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When someone advice you to calculate your potential winnings before placing your bet… that someone can be a mathematician who likes statistics or probabilities… or professional gambler… or just the usual conman walking around taking advantage on gamblers… 😛 But most people gamble or place their bet by following their guts… advice from the fortune teller they just met… or simply follows what they dream last night… 😛

Numerical prediction is one of the biggest gambling games in the world… here at home, there are three legal and licensed operators… Sports Toto (TOTO), Sandakan Turf Club (STC) and Lotto 88 (88). Other than that, there are many more black market operators… and some of these black market operator are civil servants… who don’t want easy money right?… they get paid through commissions… and buyers or gambler are not hard to find… they come to you… you don’t have go to them… 😛

Last year, there was a big issue about legalizing or bringing the sports betting to the country… especially the soccer match betting like the English Premier League… unfortunately  it did not make it… yes, legal sport betting are not allowed here… but at the same time black market sports betting are all over the country… and there are also online sports betting which are easily accessible… all you need is internet connection and credit card… So the question is, is it OK to allow legal sports betting here?… In my opinion, if it is allowed, the black market will be reduced and at the same time government can collect tax from the legal gambling house… which they can’t collect anything from the illegal gambling house… or izzit that legalizing gambling house will affect the income of some big shots who are connected to the illegal gambling house… 😛

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Football Betting

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Bet365 offers more than 65 types of online games to choose and you can play it for fun or for real money. There are two versions you can play these games, flash or downloadable. With the downloadable version, your option increases to more than 80 types of games. But, whichever game mode you play, they’ll give you up to £100 in free chips to start you off.

Player requires only one account with Bet365 to play in all the game areas. And they also provide a one wallet system so that you can enjoy the benefits of their full range of services through one manageable account. Everything is conducted in a secure online environment. Your online bets are assured with all the necessary security needs so that you can enjoy your games without worrying about the online transactions.

Games are not only limited to online casino games, but they also have Sportsbook betting facility and a dedicated online poker playing area. And if you are interested in football betting, you can try playing the Football Rules game. I really enjoy this particular game because it’s very unique, play it for fun or for real cash, you should try this game.

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