I’m getting uneasy with the mess in my office and room back home… it’s not about the work… I don’t want to talk about work this time… it’s about the ‘garbage’ which seems to be increasing exponentially in my office and room… 😛

The fault can be attributed by myself… I’m the type who don’t like to throw ‘stuffs’ away… but at the same time I don’t know how to arrange ‘stuffs’… and some laziness… the stuffs I’m talking about are letters, magazines, books, notes, boxes, etc… If it digital stuffs, then it will be easier, coz it wont take space. But these are real… physically there which occupy my space… all the time… and the space I have is getting smaller and smaller…

And worse, these stuffs are not only taking my space… it sit there idling doing nothing, giving me nothing… zero… nil… I never look or refer to it ever since I put it there… well, almost all of it… the feeling of needing it someday makes me ‘letting it go’ difficult… it’s hard to let go… so they are happily occupying my precious space doing nothing.

So I needed an inspiration or ‘semangat’ to get out from my comfort zone, if that can be considered as comfort zone… so instead of looking for apex house cleaning service, I asked a good friend which I think can inspire me… coz if I use my own inspiration, I’ll be back to square one… if I start cleaning up now like before, I will start keeping back what I want to throw… and end up throwing nothing at the end. But if it from someone I believe who can truly inspire me… and be discipline with the idea I was given, chances are… I can get rid of all these stuffs without feeling bad… yea, feeling bad is one of the major reason I can’t throw away old stuffs… the friend suggests recycling… yea, recycle wont hurt that much I guess… now that I’m inspired, let’s see what will happen the next few weeks or probably months later… 😛