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apple vs samsung

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Do you know that samsung lcd screens are the most used lcd in the world folowed by toshiba?… yes that is true.

Around the world, Samsung’s lcd are in most computer screens, tablet screens and handphone screens. If you look at the Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S handphone, they are almost identical… because both are using samsung lcd screen.

They are so identical that Apple is suing Samsung for copyrights… buy hey, of course they are identical coz most of their hardware is from the same factory… 😛

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Happy Chinese New Year… I wan Slate

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Happy Chinese New  Year to everyone… may the great Rabbit brings Good Health, Wealth, Happiness, Success, Joyful, Harmony, Longevity, Good Fortune and Good Feng Shui to all of us… 😀

Yea, the sound of fireworks are deafening the midnight right now… it’s like war out there… well, the sound is like war in the movie… not really sure how war is coz never experience any… and I’m not wishing for one… please, no war… glad the peace are always with us here 😀

So what do I expect for this rabbit year?… well, other than all those I mentioned above… I just want one more thing… during the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 last month… it’s undeniable that android dominated the show!!! Yea… everything was about android phones… android tablets… all are about Google!!!…Even Apple was not dare this time to showcase their iPad and iPhone…

But I don’t fancy all these android thingy… I do own one android tablet… the CSL Spice MI700… but that’s all about it… just an oversize smart phone. What I really want is the HP Slate… yea, the Windows 7 Pro tablet from HP… the SLATE!!!… It was launched in US late last year… I really wish it to be available here soon… with higher spec!!! What so great about this slate?… Well as you can see, it’s running on Windows 7… that’s mean it’s a pc… a smaller pc… a tablet pc… or whatever you like to call it… campared to adroid tablet or iPad, slate is a fully functional tab like a desktop pc… you can do almost anything you have on your desktop… flash… Photoshop… almost anything that runs on Windows 7… I really hope it will reach here soon… I want SLATE!!! I HATE iPAD!!!


mobile content development workshop

bit torrent, emule, ipad, iphone, Sekolah Pengajian Seni, Snowy Leopard, UMS, utorrent, web directories

A week ago, 23rd November, I attended a one day workshop on mobile content development at Sekolah Pengajian Seni, University Sabah Malaysia (UMS). At first, I was reluctant to attend the workshop coz it’s about developing apps for iPhone… i hate apple… 😛 but lucky I attended it, coz it did change my perception on iPhone as far as about selling apps at Apple Store 😛

I thought the workshop start at 8.30am… and I left home at about 7.45am… and it is more than 30KM away… you see, to reach my office which is about 10KM away, will take me 12 minutes without traffic jam… and it will take about 30 minutes when there is traffic jam… and to reach UMS I need to go through all the major traffic jam areas in the city… 😛

With all the super manoeuvres, short-cuts and zig zagging… I reach and park just in time… about 8.32am… but I still have to find the room… when I found the room, the room is almost empty… it seems that I was the second participant there… 😛 and it turn out the course start at 9am :O

The course went well… first, with the intro about iPhone apps development by the Mr. Azizi, the lawyer turned iPhone technologist lecturer… iPad/iPhone development tools… which I forgot what was the name at the moment… will dig it out later… and lastly group project… we have to propose an iPhone apps… there are 4 in my group, me and two colleagues, Celestine and Erwati, and another student, Aaron, from Mukah Politech. Aaron proposed we develop  a medical information apps… apps that helps you to identify medicine… it will tell you what is the medicine for, contents, etc… I guess our proposal is OK… and I want to do it… as my first real project… seriously… 😛

OK, how am I going to do that???… i hate apple… i don’t have apple… i don’t want to waste money for apple…

Well, I’m going to virtualized the Mac OS X… yea… virtualized the Snowy Leopard… I want to use vmware to virtualized the Snowy Leopard on my Windows 7… and I have been trying since last week… the furthest I did was to get the Apple logo on my vmware… dammm… why can’t someone put a proper tutorials, tools… and of course a working copy of the Snowy Leopard on the net??? 😛

So, for the past one week, I have been searching the web directories for tutorials, tools and a working Mac OS X. I even started using the bit torrent… the uTorrent version… which I never use before… never used bit torrent before… well, I did use something similar long long time ago… eMule is the name… Aaron pointed out a probable working OS X out there in the bit torrent cyber space… I’ve already downloaded almost 10GB from rapidshare… and now trying the bit torrent for another 5GB… hope this is the one… 😛 wow… wat a long posting… 😛


apple’s turn

apple, iphone, pda, smart phone, steve jobs, technolgy glitch, ultra portable computer

It’s Apple turn to struggle with technology glitch… previously, news about technology glitch usually goes to Microsoft, but this year it is Apple’s turn 😀

When Steve Jobs launched his newest… or should we call it the smartest PDAs or smart phones on the planet, the iPhone 4… it immediately shows a sign… too bad it was a bad sign… he can’t surf the internet during the launching to showcase how fast is the phone when on the net!!!… so he has to plead the audience to switch off the WiFi connection on their notebooks, phones, PDAs…Come on Steve… that really doesn’t make sense at all!!!… why can’t you have your own AP… your own WiFi Access Point to connect to the internet… by connecting it to your telco???… I really did not buy that…

Then, after a few days the iPhone was out in the market, supposedly new happy iPhone 4 owners turn reds… the cellular connection gets drops badly… the iPhone 3gs is much more reliable than this new iPhone 4!!! Then Apple came out with an excuse… it was caused by software glitch… but they still can’t solve it coz the problem is caused by the antenna surrounding the phone… when someone hold the phone and the left thumb touched on the left side of the phone… double bad for lefties… the cellular signal will dramatically drops… dropped dead 😛 … but Apple never admitted to this antenna technology glitch… although it was proven by many techies and technology testers…

Now what?… well, I suggest Apple must recall all the phone and replace it with new one… hey, automaker sometimes do that… but actually I don’t care coz I hate Apple anyway… you don’t see me laughing, did you see me laughing?… 😆

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rise of the tablet

iloose, ilost, imac, ipad, iphone, ipod, iwin, netbooks, tablet

Suddenly tablet and netbooks got buried somewhere…

Out of nowhere, the name iPad came into the picture… who have expected they gonna called it iPad?… although it is just a tablet… the same tablet we have been talking many years…

Well, it’s Apple’s tradition… iPod, iPhone, iMac… and now iPad… 😛  and frankly I’m not a fan of Apple’s products… although they are great for graphics thingy…

I’m hoping more from Windows thingy… but Windows thingy are very slow to evolve… they seem to be not growing up… and now, they got eaten by iPad… and soon they might get eaten by iWin… and who knows they might only able to come out with iLoose iLost after that 😛

Anyway, I don’t think iPad gonna make a great hit… mainly because of timing… and economy are bad at the moment… so, hopefully Windows thingy will evolved at the mean time… and come out with something spectacular…

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I started a new affair…

htc, iphone, phone, Touch Pro 2, TyTn II

After staying together with my HTC TyTn II for more than 2 years, on the 28 July 2009, it finally says ‘It’s over buddy!!!… I can let you play with me but I can’t let you use me any longer!!!… I don’t like you use me, it’s painful…’

NOoooo… how could you do this to me… my heart is broken… it hurts so much… how could you do this to me?… WHY?… Why?… why?…

I know I do bad things to you sometimes… but I did not do it on purpose… bad things happen you know… how do I know that you are going to jump out from my pocket?… or jump down from the table?… or jump into the toilet bowl?…

I tried my best to keep this relation as long as I can… I know, I did fall for the HTC Touch HD since last year… but I did promise I will not change, especially this year because of the bad economy… I won’t be able to keep both of you at the same time… and I don’t want to loose you… don’t you remember?…

But now, you just shut me off… errr… half shut off… it really hurts!!!

You’ve been acting weird for the past one week. At random time, after I use you, you just block things for no reason… are you trying to say you have headache after our good times?…

Then when I try to have supper with you at night, sometimes you don’t show it… I don’t know if you like it or not… I need some indicator to tell me but you don’t show it… although I can see in your face that you are taking it nicely and happily…


Now, I have no choice but to get another… start another affair… you forced me to do this… I don’t want to do it, but you forced me to do this!!!… And I wish there are sales at this time… now I’m broke because I have to take the HTC Touch Pro2… without discount. But I’m happy with Touch Pro2 now although I still need you… the iPhone can’t come close to it… it is an iPhone killer… yes… it is much better than the iPhone… I hate iPhone anyway… iPhone really sucks…


Journey Around Sabah – dreaming of Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

broken, Ericsson, iphone, journey, Sony, X1, XPERIA

OK… we are still stuck waiting for our vehicle to get into the service line… we are trying to jump queue since the service centre is fully booked… we are trying to get inside contacts to get into the line… wish us luck…

While waiting and hoping for that… I just want to share my experience with iPhone…

Apple iPhone created a craze around the globe when it was launched… although the size is quite huge, it still not bad when holds on your palm. I have the chance to play with iPhone recently when my boss asked me to configure its WiFi and his email in the iPhone.

I’m reluctant to accept iPhone… because why should I change since I have been using Windows Mobile PDA phone for more than 2 years and it serve fine with me… first with HP iPAQ HW6965 then HTC TyTN II… both with real keyboard and not with software keyboard. iPhone is using software keyboard.

Maneuvering the menu at first is quite difficult… must get use to the sliding thingy although I’ve tried the slider or shift in the HTC before but I’m just not comfortable with it. The iPhone response is fast… yea very fast!.. very impressive… much more responsive than my Windows Mobile PDA phones.

The 5 megapixels camera is super clear… the quality is as good as my Sony DSC-T200 8 megapixels camera. Holding the iPhone is very confortable… the width is just nice… and the thickness is thin… yes so thin with such power under its hood.

At the beginning iPhone and also other model of phones are locked to some operator only. But today, unlocked cell phones are easily available. Unlocked cell phones are much better than locked since you can do more things with it… and you can sell it back easier at higher price. You can have unlocked iPhone here in KK, but most of the time the seller will say it is ‘under water’ phone… meaning the phones are smuggle in and you will not get proper warranty.

With all the great things about iPhone, although after having fun with it for a couple of hours… I still prefer to continue using Windows Mobile PDA phone… and my next dream phone is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1.

Wow… manage write that long post… with all the stress but with freedom from office work 😀

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Did Apple Created the First iPhone Trojan

apple, iphone, trojan

After sometimes, people are still talking about iPhone. I don’t know why people are so crazy about iPhone. I just love my Windows Mobile PDA Phone. But what ever becomes irresistible out there, there will be always a black hat eying for it. Just like Microsoft stuff, pirating their products is just irresistible. iPhone on the other hand, after a few days being launch, someone manage to crack its security features. Now even in KK you can find a modded iPhone… and its cheap too I heard.

But what is Apple going to do with these modded iPhone. Simple, if my product is being pirated, all I want to do is punish those buying my pirated product. This is what I think Apple did. F-Secure a security research company confirmed that they have found the first Trojan for iPhone. And this Trojan is specifically attacking modded iPhone. Did Apple created the first iPhone Trojan?

According to F-Secure, it was an 11-year-old kid playing with XML files who created the Trojan. “Next time it might be someone else with more skills and with specific target,” they said… 11-year-old kid… now, don’t tell me that the one who cracked iPhone security features is an 11-year-old kid too… and not the guy as reported.

Anyway, if you are one of the modded iPhone owners, just be careful… try to get pirated anti virus… LOL… to protect your modded iPhone. Pirate will be always pirate… they never buy the original… 😀


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