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When They Love to Learn, They’ll Learn

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There are many learning centre around us nowadays, but what make them different from each other? To decide, we can look at their track records, performance and programs.

Score Educational Centers is a great learning centre to send our kids for tutoring. They have all the positive criteria. They have been around for a very long time, almost 15 years. They have been providing kids with fun ways to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in their studies. They have helped make a difference in the lives of more than 250,000 children by helping them learn not just academic skills, but also to develop a lifelong love of learning. They have innovative tutor program like Advantage Program, Personal Academic Tutoring, Summer Programs, Fall Programs, SAT Prep Program and SpellRead Program for every children learning levels. Score Educational Centers is the place for your kids to get tutoring today.

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Email Express Direct Graphics-Based Email Communications

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I’m sure most of us have been getting the same email format for ages, in plain text… Except for recently where emails comes in HTML format. If it just an email from our boss regarding works, then it is ok if it is in plain text. All we want is to read the BOSS’ message or instructions. We don’t need fancy graphics to get instruction… but if the email is colorful enough with graphical instruction and message, it might drive-up our works performance.

But it will not be the same for marketing program email. We have specific target audience to read our email newsetter all the time. We can’t simply send them a long email in plain text. They might fall asleep while reading our marketing email newsletter… or they might just send it into Deleted Folder!!! Time to switch into Email Express Direct.

Email Express Direct makes it easy for small businesses to realize the many benefits of email marketing. Email Express Direct saves valuable time and resources by helping small businesses build their customer and site visitor database, and by creating and delivering professional email campaigns and newsletters. It is an affordable and highly effective means for acquiring and retaining customers and increasing profitability.

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How Can I Get 0% Interest Credit Card?

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Holiday season is approaching… all your credit cards are reaching its credit limit… Is there any bank out there that is kind enough to give you another credit card and helps you to settle your outstanding credits?  The answer is YES… MINT Credit Cards will! And they can provide you with 0% interest credit card with no annual fee!

MINT Credit Cards will give you 0% on balance transfers for 13 months! So it’s time to transfer your outstanding credits from your other credit cards.

0% on purchases until 1 March 2008… so you don’t have to worry about interest on your purchases during this holiday season.

You can manage your account online and MINT Credit Cards are accepted at over 24 millions locations worldwide.

Need another card for your partner?.. Sure, and it is FREE.


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Driveway – send large files


When we need to send large files to our colleague, friends or family, normally we use thumb-drive or other media type which we can give to them directly, face to face. But when they are not reachable physically but only reachable through the internet, we will require an online facility to help us to send the large files like Driveway.

Driveway can easily send large files up to 500MB for each file. Registration is not required to use the Driveway service. You can send multiple files at once. You can choose to send the files for them to download or for them to edit online. For editing features, currently only file type .doc, .xls and .ppt are enabled.

Driveway also has the file sharing web widget feature. Web widget can be embedded into your website or blog to share files. It will play audio, video or picture slides directly in your website or blog.



Buyer’s Guide for Construction Software

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When you are looking for particular business software, it’s not easy sometimes to decide because there are so many of them out there. Some software can be specific for certain part of the world only or it can be specific to certain type of business although the purpose is the same.

For instant accounting software, every country or every business have their own business rules or regulations to follows. So when looking for accounting software, it will not be easy to pick the most suitable for your business… you might pick the wrong one because it could be build for certain type of business only or it could be designed for certain part of this world. Or you might be wasting your money because the software only solves half of your requirements… thus requiring you to buy another type of business software.

Accounting Software 411 is a Construction Software Buyer Guide. It helps buyers to pick the right accounting or business software for them. Their research tool is able to find the right accounting or business software for their business requirements. It will find the most relevant software solutions for their business and saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in research time.

So, if you are looking for business software, check out Accounting Software 411 because they will provide you with the most professional help and competitive price quotes for your desired business software… and it only takes just a few minutes of your time.


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I thought it’s going to rain this morning…

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On my way to work this morning, the horizon on the sea side is soo dark… looks like its going to rain… heavyly! But looks like the rains has been blown away.

It’s very sunny right now 🙂 but cloudy making it a little bit cooler 😛

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Beach Bum Makes $237,000 from Laptop This Month

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Beach bum makes $237K from laptop this month? yea right…doesn’t sound convincing at all right? In the beginning, it doesn’t make any sense to me too. But when I take a look today at this beach bum’s system, I’m starting to believe that there is nothing impossible when you know the right way. His motto, “Systems Work – People Fail… It’s That Simple”, actually awaken me… true, systems always works, system will fail when the people fail, people makes system fail… as simple as that.

His proven system called Reverse Funnel System will create massive wealth for everyone regardless of their background, education or even their current level of income… he himself was a construction laborer before! Now a beach bum who makes $237K this month alone!

From… Reverse Funnel System

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MedicScan – Medical Card Scanner Solution

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MedicScan is a complete solution for capturing medical or insurance cards information into electronic format. It comes with ultra portable scanner and card scanning solutions software.

You can choose a few types of scanners depending on your requirements. The scanners you can choose are ScanShell 800NR for scanning A6 size cards and the 800DXN for duplex scanning for the same size. If you need to scan bigger size materials, you can choose the ScanSell 2000NR for scanning A4 size documents and the 3000DN for duplex scanning.

With MedicScan, you can speed-up your data acquisition or capturing process because the whole process only takes a few seconds. It will automatically detect the type of materials when scanning. The scanned image of any cards will be saved locally in variety ways and format. The scanned and saved data can be used or integrated with any other existing management software and the data can also be exported for other applications use.

MedicScan solution is excellent for busy medical clinics who spends a lot of time photocopying ID and insurance cards, as well as other medical documents. Hospitals front desks who still using photocopying methods can improve their operations by using MedicScan solution.

Retrieving patients’ files using the old method is very taxing and slow. But with MedicScan, retrieving patients’ information is very fast and effortless. This will dramatically improves the efficiency and productivity of your current operations and reduces human errors by automating the archiving process.

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NEO the Hot-screensaver

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Received SMS this afternoon from a friend asking me to check my email… he was telling me that NEO the Hot-screensaver is doing US$10 per review on his Hot-screensaver website…. cool… unfortunately I was in town watching movie… the cooking rat… Ratatouille. I replied, I will do the review when I’m back…

So, when I reach home, I immediately fired my notebook and look for Hot-screensaver. Looks like it is run by NEO and he likes to blog about anything… random thoughts. Other than that, about life, interesting stuff, about this country Malaysia… bla bla bla…

Then I go through his posting… OMG… he has soooooo much posted… it will take me years to go through all that… he has 94 pages of entries… then… I can’t stop laughing… dude NEO… R U SERIOUS??? When I click the last posting… page 94… I CAN’T BELIEVE IT… 1st posting details……………………….. Posted by Neo on 31 Dec 1969 5:59pm… dude… r u sure internet is available to the public during that time?.. LOL

You should not only ask us to review your blog NEO… you should call the Malaysia Book of Records…. no no no no… call Guinness World Records… LOL


Scanshell 3000DN… Advance Duplex Scanner

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A couple of months ago, a friend requested my advice regarding digitizing works. They were requested to digitize some old contracts documents and photographs. The materials are in the Archive Office and they are not allowed to bring out the materials out from the Archive Office… and they have to do their work in a controlled room… a very small room.

I suggested to them to bring a set of computer and scanner… preferably a notebook and a portable scanner which can scan both side of the document in one pass which we called duplex scanner. They have 3 notebooks, but unfortunately they do not have portable scanner or sophisticated duplex scanner. They only have one big flat-bed scanner… about 610mm (length) x 458mm (width) x 102mm

Since the room is very small with only one table, the scanner really eat-up most of their working space… they can’t put the materials on the floor… you can’t do that to an archive materials… else it will get contaminated.

So, they have to work very careful in a cramp room… although there are 3 of them, only 2 will be able to do their job inside the room… with one big scanner!

After almost two months, their work is not even half-way done. Now I’m advising them to get this portable duplex scanner Scanshell 3000DN. It is a high-speed portable duplex scanner which offers simultaneous high image quality for both sides of the scanned document in one pass.

The Scanshell 3000DN is only 300mm (Length) x 50mm (width) x 45mm (Height)… a super small foot print for a duplex scanner… and very light too at 475grams. You do not require a power adapter for this duplex scanner; it connects one USB cable to your notebook for the power and also for the data transmission. It scanned A4 paper at 6ppm (pages per minute) in B/W and 3ppm in color. The resolution is very high at 600dpi (dot per inch) although this scanner is only about 10% of the size of a normal flat-bed duplex scanner.

This scanner is not only good for projects like this, but it will be good for anyone when they are on the move or in a very tight space… it’s a super portable duplex scanner.


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