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facebook just went public

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Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting… That’s the sound of Nasdaq Stock Market bell made by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook just went public at $38 per share… Facebook sold 421.2 million shares at $38 each which put Facebook value at $104 billion, upped $16 billion… 😛

As comparison, here are the values of the top five companies as of yesterday closing stock prices…
Apple, $496 billion
Exxon Mobil, $383 billion
Microsoft, $250 billion
IBM, $229 billion
Wal-Mart Stores, $210 billion

I wish I have the money and access to the Facebook shares… one lot will be… $38 x 1000 shares… that’s USD$38,000… multiply that with 3 thus making it RM114,000… and that is just the price of initial public offering or IPO… I can’t even make that in one year… 😛

Analyst said Facebook is less than $100 billion, but the banks helping it to go public put it at that value forcing everyone without choice to accept it at that value. That’s how shares being traded… if banker said the value of this piece of paper is $100 although its actual value is just $1, everyone have to accept it… that’s how powerful bankers are.

Well, only rich people can play this game… and they’re getting richer… they can give Ferrari as presents to each of their girlfriends… while those who can’t afford these expensive stocks can only afford wife gift to whet her whistle… that’s life… hahahaha…


selling with free advert

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Facebook has revolutionize many things in our life… well, not all but probably most… today, facebook is not only used for connecting with others around the world but it is also used for making money scheme 😛 I’m sure some of you have received invitations… group invitation… where you can make money by just registering to the group… so easy to make money 😛 I’m not really sure if it works coz I never register any although I’ve received many… and all kind of it 😛 But some posted on their facebook wall telling that they did make money… how true? I don’t know… 😛

Facebook can also be used for advertising… for free… It’s so easy to spread your adverts in facebook… it’s called viral advertising…  Let’s say you want to sell Marc Jacobs handbags, all you have to do is take a photos of the handbag, upload it to your facebook and tag all your friends on the photos… but of course you are currently limited to 50 tags on each photo by facebook… but imagine the impact and outreach of it… if each of your 50 friends has 10 friends… you are reaching 50×10 people in a just seconds and it is free!… and it still will ‘viral’ to your friend’s friends… friends… friends… 😛

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My Manufactured Homes at Farmville

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Are you playing Farmville?…

What? You donno what is Farmville?…

No… No… No… I did not spell it wrong… Not the TV series Smallville… not the story about Superman’s Teenage Years… No, not that one… but it is almost like the life of Mr. Clark on his farm… or was it ranch?… living in the country side doing farming 😀

If you really don’t know what is Farmville then you are not on Facebook… 😛

Well, Farmville is a game on Facebook.

You are the farmer… and you are given a land to farm…

On each level, new item are open up for sale… for you to buy… and to put it on your farm… but to buy it, you need money… to get money, you have to farm and sell your produce… 😛

You can buy seeds, trees, animals, buildings, decorations, vehicles, expand your farm and many more…

Recently, I’ve saved enough monies and reached the level where I can buy these manufactured homes… I’ve purchase the Log Cabin and Farm House… 😀 Next I want to buy a Villa which cost $1,000,000.00 😛

So, what do you think about my farm at Farmville… 😀

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Jewel Puzzle

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There are many ways to waste time while online. If you are on facebook, there are many addictive games in it.

If you are on yahoo’s games or king’s game before, I’m sure you have seen some of the games from the two sites being offered in facebook today… well, some of the games are old or classics game… but still fun to be played.

The recent game I saw in facebook is the game with many jewels on it… well the sparkling jewels are nice to see on screen and probably much better if we can download it and turn it into heart pendant necklace… 😆 The game is called Jewel Puzzle.

But my favorite game on facebook at the moment is the Mafia Wars… this game really can waste lots of your time. I’m trying to reduce the amount of time checking on this game everyday… it has taken over some of my precious time… I’m almost completing the Boss level… hopefully once I’ve finish this level, I won’t play that much after this… 😀

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