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A couple of days ago, there was a news about the local medical assistant graduates… they have poor command in English. This is a slight disadvantage to our local graduates compared to Indonesia and Philippines when working abroad like in Arab countries where medical assistant are highly needed.

I will agree that our education system is in a mess… its policies keep on changing which put our student in total confusion. The people in charge of the educations should stop being ‘arrogant’ and start putting English as a major subject. For instance, in the past few years there are quite a number of medical teaching course and medical management course offered by newly setup training colleges around the country.

Unfortunately, the recent report of the Arab countries preferences towards our nursing graduates is very serious. Their command in English put them at the very last compared to Indonesia and Philippines. The government must take immediate action to improve the English proficiency among our students, else our global competitiveness will go from bad to worse… in fact emerging country like Vietnam has overtaken us in many areas.

Hiring English language consultants from countries which English is their first languages to conduct teach the teacher course is one way to revamp our English education system and to increase the number of English teachers with high teaching quality. No doubt, today we have many English teachers, but ‘quality English’ teachers are very few. Probably we also need consultant interview course so that we can get good consultants… 😛



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Trick or treat?… Happy Halloween everyone… 😛

Don’t really care about Halloween… but if I’m going to do trick or treat, I will be terrorizing the whole village… 😛 I will use all the scary trick I know to scare the kids… I like to scare people… muahahahahahaha…

Well, after Halloween, Christmas and New Year will be next… temporary sales jobs advertisements at shopping complexes are pasted everywhere… Christmas and yearend sales has started… but how is this year gonna be?… economic seem to have recovered a little bit compared to last year…  last year it was a little bit gloomy at shopping complexes… hopefully this year it gonna be more exiting… more sales… and more events… 😀

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