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When someone advice you to calculate your potential winnings before placing your bet… that someone can be a mathematician who likes statistics or probabilities… or professional gambler… or just the usual conman walking around taking advantage on gamblers… 😛 But most people gamble or place their bet by following their guts… advice from the fortune teller they just met… or simply follows what they dream last night… 😛

Numerical prediction is one of the biggest gambling games in the world… here at home, there are three legal and licensed operators… Sports Toto (TOTO), Sandakan Turf Club (STC) and Lotto 88 (88). Other than that, there are many more black market operators… and some of these black market operator are civil servants… who don’t want easy money right?… they get paid through commissions… and buyers or gambler are not hard to find… they come to you… you don’t have go to them… 😛

Last year, there was a big issue about legalizing or bringing the sports betting to the country… especially the soccer match betting like the English Premier League… unfortunately  it did not make it… yes, legal sport betting are not allowed here… but at the same time black market sports betting are all over the country… and there are also online sports betting which are easily accessible… all you need is internet connection and credit card… So the question is, is it OK to allow legal sports betting here?… In my opinion, if it is allowed, the black market will be reduced and at the same time government can collect tax from the legal gambling house… which they can’t collect anything from the illegal gambling house… or izzit that legalizing gambling house will affect the income of some big shots who are connected to the illegal gambling house… 😛

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backup your phone data online

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If you are using the new Windows Mobile 6.5 on your mobile phone, you should be able to see the Microsoft My Phone.

OK, what izzit? Well it is a kind of phone service provided by Microsoft… but not to make calls or sms… it is a kind of online backup service for your phone’s contacts, calendar, tasks, text messages, music, photos, videos and other documents.

To use it, you will need a Windows Live ID… you can register one from the web if you don’t have one yet… then with your Windows Live ID, login from your phone and everything will be straight forward, your phone should be able to sync with the Microsoft My Phone service.

Other than providing online backup for your mobile phone data, Microsoft My Phone also can be used to track your lost mobile phone… it can tell you the last known location of your phone on a map based on where it was last synced or shared photos using the My Phone.

I have fiddle with the service on my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, but I’m not dare to register yet… I’m very concern about the data safety… will it get leaked out? But I’m still thinking… I will not dump it completely… I might use the service one day… 😛

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cigar vs cigarette

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Usually every year, the national budget will touch on cigarette tax. But this year, it seems like none… I’m not sure… probably there was but it was made to look not so important this time.

For health reason, the government usually increases the tax on tobacco products especially cigarette every year to deter existing and new to be smokers from spending their money to buy cigarette…. which is good… I really hate second hand smoke!!! If the tax on cigarette keep on increasing, one day the price of cigarette will overtake the price of the cigars online which is openly sold… :p

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Online shopping rules Black Friday

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This year, it seems that online shopping rules the Black Friday…or at least getting advantage. More and more shoppers prefer online shopping… no long lines at the counter… no bad weather… no cart pushing or racing… no stampede… all you need is your credit or charge card… and you don’t even need a card or barcode scanner to read your card.

Online shoppers have the advantage of shopping on their pajama right in their home in front of their computer… and they can do it anytime… even at the very last minute of the Black Friday shopping frenzy.

Next we wait and see how Christmas shopping going to be this year…


Uninvited caller or guest…

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Traditionally, insurance agents will randomly approach their prospect clients. And that approach is still working until today. Insurance agents also get their prospect clients’ contact from their existing clients… or from the unsuccessful client they just discussed with… ‘Please introduce me to your friends who might want to buy insurance?…’ or ‘Please give me 5 of your friends contact so that I can introduce them with our new insurance package?…’ 😛

I really hate it when insurance agents call me and try to sell me insurance policy!!! When I asked them how they got hold of my contact number… they say from my colleague… dang colleague!!!… and these insurance agents always talk a lot… sometimes I just talk straight to their face telling them that I’m not interested buying anything.

They don’t have to waste their time and my time explaining something that I’m not considering buying!!! If I ever need any details about a particular insurance, I can always read it online from the internet… and I also can buy life insurance online without going through them!!!

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Parents, don’t do this to your kids…

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Do any parents go and see their son or daughter at the office on their first day at work? And when the parents walks into the office, they enter as if they own the office… what would the kid feels? I’m sure it is bloody embarrassing to the kid…

And what is the parents’ reaction when they found out that their son or daughter is browsing for cheap sale on the internet to do online shopping? And paying for the goods using their parent’s credit card? Well, just hope the kid did not do all that during office hours, else the kid is not only get embarrassed, but probably will get kick out of his or her first job on the first day…


Shopping Jam

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How many of you stuck in the traffic jam during your recent Christmas shopping round? With the sale carnival on going, shopping complexes are like circus. Roads are jammed with vehicles and shopping complexes are jammed with shoppers. And if you were driving yourself, you also have to face another problem, parking!

But if you said you did not experience any of those, then you must be shopping somewhere else… online shopping right? I’m sure some did their shopping online. It is much more convenience than wasting time stuck in the jam.

I did not do much shopping for Christmas through online or at shopping complexes. But I did my online shopping for some stuffs for the coming New Year… only 3 days away… I hope I can receive my stuffs before New Year 😛

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Online Casino Betting Service

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Las Vegas is every gamblers dream destination. Even if you are not a gambler, Las Vegas will be still a favorite destination. You never know, once you get there, you might be doing casino hopping. But if you are dreaming to try your luck in gambling but traveling to Las Vegas is not an option, you can try online casino.

Online casino is a favorite choice nowadays to play games. You don’t have to do any travelling hassle. Just stay at home and place your bets against players around the world who are doing the same thing you are doing through the computer.

Online casino like bet365 casino is able to provide over 65 types of games for you to play instantly online. Players only need to register with them and once their membership is approved they can log in and start playing immediately. The best part is, new players are given £100 in free chips to start off. And if the player downloads the bet355 casino program, they can play over 80 games.

Each player is given an electronic wallet. With the one wallet system at bet365 casino, player can enjoy a full range of benefits and services. One wallet system provides a very convenient account management system for the player since they are only required to manage a single account for multiple benefits and services. No need to worry about your account, just concentrate playing your game.

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Maybank oh Maybank

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Whenever someone asks me about the best bank in the country, I will give them 2 banks. One is Public Bank for its best counter service. They are so efficient and fast you will not have enough time to fill-up your form if you take the queue number first.

For online service, I will suggest Maybank. I have been using Maybank2u since 2000. Their online service is the best… as far as my experience… Unfortunately, I don’t like their counter service… it damm bloody slow!

After the food testing and since our golf game is canceled, I decided to visit the Maybank at Karamunsing. I was here about a month ago about linking my credit card with my savings in the Maybank2u. Dammm… it looks like the previous bloody bank officer did not forward my problem to their HQ. My problem started when they change my credit card number. My old credit card is already link with my saving in Maybank2u. With the linking, I can view my credit card statement anytime… pay the credit card online and other bills too. Today I have to do it all over again… I hope the officer this time is responsible enough to forward my problem to their HQ in KL.

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Play Backgammon Game Online In 12 Languages

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I play backgammon for the first time more than 20 years ago. It did not take long for me to master the trick of the backgammon game. I was able to play the game immediately after getting some instruction from friends. But I did not know that backgammon can be played in 12 languages.

Well, if you play the game at All-in-One Game Lobby, it is available in 12 languages like Chinese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Japanese, English, Greek, Turkish, Spanish or Danish. But why do you need other languages to play this simple game? You don’t need language to play this game because it’s a universal game. All you need are the board, the dices and your opponent.

BackgammonMasters provides 12 languages on this game because it is a backgammon online game and can be downloaded from their website. You can turn the game’s rules, instructions, commands, lessons, tips and strategies into any of the languages. Switching the language is as easy as clicking at the flag on the game. While playing with other opponents around the world in real time, you can chat with them.

You can also check out for news and information about backgammon. It features the most up-to-date and comprehensive free online backgammon guides to help players to better understand every aspect of the backgammon game. It includes official backgammon rules and instructions on how to play, a full dictionary of backgammon terminology and some of the most useful backgammon strategies and tips used by backgammon champion players.


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