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Taking a break

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Going to take two days leave… coz there will be Sabah Paintball League (SPL) Cup on Saturday and Sunday. So I will be taking leave on Friday and Monday… Friday to get myself relax… Monday to recover from any sunburned.

Covering the SPL Cup is always an exciting and painful job… especially when inside the field taking photos and gets all the pallets or bullets when in the firing line… and most of the time stray pallets too. Standing in front of the flying pallets usually the best view… where u can see the pallets flying to towards me… and hit my camera sometimes… πŸ˜›

Taking paintball photos is just a hobby… IT is my real work… so getting a little adventure out of IT office work is good… out from the super cool aircond to under the hot sun… and get sunburned… πŸ˜› Usually there is insurance for it consultants but how about for paintball photographer?… well, I guess the normal life insurance is sufficient… but how about for the gears?… There must be one, just like the insurance for golf gears… πŸ˜› Anyways, I better stop here before I start writing in gibberish… too sleepy… πŸ˜›

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The 3rd Sabah Paintball League Cup – SPL 2012

Nexus War Game, NWG, paintball, Sabah Paintball League, Sabah Tactical Cup, spl, STC

Once again Sabah Paintball League Cup (SPL) will hit another season for the 3rd time. The Sabah Paintball League Cup 2012 3rd season will kick-off this Saturday and it will be held for two days (28 & 29 January 2012) at Likas Sports Complex.

KK Paintball Centre (KKPC) has successfully held the league without fail every year since 2010. Each season will have 3 legs and from these 3 legs the overall champion will be decided. Last year Team Hoodlums brought home the SPL 2011 Cup.

Other than SPL, KKPC also has two other events to be held this year. The Nexus War Game 2012 (NWG 2012) and the Sabah Tactical Cup 2012 (STC 2012). The NWG has been held since 2010 while the STC is the new even and to be held for the first time this year.

We hope the weather will be favourable this Saturday and Sunday so that the 18 teams competing in the SPL2012 will have a great game. There will be two teams from Brunei while Sarawak, Melaka and Labuan will have one team each. For the first time, there will be an all ladies team… the Barbarinas. And the youngest player for this season is a 13 years old lad.

The youngest player for this season.

To promote the Sabah Tactical Cup 2012, a demo game by Team Revolucion will be held during SPL 2012.

The tactical game field for scenario or jungle settings.

And to those who hate the sun or do not have time during the day to play paintball, KKPC also conduct Night Paintball.

SPL 2012 field was setup on 24th January… here are some photos during the setup… it’s gonna be very exciting… don’t forget to drop by at Stadium Likas this Saturday and Sunday to watch this exciting and adrenaline pumping game… πŸ˜€


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Sabah Paintball League 2011 Second Leg

barska scope, paintball, sabah paintball league cup, spl

In less than a week, the Sabah Paintball League Cup 2011 2nd Leg will kick-off… that’s on 25-26 June 2011. The first leg was held on 12-13 March 2011. Just like the first leg, it will be held at the same venue at KK Paintball Centre Field in Likas Sports Complex.


Although it is raining most of the time lately, we are hoping for a good weather during the tournament. And hopefully, the teams will be more better equipped with new markers, goggle/mask and jersey… and possibly with barska scope if that is allowed by the organizer… πŸ˜€


training after a year

blackhead remover, blackheads, paintball, training

Yesterday, Saturday, morning I had my first paintball training after almost a year… I did not check or service my marker or gun after the last time I played… I went late to the field, supposed to meet the rest at the field around 8am, but I woke up at 8am… I arrived at the field around 9am and started servicing my marker… the rest already started in the field.

I was rushing to the field, I did not take any food for breakfast… just a cup or tea. Since I was late, I was not planning to train… just want to test my marker then… furthermore I did not put any sun block… but lucky the sun was not that strong… but strong enough to turn someone into BBQ… and probably has to work on to get rid of blackheads on nose πŸ˜›

At the end I have to train with the rest… they insist… I played two matches… the first match was great… my marker was working fine… manage to kill two… but during the rest, my marker started hissing… damm… something leaking… the air runs out pretty fast… I only switch on the air when the game started… it was noisy… but still can shoot… but at the end, I have to get out of the field coz the air-line started getting too cold and the tank is getting empty…

Anyways, had a fun training… πŸ˜€ but it was super tiring… stretched most of my body muscle… especially my leg… now can’t walk straight… and I also having stomach ache… which turn out to be food poisoning.

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Sabah Paintball League (SPL) Cup 2011 – 1st leg photos

massage therapy, paintball, Sabah Paintball League, spl, sports

This is a late reporting… I should have posted this last week but I was to tired and too busy… and still busy and still exhausted… πŸ˜›

Anyways, this is about the Sabah Paintball League 2011 which was held on 12 and 13 March. Once again, I was assigned by the organizer to take photos from inside the field. Like last year, I was assisted by Bonaventure who assisted me on the first day and Louis on the second day… meaning I was covering it for two days… standing under the sun for two days… well there was not much sun… it was cloudy most of the time and it was raining on the first day towards the end of the day… around 3pm.

After standing under the sun and rain for two days, I continued with journey to Sandakan for 3 days… Monday to Wednesday… went there by road which put us 8 hours on the road and I came back by air which only took about 55 minutes. I was bloody tired with the two events… I’m really exhausted… I really need a massage therapy program… I’m thinking to get body massage this weekend… probably with acupuncture too… πŸ˜›

OK, back to SPL… this time the field is much better then last year… and it is bigger too. The field was dry on the first day but it was wet when the rain came down at the end of the first day event… causing two matches carried to the following day. There are 24 teams divided into 3 groups with 8 teams each. This is the first leg of three legs league. The winners of this first leg are… 1st is Hoodlums, 2nd is Tribe-X and 3rd is Splatz 1… and I have not processed all the photos yet… here are some of it…

Winner… Hoodlums

2nd… Tribe-X

3rd… Splatz 1

4th… Mighty Owl

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Sabah Paintball League (SPL) Cup 2011 – 1st leg

KKPaintballCentre, KKPC, paintball, Sabah Paintball League, sabah paintball league cup, spl

Paintball enthusiasts in Sabah will be treated once again with Sabah Paintball League or SPL cup in one week time. The league is organized by KK Paintball Centre and this is going to be the second year of the cup.

There are three legs in this league and the first leg will be held at KKPC Field, Stadium Likas (next to Likas Golf Driving Range and Likas Swimming Pool Complex) from 12th to 13th March 2011.

Teams who intend and have not registered yet, you still have less than a week to do so… Hurry up.. There areΒ 18 teams confirmed and more are registering…

1. Lantin
2. Tribe X -a
3. Tribe X -b
4. Paintmish
5. Dracone
6. TxT
7. Bakakuk Syndiketz
8. Sabah cement – a
9. Sabah cement – b
10. Poli – a
11. Poli – b
12. Uncle Hornet
13. Nountun Gunners
14. Splatz1
15. LPC slot A
16. LPC slot B
17. LPC slot C
18. Mighty Owl

There are more than RM7,000 worth of prizes to be won.

And to those who are interested to open F&B stall, please contact the organizer ASAP… we need you for foods and drinks coz its gonna tiring two days event… πŸ˜›


paintball t-shirt

blaze design, no paintball no life, paintball, promo, sale, tshirt

anyone interested to buy paintball t-shirt?…

OK, just helping a fren to promote his t-shirt… if you are interested to buy, the contacts is on the picture…

The t-shirt has wording “NO PAINTBALL NO LIFE” in green at the front with some colorful broken pallets… i think there are 8 yellow pallets and 7 orange pallets shots on it… πŸ˜› at the back is the designer logo… Blaze Design Co.

Sizes are from S to XL… and priced at RM35 each…

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Sabah Paintball League Cup 2010… 2nd leg is ON…

clothes, crocs, hip hop clothes, jersey, likas sports complex, paintball, Sabah Paintball League, spl, sports

OK, tomorrow is the second leg of the Sabah Paintball League 2010. It’s going to run from Saturday to Sunday… 3rd July to 4th July 2010. It’s going to be held at the same place as the first leg… KK Paintball Field at Likas Sports Complex… located between the swimming pool and the golf driving range… you should be able to see the red bunkers on the field from the road or round-about near the Likas Golf Driving Range entrance.

Sabah Paintball League or SPL is the first big paintball tournament held in Sabah… hopefully it will become bigger every year… Me and two more photographers will be covering the two days event. In the first leg, there are quite a number of teams participated… and this time there are more than 20 teams… and on Sunday, there will be a special event… One On One.. for those who want to try and eager to shoot legally and safely, you should try this… just drop by… and don’t worry about jersey or what to wear… you can wear anything… even hip hop clothes… or better still wear your favorite World Cup team… but just make sure you wear shoes… sandals, sleepers or crocs are not allowed… I love crocs… πŸ˜€ You can use sneakers, shoe with studs… as long as it is shoes, that’s fine… OK see you all there tomorrow πŸ˜€

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Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan

blackhead, Burnout360 Sabah Drift Challenge, dcim, International Super Seven Championship, ISSC, KDCA, paintball, sunburn, tadau kaamatan

Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan… Happy Harvest Festival… to all the people of Sabah wherever you are πŸ˜€

Kaamatan is celebrated in Sabah for two days… 30th and 31st May every year… and it’s gonna be public holiday till Tuesday coz the first day of Kaamatan falls on Sunday.

OK, I have not updated my blogs for more than two weeks…Β  well, I took a break coz I was away with some activities…

I left for KL on 15th to attend the Digital Camera, Imaging and Media expo in Mid Valley… then continue with study tour to Hi Tech Padu, Ranhill and Putra Jaya from Monday and Tuesday.

Then I was hotel alone for two days waiting for my paintball teammates at Cititel Hotel MidValley for the International Super Seven Championship 2010 in Petaling Jaya… which were held from 22nd and 23rd May. I did not played coz my back was still injured… but I still had sunburn… coz I was also under the sun watching and taking my teammates photos.

Then back to Sabah on 24th May… full with sunburn and fatigue… really exhausted with more than a week activities… πŸ˜› My skin has turn black… i guess my face is full with blackheads… need a blackhead remover and some scrub… πŸ˜› coz I look black and shiny now…

Then get more sun burn on Saturday, 29th May, for the Burnout360 Sabah Drift Challenge… which was organized so badly…Β  they put the schedule as 8am – Midnight… but the drift challenge was put to 4pm then to 6pm… imagine the amount of sunburn we have to take from 11am!!!

OK, thats all for now… need to get ready to KDCA to take cultural photos… Aramai Tii…


i can attend dcim :D

dcim, haircut, paintball, Super Seven Championship, super7, wca, what causes hair loss

Settled all my travel thingy today… well not all, but at least almost all… change my flight from Sunday to Saturday… coz I want to attend the Digital Camera, Imaging & Media expo at MidValley… I was taking advantage here… I’m supposed to go to KL for official thingy from Sunday to Tuesday… but since the DCIM is on during that weekend, I change my flight… my travel for DCIM is free… but I still have to pay for my one night accommodation… Booked hotel at MidValley for a night… then another two nights at Bukit Bintang area…

But tomorrow, I’m going to change my flight again… for coming back… since the International Super Seven Championship is on 22 to 23 May, and we have bought our ticket since January, which we supposedly fly on Thursday, 20 May… my as well stay in KL for another 2 nights… while waiting for my teammates… instead of flying home on Tuesday, 18 May… then fly back to KL again on Thursday… So, it’s going to be almost like last year World Cup Asia 2009 Paintball… 2 weeks in KL πŸ˜›

One other thing I need to be prepared for the official thingy and then for the paintball thingy is… I needed a haircut… it has been more than a month since my last haircut… my hair is getting harder to manage… what causes hair loss you may ask?… my answer will be unmanaged long hair :p I hate it when my hair is long… worse when the wind blow the hair… so I went for haircut after work today… took less than 15 minutes to have my hair cut πŸ˜€

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