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This week was a very hectic week… have to chase everything… I only left with a day tomorrow before I go for a long break… I have to complete loads of letters… documents… documentations… network designs… 😛

Sony PS3And the worst part, all the big shots and important staff in the office are not around for the past two days… they are having conference and seminar… two events at two locations for two days… and I really need to complete my work… I need their signatures… comments… dang I just hope they all come back tomorrow and don’t take leave… else I will not enjoy my trip… Only one more day tomorrow for me to settle all my work before I fly on Saturday… So tonight, I don’t want to stress out… I want to forget about these for a while… I just want to relax… don’t want to think about all these… I’m going to the gym… errr nope… I went last night… so tonight I just want to play games… wish I have Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 to play games on the big LCD TV… My nephews also have been pestering me to buy them a Sony PSP… I myself also need one PSP… 😛

I’m going home now… need to buy something for my aquarium… the thingy to suck out water… donno what is the name… siphon  I think… I have not change my aquarium water for more than a month… lucky the water filter is good… 😀

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My Manufactured Homes at Farmville

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Are you playing Farmville?…

What? You donno what is Farmville?…

No… No… No… I did not spell it wrong… Not the TV series Smallville… not the story about Superman’s Teenage Years… No, not that one… but it is almost like the life of Mr. Clark on his farm… or was it ranch?… living in the country side doing farming 😀

If you really don’t know what is Farmville then you are not on Facebook… 😛

Well, Farmville is a game on Facebook.

You are the farmer… and you are given a land to farm…

On each level, new item are open up for sale… for you to buy… and to put it on your farm… but to buy it, you need money… to get money, you have to farm and sell your produce… 😛

You can buy seeds, trees, animals, buildings, decorations, vehicles, expand your farm and many more…

Recently, I’ve saved enough monies and reached the level where I can buy these manufactured homes… I’ve purchase the Log Cabin and Farm House… 😀 Next I want to buy a Villa which cost $1,000,000.00 😛

So, what do you think about my farm at Farmville… 😀

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Jewel Puzzle

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There are many ways to waste time while online. If you are on facebook, there are many addictive games in it.

If you are on yahoo’s games or king’s game before, I’m sure you have seen some of the games from the two sites being offered in facebook today… well, some of the games are old or classics game… but still fun to be played.

The recent game I saw in facebook is the game with many jewels on it… well the sparkling jewels are nice to see on screen and probably much better if we can download it and turn it into heart pendant necklace… 😆 The game is called Jewel Puzzle.

But my favorite game on facebook at the moment is the Mafia Wars… this game really can waste lots of your time. I’m trying to reduce the amount of time checking on this game everyday… it has taken over some of my precious time… I’m almost completing the Boss level… hopefully once I’ve finish this level, I won’t play that much after this… 😀

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I want to be a professional computer games player


If you are shocked when I say Computer Games Player is a profession, don’t be because it is a profession just like any other sports player. And don’t be surprised if the youngster’s answer today is ‘I want to be a professional computer games player’ when you ask what their ambition is.

Computer games have changed the surface of this world by helping improving the computer performance every time. The demand of computer processing power in computer games has pushed the computer technology faster. Improvement in 3D game design programming also has created almost realistic graphics. Good game designing skills are required to produce better computer games.

The design of the game’s story line is very important too. Bad game’s story line will make the game boring even if the graphics is good. The game’s details must be enhanced and optimized so that it can create excitement and attention to the players just like enhancing your website SEO so that it gets better attention by the search engine.

For me, I like the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or MMORPG games because the story line never ends. Your quests are endless because you are playing against players around the world.

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How about building your own Mini City


Vortrack posted about the MyMiniCity today. It is some kind of online game similar to the Sim City.

So far, what I understand, you don’t have to do anything once you build your first ‘house’. It started with a single house. The more visitors comes to your ‘house’, the more populations you get and your city will grow automatically. There are few stages like industry, transport network, security, environment and business.

Anyway, please feel free to visit my DIMBATA City.

And you can also visit VORTRACK ZONE.

Just look how tiny my first house is… come… come… come… I’ll give each of you ONE VIP BANGALO LOT valued $1.5M… and Golf Membership valued $100K is included free 😆

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Help, I’m seeing slots


No, I’m not turning this blog into an online casino blog. I’m sure some of my readers are scratching their head wondering why I’m going nuts with online casino lately. Don’t worry I’m not tuning myself into a gambler. It just that suddenly I’m seeing lots of slot machines popping up everywhere on my screen whenever I’m online.

I have been visiting lots of online casino sites lately to read about the games they are offering. I have read the beginners guide to online gambling too and learned many new things about craps, carribean stud, baccarat and keno which I never heard before. Before, I only know slots, blackjack and poker.

Anyway, do you know that 8888 and 7777 are the most displayed numbers in gambling world? My interpretation on 8888 is, it came from Asia world because Asian believes 8888 is luck. And I believe 7777 is from the western world. Why the number 7777 and what the meaning of it, I really not sure. Anyone know why gambling world choose to show 7777?

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Before you gamble, read reviews first


I’m not really a gambler, but I’m going to talk a lot about gambling today. I don’t know why, but I just feel like to talk about gambling today. Maybe it is because of the date 13 today. Gamblers don’t like this number because it is considered as unlucky number.

People gamble because some believe in luck and some really do have good luck. Gambling online is the more preferred choice today. But there are hundreds or thousands online casino out there. How do you know which online casino is good? Lucky we have people who are doing testing and reviewing these online casinos. For instant, Online Casino List, who has 20 editors are reviewing thousand of online casino throughout the world. They are reviewing and rating every online casino they have ever played. Their review includes welcome bonuses offered, payout time, graphics, game play, speed, security and many more criteria.

Without these people, you will be handicap on choosing which online casinos will suit your taste. It will be impossible for you to try at every online casino out there and to compare them. You might end up become the big looser at the end.

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Online Slots City Collection of Casinos


Talk about casino and you will not miss the word slot machine. Even at private club you will find slot machines which some people call ‘one arm bandit’. Don’t ask me what is the meaning of the words, just google the words if you would like to find out more about the meaning.

But that is old stories, you can forget about going to casinos or clubs. Nowadays, people don’t waste time and money travelling to casinos or clubs half way across the country. Now they play online through the internet. When you play slots machine using the online slots machine, the excitements’ feeling are still the same as playing with the real machines. When you play at Online Slots City, you will be able to find and play all kind of games here. Whatever games you can find in then casinos or clubs, you will find it here online. And you do all these without leaving your home. It’s up to you who you like to invite to play with you. You can choose to play alone or invite your neighbors to play together online.

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Lets play some games for real cash


Games like blackjack and poker are everyone’s all time favorite. It is very fun to play these games whenever we gathered during party or during drinking session at home. But today, you can play these games with more than your friends at home. Now you can play with anyone or any strangers from around the world from your home at any time you like.

When you download and install Backgammon Master from, you will be able to play online with peoples around the world at anytime you like. You can play for fun or for real money. You can play for real money by using Visa/MasterCard to PayPal to Wire Transfers.

Don’t worry about language barrier when you play with other people form other countries which don’t speak your language or English. Backgammon Master supports 14 languages with Bulgarian as the latest addition to the list of the languages offered in the 21 Blackjack and Poker Software. To start the game, player simply login into the All-in-One Game Lobby and click on the country flag representing their desired language and start playing their favorite game such as poker, backgammon, 21 blackjack and perudo. The online game is supported with support staff 24/7. And games rules like backgammon rules are available online.

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Manchester United sign nine-year-old YouTube wonder kid

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How easy izzit to get hired nowadays?.. well, you just have to be talented and with the technologies nowadays like YouTube, getting hired is not impossible.

Getting a 9 year old boy signed a contract are already sound nuts… it gets crazier if the one who given the contract is none other than the worldwide brand… Manchester United!!!

Rhain Davis’ grandfather sent the Premier League champions a DVD showcasing the boy’s talents which has become a YouTube sensation. His 4 minutes video has already been viewed more than two million times. It shows the boy’s dribbling and goal-scoring prowess for an Under-10 side in Brisbane, Australia.

They boy is really talented… no doubt about it. But I think, his team or coach is relying too much on the boy… making him like controlling the whole game and looks like not playing with his team. But maybe since it is a combination of clips, it looks like that… to play football, you need supoorts & combinations with your other team mate… all the best kid…

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