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my ride on air

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Back home yesterday around 10 PM after 3 days in KL for study tour. It was a busy two days… one study tour in the morning and one in the evening… on both days. Left KK around 11.07 AM after the flight delayed from 10.45 AM.

I did not manage to check-in online coz the system canโ€™t find my particulars when I tried web check-in service at home. So when I check-in at the airport through the check-in kiosk the next day, I was given a random seat at the back which I forgot coz I changed my seat so that I can seat next to my colleague at 27D which is almost at the end of the aircraft.

The aircraft was Boeing 737-800 with the bended wing tip… this 800 series is much quitter, wider and smoother on air compared to the older 400 series. The seats are normal, nothing fance… just the same as my few previous ride on 800 series. But the aircraft I rode back has different seats settings although it is also the 800 series.

The return aircraft seats have LCD at it back, credit card reader and handset for making calls or playing games. The last time I saw this was inside Boeing 777. Unfortunately the system is not functioning… itโ€™s OFF! So I canโ€™t play games with it like the one on 777 I rode before. But I was not that bored during the flight coz I have my tablet and phone to play with… I have lots of apps in my fon and tablet but I played Sudoku most of the time… itโ€™s good to have electronic entertainment gadget for long journey… like PSP or smartphone or tablet… any tablet will do as long it is loaded with playbook apps… well, I was alternately playing and sleeping throughout the flight… which is only two and half hour… ๐Ÿ˜€

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apple’s turn

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It’s Apple turn to struggle with technology glitch… previously, news about technology glitch usually goes to Microsoft, but this year it is Apple’s turn ๐Ÿ˜€

When Steve Jobs launched his newest… or should we call it the smartest PDAs or smart phones on the planet, the iPhone 4… it immediately shows a sign… too bad it was a bad sign… he can’t surf the internet during the launching to showcase how fast is the phone when on the net!!!… so he has to plead the audience to switch off the WiFi connection on their notebooks, phones, PDAs…Come on Steve… that really doesn’t make sense at all!!!… why can’t you have your own AP… your own WiFi Access Point to connect to the internet… by connecting it to your telco???… I really did not buy that…

Then, after a few days the iPhone was out in the market, supposedly new happy iPhone 4 owners turn reds… the cellular connection gets drops badly… the iPhone 3gs is much more reliable than this new iPhone 4!!! Then Apple came out with an excuse… it was caused by software glitch… but they still can’t solve it coz the problem is caused by the antenna surrounding the phone… when someone hold the phone and the left thumb touched on the left side of the phone… double bad for lefties… the cellular signal will dramatically drops… dropped dead ๐Ÿ˜› … but Apple never admitted to this antenna technology glitch… although it was proven by many techies and technology testers…

Now what?… well, I suggest Apple must recall all the phone and replace it with new one… hey, automaker sometimes do that… but actually I don’t care coz I hate Apple anyway… you don’t see me laughing, did you see me laughing?… ๐Ÿ˜†

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