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A couple of days ago, there was a news about the local medical assistant graduates… they have poor command in English. This is a slight disadvantage to our local graduates compared to Indonesia and Philippines when working abroad like in Arab countries where medical assistant are highly needed.

I will agree that our education system is in a mess… its policies keep on changing which put our student in total confusion. The people in charge of the educations should stop being β€˜arrogant’ and start putting English as a major subject. For instance, in the past few years there are quite a number of medical teaching course and medical management course offered by newly setup training colleges around the country.

Unfortunately, the recent report of the Arab countries preferences towards our nursing graduates is very serious. Their command in English put them at the very last compared to Indonesia and Philippines. The government must take immediate action to improve the English proficiency among our students, else our global competitiveness will go from bad to worse… in fact emerging country like Vietnam has overtaken us in many areas.

Hiring English language consultants from countries which English is their first languages to conduct teach the teacher course is one way to revamp our English education system and to increase the number of English teachers with high teaching quality. No doubt, today we have many English teachers, but β€˜quality English’ teachers are very few. Probably we also need consultant interview course so that we can get good consultants… πŸ˜›


wheezing lung

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On Monday, I took a day leave… and I did take a day leave the previous Monday too. Probably I have Monday sickness or Monday blues… nahhh… not exactly… I just feel tired and a little bit sick when I woke up on both Mondays… no, not a little bit sick but probably a worrying sickness…

You see, I have been having this wheezing sound on my chest for sometimes but it usually not very serious… but it getting louder and I’m worried I’m getting asthma or something… The first time I seek for medication this year was somewhere in February… I went to a private clinic near my office. The doctor seem to be very experience… he gave me few advices regarding how to take care my health… like he was giving me a crash medical consultant interview course… πŸ˜›

The wheezing sound usually appears in the middle of the night or early morning… the funny thing is, I don’t have breathing problem with the wheezing… I can breath just as usual… how do I know it getting bad?… well, first the sound getting louder, but it don’t really worries me coz it only happen during the night. Then the worse feeling comes… I feel like my lungs full of water or bubble… I still can breath properly but I feel drown or chocked with the water in my lung… I don’t even know if there are water in my lung… I just feel like there are water inside… probably I should get medical teaching course so that I can explain better… πŸ˜›

I get better after taking some medication… a week supply of antibiotics. But then somewhere in May, it comes back again… so I went and seek medication from the same doctor. The doctor said, if I still not cured after I complete my medication, then I have to get an X-Ray… I was worried… is this going to be very bad?… After a week… which means I finished my antibiotics, the wheezing and ‘water’ inside my lungs gone…. But it came back again!!!… This time it started when I was in Tawau last month, end of August… I guess it was caused by the bad air quality inside the hotel room… I was sneezing and coughing one night… I have to make hot tea at 3am just to calm my sneeze… After the journey, I tried to hold on to myself although the wheezing came back… but it getting louder and the ‘water’ came back… So last Monday I have no choice but to seek medication… but this time I did not go to the same doctor coz that clinic do not have the X-Ray facilities.

This time, since I took a day leave, I went to my regular clinic at Donggongon near my home… Hilltop Clinic. Why regular clinic?… Well, ever since I started working, I only go to this clinic… but I rarely go to clinic coz I rarely get sick… but this year I went to the clinic near my office instead of this… the reason I change clinic was not of the distance or convenience, but becoz I don’t like to see different doctors. Previously, when I go to Hilltop Clinic, I only saw 3 doctors… which happen to be the owners… They have 3 clinics I think… and they rotate taking care the clinics I guess πŸ˜› But after sometimes I don’t see these 3 doctors anymore… well, I usually go at night or after office, around 6pm. The doctor during those time are locums… I believe they are from the government hospitals and doing part time there. I really don’t like it coz they seem to be not experience… ok, I don’t know anything about medical management course but I don’t like it… I prefer to see the same doctor, the doctor who knows my medical history.

Anyways, this time I decided to go back there. I went there around 12pm and the ‘original’ doctor is on duty… yeahhh… Unfortuntely the Donggongon clinic do not have the X-Ray machine… but their main clinic at Luyang has. I asked the nurse what time the Luyang clinic close for lunch, she said 1pm… so I rush to Luyang and reach there around 12.40pm… I approached the counter and asked if I have a chance to see the doctor before lunch time coz there a number of patients waiting. She said should be no problem… and I told her I should have my record here since I came here once a long… long time ago… and it turn out that first visit was somewhere in 2003… πŸ˜›

I told the ‘original’ doctor about my predicament… by the way, there are only 2 ‘original’ doctors left since one of them no longer partnered with them. When I told about the history, I tried my best not to tell him which clinic I attended before… but somehow he know the doctor at the end… πŸ˜› The doctor check my chest and back using stethoscope… then gave me a worried look… he said I might be forming asthma!!!… arrrggg………………… then I only can take X-Ray at 2pm coz they X-Ray people are going for lunch since it is already 1.20pm… I came back at 2.15pm and took my X-Ray… after the doctor examine my X-Ray, he said my lungs seem to be fine… but a little bit of infections at the bottom of my lungs… emmm… he gave 5 tablets of special antibiotics… he said it is special… and two other type of tablets… I told him I need to be cured fast and do not want it to come back since I need to climb Mount Kinabalu next month… he said he can give me an injections… I don’t know what type of injection but I took it anyway…. it way on my left hand. And so far, I feel ok… I already finish my medication… we see how after this… I really hope the infections or what ever they are, are gone for good… πŸ˜›

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Anonymous Attacking

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wow… i left my blog for a very long time… this only shows that i’m too busy with lots of stuff… mostly daily works. Today itself, I was bloody tired… I landed home around 9.30pm last night after 3 days in KL for some study tours…

I wanted to take leave today, but can’t afford it with the Anonymous going to strike the nation network… just a few hours from now… that’s around 3.30am (Thursday, Jun 16) local time. I just hope nothing much going to happen as far as what concerns me… else it’s gonna be lots of stuff to deal with tomorrow… hate it… coz i will not get extra pay for doing those extra stuffs… I work like volunteers… πŸ˜›

To those who don’t know what or who is Anonymous, they are a group of notorious hackers or hactivist who attacked their target with DDoS… Distributed Denial of Service… to cripple the network, the internet network. They attacked for a cause… and the reason they attacking Malaysia is becoz Malaysia government has been blocking file sharing sites… I feel like joining their cause… πŸ˜›

Anyway, probably it’s time to move somewhere… to a better rewarding place… I don’t know… while on the flight last night, the guy next to me, a professor, was asking about my work… and he kind of saying that I’m getting low pay and not getting opportunity to grow…Β  well he is right… but I don’t really hate my work… I like technical work… but I don’t really like management jobs, especially managing people… well… I just hope good things will come soon… else I’ll be working like volunteers for the rest of my working day… πŸ˜›

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NO! CPM is not equal to Characters Per-Minute

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CPM for me stands for Characters Per-Minute… speed of a printer as how many characters the printer can print in one minute. But the search I made recently says differently. For me, cpm only exists in IT world… but actually no!

There is another meaning of CPM… Corporate Performance Management! Yes it has nothing to do with IT but management… errr… but actually it does involved IT πŸ˜€

Corporate Performance Management can be used as a tool in organization to understand, act on and influence its business performance through software, processes and measures of business success. With all that, the organization can produce metrics and key performance indicators. Now you know there are two meaning of CPM, the next time you see one, make sure it refers to what is supposed to be OK… πŸ˜€

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