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apple… i don’t know

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I’m not a fan of Apple… I know I’ve probably said this thousands times before… I just don’t like Apple coz Apple is something what I call ‘Island by itself’… ‘Apple by itself’.

But I REALLY amazed and impressed with its graphics performance… YES, on any Apple… be it Apple, Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, or whatever…

My first encounter with Apple was somewhere in 1985… it was with a Macintosh… the small all in one little white box with 9 inches of color monitor… . It was my School Computer Club visit to Sri Komputer… Sri Komputer is computer house doing computer sales and systems development… Sri Komputer at that time was at one of the block next to Kinabalu Emporium… near Wisma Merdeka. Today, Sri Komputer is located at Wisma 2020, Karamunsing… the building is owned by them… and the building was the first… and the only one until today IΒ  guess… which uses ‘car lift’ parking system here. They have a tight parking area under the building… so to increase parking space, they use car lift… one car will park at the firs level of the lift, then it goes down… underground… then the next car will park at the second level of the lift… which mean the 2nd car is on top of the 1st car…. basically they double their parking space.

Anyway, during the visit, they showed us animation on the Macintosh… it was an ice cream on ice cream cone… it was pink ice cream, but can’t remember the cone color, but it could be brown or yellowish… and it is tilted… with dripping melting ice cream!!!… we were like WOW… we were so amazed with the animation… it was so real… just imagine, that was somewhere in 1985!!!… it was like something from the outer space… Then they showed us some other animations with Yayasan Sabah Building on it… πŸ˜›

I don’t really know why these whole experience still stuck with me…… yea, I really don’t know why I still remembering all these… and yet I don’t like Apple.. πŸ˜›

Then during my university time, I tried avoiding any project or assignment related with Apple… I don’t know, I just can’t accept Apple… probably the biggest reason is I can’t see how the OS work coz they are all in graphics… I can’t see the command prompt… so I just like DOS on PC… πŸ˜› then Windows 3.0 came… and bla bla bal until today… πŸ˜›

Right now, I don’t know why… but I feel somehow sad with the loss of Steve Jobs… I should not feel anything coz I don’t really like Apple anyway… probably coz everyone are sad, so I feel sad too… But truthfully, I’m really amazed with this guy, Steve Jobs… his visions… his charisma… he is amazing, genius, brilliant… his life can be sum up by… first he build Apple which created technology wave with Macintosh… then he got kicked out from Apple by none other than the person he groomed… outside Apple he build NeXT computer which supposed to be more powerful than Macintosh, I’m sure not many of you know NeXT, I do… then he was brought back into Apple again… then he made another technology wave, but this time he created technology tsunami with all the i… iPod, iPhone, iPad… and now, he is gone… sorry to say but I guess this gonna be the starting of Apple downfall… I don’t know… RIP to you Steve Jobs.

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apple vs samsung

apple, galaxy, iphone, lcd screen, samsung

Do you know that samsung lcd screens are the most used lcd in the world folowed by toshiba?… yes that is true.

Around the world, Samsung’s lcd are in most computer screens, tablet screens and handphone screens. If you look at the Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S handphone, they are almost identical… because both are using samsung lcd screen.

They are so identical that Apple is suing Samsung for copyrights… buy hey, of course they are identical coz most of their hardware is from the same factory… πŸ˜›

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apple’s turn

apple, iphone, pda, smart phone, steve jobs, technolgy glitch, ultra portable computer

It’s Apple turn to struggle with technology glitch… previously, news about technology glitch usually goes to Microsoft, but this year it is Apple’s turn πŸ˜€

When Steve Jobs launched his newest… or should we call it the smartest PDAs or smart phones on the planet, the iPhone 4… it immediately shows a sign… too bad it was a bad sign… he can’t surf the internet during the launching to showcase how fast is the phone when on the net!!!… so he has to plead the audience to switch off the WiFi connection on their notebooks, phones, PDAs…Come on Steve… that really doesn’t make sense at all!!!… why can’t you have your own AP… your own WiFi Access Point to connect to the internet… by connecting it to your telco???… I really did not buy that…

Then, after a few days the iPhone was out in the market, supposedly new happy iPhone 4 owners turn reds… the cellular connection gets drops badly… the iPhone 3gs is much more reliable than this new iPhone 4!!! Then Apple came out with an excuse… it was caused by software glitch… but they still can’t solve it coz the problem is caused by the antenna surrounding the phone… when someone hold the phone and the left thumb touched on the left side of the phone… double bad for lefties… the cellular signal will dramatically drops… dropped dead πŸ˜› … but Apple never admitted to this antenna technology glitch… although it was proven by many techies and technology testers…

Now what?… well, I suggest Apple must recall all the phone and replace it with new one… hey, automaker sometimes do that… but actually I don’t care coz I hate Apple anyway… you don’t see me laughing, did you see me laughing?… πŸ˜†

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Did Apple Created the First iPhone Trojan

apple, iphone, trojan

After sometimes, people are still talking about iPhone. I don’t know why people are so crazy about iPhone. I just love my Windows Mobile PDA Phone. But what ever becomes irresistible out there, there will be always a black hat eying for it. Just like Microsoft stuff, pirating their products is just irresistible. iPhone on the other hand, after a few days being launch, someone manage to crack its security features. Now even in KK you can find a modded iPhone… and its cheap too I heard.

But what is Apple going to do with these modded iPhone. Simple, if my product is being pirated, all I want to do is punish those buying my pirated product. This is what I think Apple did. F-Secure a security research company confirmed that they have found the first Trojan for iPhone. And this Trojan is specifically attacking modded iPhone. Did Apple created the first iPhone Trojan?

According to F-Secure, it was an 11-year-old kid playing with XML files who created the Trojan. “Next time it might be someone else with more skills and with specific target,” they said… 11-year-old kid… now, don’t tell me that the one who cracked iPhone security features is an 11-year-old kid too… and not the guy as reported.

Anyway, if you are one of the modded iPhone owners, just be careful… try to get pirated anti virus… LOL… to protect your modded iPhone. Pirate will be always pirate… they never buy the original… πŸ˜€


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