Advance Restaurant Finance or ARF is not an ordinary restaurant… but it is a financial restaurant… better then the bank!!! Their businesses are tailored for small and medium-sized business or merchant owners to place short term working capital loans.

When bank rejects you for financial aids just because you are just about to start your business, which is very unfair, ARF will fills that void where traditional bank do not want to commit… but ARF will!!!

In ARF, you can place short term working capital loans with competitive rates. Loan interest from your loan is tax deductible since the loan is your working capital. This will lower your net effective rate that you are paying for the funds. Its flexible repayment program will also increase your financing options.

ARF can provide working capital loans to about 30 types of business. Repayment period is 48 or more months. Their paperworks are simple thus making their approval process fast, within 5 days, so you can start your business immediately. And you can have their confident since they are licensed finance company and regulated by the State of California.