You wanted to watch tv while lying on your bed. The tv is in front of your bed. But you can’t have a good view of it, so you have to lift your head a little bit using some pillows or you have no choice but to sit on your bed and lean on the headboard… which will cause you neck pain or back pain.

To have it at good viewing level and to avoid severe neck or back pain, the tv has to be on a higher level, higher than the usual 3 feet high cabinet that we usually have in the living room.

How about fixing the tv on the wall? Or how about fixing it on the ceiling? Yea, ceiling will be nicer since you don’t have to use additional pillow or sit and lean on the headboard. No more neck pain or back pain, just lie down and enjoy the tv shows until you fall asleep 😀

But how are you going to lift and fix the tv on your ceiling? You definitely are going to need a lifter to do that… probably tv lifts. But I don’t think you want to install the tv on your ceiling if you don’t want the tv kills you while you sleeping… kaboom… the tv falls on you while you are sleeping.

Even with plasma or lcd tv, they are still not suitable to be installed on the ceiling. The best option is to get a tv cabinet with an adjustable tv lifts so that you can have a better viewing level.

But yesterday at Karamunsing Complex shop, Micron, at the 3rd floor, I saw a neat gadget… handheld projector. The projector is the size of a pda phone. You can project the image anywhere you like while holding it, just like pointing a laser pointer. And the best part, you can point it upward to the ceiling. WOW… can watch movie while lying on the bed lah… 😀

Just look at the picture, I took it using my hand phone camera. Although it was projected to the checkered wall which is like silk and very reflective, the image is still very clear. Imagine if it was projected on to a white plaster ceiling… 😀

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL of YOU… and if you want to give me a present, you know what I want, it’s only about RM1,000.00++ 😆