The story published on the newspaper today is quite shocking… shocking as if Malaysia is in deep poverty crisis… the kids admitted… “It tasted like chocolate, that was why I ate them..”

That is really a revelation… if you know what these 4 kids have been eating, you will ask… is the country runs out of food?… what is going on??…

chocolate stoneThe four kids age between 6 to 10 were admitted to hospitals at the northern part of the country… Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital… after consuming what most probably think was a natural diet supplements… these kids have been eating stones collected from the compound of their house is Kampung Pandang  Lembu, Kedah!!!

One of the kid admitted she has been eating stones since last year…coz  it was very crunchy and tasted like chocolate!!! Then she introduced the ‘chocolate’ to the other kids… and from there, they have been collecting and eating the stones secretly.

Is the family in deep poverty… I don’t think so… she said… “My father had caught me eating the stones a few months back and punished me but I was soon back to the habit,” she said.

The parents said… “I had warned them numerous times about it but they denied doing it. Ganggadevi and Nageswari were admitted to the hospital for the same problem last June and in January this year.”…. “My husband may earn a small salary working as a labourer but we are never out of food. I am unable to visit my daughters and niece as I have two other daughters and a son to take care of at home,” she said.