cook has problem with salt taste I guess… everytime eat here, the food always salty.

Our golf bag… mine is the black bag… 1st one 😀


Tembiraaaaanggg betul…

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OK, the food testing was at Tuaran Beach Resort today. Since it is further up from Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club, I told my 2 friends about it last Sunday and set a planned to play golf today around 2pm… errrr… meaning we are going to do half day AWOL 🙂 They even challenged me if I dare to play since I’m the most ‘malas’ (lazy) to play… they even said, ‘Jangan cabar kami!’… translation… “Don’t dare us!”… chechhhh… Tembiraaaaanggg …

So, come today… while having my free lunch, I SMS one of them asking what time to t-off. When reply come… saaaad saaaad… alasaaaaannnnnnn (excuse) lagiiii.. leg painful lah… gout lah… chechhh…

Then called the other, this one also 2×5! Still in the office with bos!!! Konon!!!… excuseeeeeee … excuse… So, decided to play around 3pm…

After lunch, then site visits around the resort… we completed before 2pm. Called him again… Stiillllll in the office… So I cancelled lah our game…

Because of that, got no mood to write about the food testing now…


Mr. Alligator

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I woke up real early this morning… at 5.45AM!!! It’s because we are going to Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club for a nine holes golf game… can’t afford to play 18 holes because not enough ‘energizer batteries’. When I woke-up, I switch on my notebook, although I promised not to go late for the game… well, the hand very ‘gatal’ bah… check PPP… cool, got one offer… so ‘apa lagi, gasak lah’… and still ‘sempat’ to get ready… in fact I was too early until I have to call the guy who supposed to bring us there to come to pick me up fast…

And, guess what we met there…  Mr. Alligator




Golf Membership Renewal

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Yesterday I went to renew my Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club membership. My membership has expired since 28th October. I’m not the ‘rajin’ type to go under the sun and whacking ball, but golfing is a good way to sweat under the sun once in a while. Luckily someone is helping to look for new member so that it can be joined with old member for the Joined Membership which is much cheaper. When I pay it using my favorite credit card, it cannot go through… damm… lucky I have another card. Meaning, it safe to carry minimum of 2 credit cards and maximum of 2 credit cards… to prevent over spending and for security… ha ha ha…


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