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beef soup

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Tonight had some heavy stuff for dinner… beef soup. Usually those who know the side effect of this type of soup will definitely avoid it… to avoid from getting the painful joints especially on the leg which we call it gout.

Gout is something those middle age and older people worried… usually it is related to meaty food. But meaty foods like the beef soup I had usually very tasty… hard to resist. I’m thankful that I don’t have serious problem when eating meaty stuff… and I like meaty food a lot… if I don’t eat meat or hard stuff, I will never get full… For instant, even if I eat two packets of instant noodles at once, I will never get full coz it doesn’t have those hard foods like meat… I call that food as hollow foods.

So usually I eat a lot… I like eating… eating is an obligation to me… people around me knows I eat a lot… but lucky I don’t grow so much for eating a lot… probably I take safe diet pills that work… actually I don’t… I just take 1000mg Vitamin C everyday… and go to the gym once a while… ok, need to rest, coz need to go to gym tomorrow… to burn all those meat I ate during dinner… 😛

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extra belly

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Foods seem to be the main thing for the past few months… from Christmas to Chinese New Year… and till now. And everyone seem to be enjoying eating… I did said I want to stop all those junk foods coz they are evil… but seem can’t… eating junk, fatty and oily food seems to be the most tastier…

Can’t avoid gaining extras on the belly… have to shift to another hole on my belt… meaning I gain extra one inch… 😛 But lucky only the belly is gaining extra and not having other unsightly stuff like acne or pimple becoz of those fatty and oily stuffs… else have search for acne treatment.

Hope to able to go back to the gym soon… and burn all those oil and fat… 😛

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lamb… junk… lamb…

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Chinese New Year just over a week ago… there are all kind of feelings… some said it was quite… some said it was fantastic… well, sure it depends who said it… as for me, it was noisy but I had a bad cough… not really cough but wheezing lung… it started 3 days before the CNY… lucky I did not experience any bad sore throat although I was coughing quite bad till I can taste blood in my throat on the second day of the infection. As usual, I try not to take any medicine other than Vitamin C… I was consuming about 2000mg of Vitamin C every night… and I guess it really helps although my lung was wheezing every night… but it’s almost gone now 😀

Food… yea, food… foods are everywhere… fresh and junk… was eating tons of pork, duck, chicken, lamb… even after the long public holiday, there are still foods served… in the office… on Tuesday, the QS section treat the whole office with CNY lunch… lamb… lamb… lamb… yea I just wack the lamb… then tomorrow, our section gonna have CNY lunch at Hyatt… weeeee… lamb… lamb… lamb… again… 😀 I think my tummy has gone up 1 or 2 inches… 😛 gonna need some adapexin-p to burn all those belly fats… and I have not visited the gym since my last visit in November last year… 😛 Hope to get back on track soon… coz the junk in the containers are evil… I’m like an addict… after dinner, I will automatically reach for the containers and grab… grab… those junks… 😛

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need to reenergized

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I’m always feeling sleepy lately… I do feel sleepy all the time before but lately it seems that sleep is always not enough for me… I feel very sleepy especially during afternoon. Like last Friday, after lunch, I lock my office door and sleep… not really sleep coz I was sitting on my chair and try to sleep… I did get a short nap I think… probably about 15 to 20 minutes. And sleeping in sitting position is very tiring… I mind did feel less sleepy after that but my body feel more tired…

Probably I have not done any exercise for some times… my last visit to the gym was in mid November last year… yea, I really need to wake up all my muscles… I think they are all enjoying sleeping and building fats… 😛 But I don’t really care if I’m building fats but I really need to feel fresh so that I can work better… energized! I can always burn all those fats latter with mens fat burner exercise in the gym…

I should plan my exercise soon… maybe this week… errr… maybe next week… I hope I can make some time to visit the gym again… I really need to do some running… on the thread mills… 😛 Not really into losing weight but to rejuvenates my power… I need to be recharged… reenergized… even while writing this I feel so sleepy… Maybe I should use the stairs… runs up and down… just like what my friend told me this evening… he wanted to lose some weight… by running up and down on the stairs at home… 😛

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biggest lipofuze loser

DIVA Universal, fat, lipofuze, The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2, weight loss, weight loss product

Astro’s DIVA Universal viewers  are talking more about losing weight… so maybe I should do lipofuze review this time… maybe not… but what’s on DIVA Universal?… well that’s where they show The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2… and it’s already episode 9… and they are only left with four contestant in red team and three contestants in blue team.

The competition is getting stiffer and members in each team are starting to back stab each other to stay put to the final episode. When contestant Saw from red team was booted out this week, the red team started breaking apart… we will see that in episode 10. I hate the blue team coz its members are ‘arrogant’… the red team are mo friendly… I hope the red team will win… 😛

The blue team has lost 5 of its members plus 1 from red team which was transferred to them. The red team so far lost 3 members plus 1 which was transferred to blue team. Whenever the red team win challenge or weighing, they shows their sportsmanship by not irritating the other team… but whenever the blue team win, they really don’t have a sportsmanship… they shows their irritating actions… that’s why I want them to lose… 😛

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biggest loser no good?

david gurnani, diet pills, fat, food, slimming pill

There are thousand way to do diet… one is to stop eating… I mean reduce your food intake… then you can also do exercise… but eating is something everyone can’t avoid… i need lots of food… everyday… 😛

Eating and exercise is a good combination if you want to have a healthy body… I eat a lot but at the same time try to do exercise like going to gym… don’t take drugs… you going to regret it… even taking diet pills is not good… must be careful if you are taking or plan to take diet pills… if not sure what are the diet or slimming pills, click here to see reviews about diet pills…

Dieting should not done excessively… it’s bad to your body and health… it even make you look ugly after dieting… just like the winner of the first season The Biggest Loser Asia… after reducing his weight tremendously…. now he looks more sick I think… although he could be healthy… but the looks is so bad… more like skinny and stressed… 😛

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placenta soup

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dare to take placenta soup?… sound really disgusting right… by just reading the news headlines anyone can get nausea… a traditional medicine practitioner in Johor told a reporter that some ladies are actually consuming placenta… usually made as soup… to make their skin youthful… soft… as soft as a babies skin… 😛 The ladies should just get a proper supplement to make them sexy or beautiful… like visiting to get better info instead of consuming disgusting stuff… :p next we going to read news… they are eating babies… 😛

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not selling here… :P

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It’s getting apparent that this site is getting more attention lately for something… errr… something… errr… about fat? body building? losing weight? gym???… ok lah, the truth… i did talk all about that before… but I don’t remember I ever said you can buy weight loss products here… hahahaha… I don’t know how to do business man… I’m not a salesman… 😆 OK that was not funny… but seriously I don’t sell or use any of it… I only go gym… to build my stamina for paintball… that’s it… 😛 that one also depends if I’m lazy or not… sleepy or not… after office… but if you want to do rapid weight loss, then just be careful when using pills… each of them has advantage and disadvantage… good luck to those trying to lose weight 😛 just go and watch The Biggest Looser for an inspirations… LOL

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cop unhappy, resign then throws uniform

Dai Bao Xiang, fat, overweight, policemen, supplements, weight loss

If you look at the policemen… some of them are way out from fit to chase crooks… they are fat with big tummy… they are just not fit for doing fast activity… well, you can’t blame the public when they said that… coz usually fat people can’t run fast… and crooks usually thin, skinny and run very fast… 😛

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about fats or fat people here… some fat people are sometimes better than those skinny people coz some fat people are way more active and fit than those who are skinny… 😛

OK, the news today about Corporal Dai Bao Xiang, a 51 years old policewoman who throws her uniform into dustbin right after she resign really caught my eyes… why?… civil servants cease their service when they reach the age of 56… pension… and this policewoman is only 5 years short from her pension… instead of taking early pension, she resign… why???

She said, she tendered her resignation letter to her superiors at the Gombak district police headquarters in Selangor on Monday becoz she is unhappy with the hectic workload and little increment. “This was not a hasty decision. I had given it a serious thought,” she said.

She said she had lost 20kg since she was promoted to corporal and transferred to the Selayang police station as an enquiry section head last year… this is a good place to those overweight policemen… no need for supplements for weight loss 😀

Dai said she only received RM50 increment after her promotion, however her other wages of up to RM500 including a motorcycle allowance were discontinued… so unfair… get promoted but get pay less… “That means my actual income is lower than what I had received before,’’ she told the media… 😛

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food is important

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Some people are dying to bring down their weight… when I do my exercise, I don’t really care about burning calories or bringing down my weight… it’s not really important to me… I just want to build my stamina… I’m more concern with my stamina… If you have good stamina, your size doesn’t matter…fat or thin. But of course overweight or over fat is not good. If you are fat a little bit or overweight a little bit, but able to walk 5km without problem, that’s great!!!

sample of diet pills commercialThere are some people crazy about dieting… for me dieting is only for health… not to reduce weight. Food and eating is an obligation to me 😀 When you don’t have enough food, you will get sick 😛 And some goes to use pills to reduce weight… that is more damaging in my opinion. You can check the lipozene forum for example.

Diet pills are over commercialized…  if you are not careful, it can bring more damage to your body and health than good. So, if you are into weight loss, do your research on the pills you going to take first… it could be poison to you but not to others 😛

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