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need an acupuncture

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Tomorrow I might visit the acupuncturist again, the Rakyat and Medical Hall at Beverly Hills, Bundusan… my back is hurting since Chinese New Year… actually not exactly my back… not the spine… it’s the muscle at the back of my left shoulder.

The reason of the pain is something you might not believe… it is caused by eating too much duck during CNY… unbelievable right?… well, I love eating duck before… I usually eat noodle or rice with duck once or twice a week before… during breakfast or lunch. But ever since I was adviced by the acupuncturist not to eat duck about two years ago coz duck can cause ‘air’ to go inside the body, I stop eating duck… and it was indeed true coz after I stop eating duck, I feel my body especially my back muscle no longer get ‘pain’ for no reason… amazing right?… but it’s true…

So, during the recent CNY, I ate duck… and I ate loads coz I said why should I not eat this time?… only this time… so I eat and eat the duck during the CNY eve… and man… coz I stayed late that night… when I woke up in the morning, I felt the pain at the back of my shoulder muscles… although it was quite painful… I still manage to hold it till today… well sometimes it’s less painful and sometimes it’s very painful… so hopefully it will go away when I meet the acupuncturist  tomorrow… 😛

But back pain especially the spine is not only caused by DUCK, it can be caused by the mattress you sleep on every night… that’s why there are mattresses which are designed to take care your back or spine… this type of mattresses are easily available even at mattress stores los angeles… 😀 The price is a little bit on the high, but I’m sure it’s worth with the good sleep and a healthy spine you gonna have… 😀


acupuncture treatment

acupuncture, acupuncture treatment, back pain, back pain treatment, bone treatment, herbal diet supplements, Rakyat Acupuncture & Medical Hall, spine treatment

Going back for a 2nd acupuncture treatment tomorrow… went there last Thursday for my back treatment. My back was hurting again last week… and I would say I’m very lucky for going for the treatment… if not, I will not be able to help in the Sabah International Folklore Competition last Saturday and Sunday.

I was not confident with acupuncture treatment… but I was wrong… so, thanks to the girls who introduce me to the place 😀 The place is called Rakyat Acupuncture & Medical Hall located at Beverly Hills, Jalan Bundusan. To go there, just take the first junction after the round-about at Beverly Hills… Beverly Hills, great name 😛 … it is at the first block.

Anyway, the place is simple, one nurse or clerk to take registration and two treatment rooms… one for female and one for male. On the female side, it was the old man, the father… and on the male side it was the young man, the son… either the father don’t trust the son or the father wants all… lol

The treatment is simple too… I lie on my stomach and he started checking my spine… I wanted to tell him where is the pain, but he said no need coz his hand has an x-ray… 😆 So he check my spine… pressing on each of the spine bones… and more pressing… then he put some accupuncture needles… not sure how many coz I can’t see it… before that he put some oil on my back which burn my skin like hell… i told him it was too hot, and he wipe off my skin… 😛

Then after like 10 minutes, he pulled the needles… and that’s it… when I stand up and try to bend forward… holly cow… the pain is gone… the pain was there since April… in fact the pain was there a few years ago… and now, they are gone… he told me that my spine is quite bad… he said I could have fall or injured when I was small… but he said it can be fixed with 2 or 3 treatments… but boy… 1 treatment and it’s gone already… not really gone, but I have the confident to bend forward coz the ‘spiking pain’ is no longer there…

Then he gave me some pills… he said I must take 3 in the morning after breakfast and 3 in the afternoon after lunch… for one week supply… he said the pills are special herbs but of course not herbal diet supplements 😀 He said I must not miss taking the pills… and he looks really serious about it… and the bill is only RM60 😮 Man!!!… just compare that with what I paid at Damai Specialist last April… about RM400 with some modern pain killers and X-ray… with an option for RM20K spine operations!!!

If you like to try acupuncture treatment, you can visit the place any time… the details are on the photo… and don’t forget to mention you found out about the place from here… 😀

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electro muscle dance

acupuncture, burning fat, fat, supplement, weight loss

I found out that the electro acupuncture I just bought can work as a body shaper… it can help reduce weight… burn fats… but I’m not sure if it is as good as the best weight loss supplement you can buy out there… 😛 But I’m having fun using the device… the electric shocks it gives really make you awake… when the electrode or the slippers which have electrode are used, your nerve and muscles moves out of you control… it just follow the electric shocks rhythm… 😀 you can’t stop the your muscles from moving… no matter how hard you try to stiffen your body… 😛

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