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Nike Utility Duffel Bag… it’s coming

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I’m crossing my fingers right now… I really hope my Nike Utility Duffel Bag will reach me before 14 October 2011… I need it for my cloths and stuffs for photomarathon… and for my gym after that… πŸ˜›

About Nike Utility Duffel Bag (Black)

Cool bag designed to be carried with the handles/shoulder strap as duffle, with the straps as a backpack or single strap as a cross-body bag.

Large main compartment with zippered hang pocket.

This duffle has a large end pocket that’s ideal for wet/dry storage.

Also has a small end pocket and zippered front pocket.

Water-resistant Tarpaulin bottom. Tough 600 denier polyester.

Size: 25″ x 13″ x 11″

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online cheap tickets deal

cheap, consert, sports, stadium, ticket

After browsing through the ACheapSeat site, I wonder if it possible to do the same over here. Inside the site, searching for event and seat availability is really easy… and for the cheap tickets too. It’s just like searching and booking for a cheap airplane ticket and then choosing your seat right from the web.

I know in US there are thousands of stadiums and halls with thousands of sports and musical events happening everyday… buying hot tickets like Wells Fargo Center Tickets, Chicago Theatre Tickets, Los Angeles Lakers Tickets, Jeff Dunham Tickets, and Jerry Seinfeld Tickets will not be easy… Imagine the stadium capacity is in tenth or hundredths of thousands… how long will be the queue like?…

So the best solution for ticketing will be to do it online… it is fast and cheap process… not just for booking and buying tickets but getting the best and cheapest deal around. As a ticket buyer, if you are chasing for cheap tickets, you can’t possibly do that by driving from one tickets seller to another just to compare prices… it will be cool if someone can compile the lists of ticket prices and then tell or just sell us the cheapest tickets for an event… That’s exactly what ACheapSeat doing… It will be nice if the same service can be extended for events over here… maybe not… coz there areΒ  not many events happening here everyday… excepts for movies tickets… πŸ˜›

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power bracelet

aura, bracelet, health, rare stones, sports

When you were at a sports shop, I’m sure you’ve seen some colourful rubber bracelet or necklace inside the glass display or hanging on the display cabinet. Well, you must have seen the metal type too…

What are these colourful stuffs?… Some of them are just plain rubber bracelet printed with sports brand or team and some with hard black thingy on it like stone… If you still don’t know what are they, the one with the black thingy on it are called power bracelet or aura bracelet… the black thingy usually magnets, but some are special stones… rare stones… and they cost more than the plain rubber bracelets.

The metal bracelets with rare stones or magnets cost extremely higher compared to the rubber type. They looks more like jewellery… usually golfer wear these… and people just called it golfers bracelet… but I guess it depends what sports the wearer play… if the wearer play tennis, they probably called it tennis bracelet

What so special with these bracelets?… According to the text printed on its box, it helps relieve or relax the body… πŸ˜› How true? I have no I idea… But lots claims it really do have some power or healing capabilities… I used the rubber type when I was playing golf before, but not for long… probably the reason I did not feel anything…

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the game i used to play

golf, junior Golf Schools, sports

GOLF… yea… golf was the game I used to love to play and watch on TV… but that was a long time ago… I’ve stop playing golf for more than two years… one reason was most of my golf buddy stopped playing or changed their sports… yea, change to more extreme sports like paintball… πŸ˜€

Another reason was my back injuries… playing golf looks easy… just put the little ball on the ground and whack it with a stick… the club. I can do that and have lots of strength… my biggest problem. You see, I don’t like warming up… whether at the driving range or course. After hurting some of my muscles, especially my back and spine, then only I realized how important it is to warm up your muscles before playing.

Well, what can I do?… I learned golf not through certified instructor, but by just following and learning from friends… big mistake if you are not discipline and lazy like me. Friends can’t force you to do things… you can change the rules to your liking… if they asked you to warm up, you can just ignore it… πŸ˜› If they teach you this way, you can do it the other way… πŸ˜›

Now, after more than two years, I started noticing my golf bag again… who is sitting at the corner of the corridor… pity, it’s getting rusty. My back injuries is gone now… lately I feel like playing golf again… you know the urge to do what you used to enjoy before… but if I want to play golf again, this time I must get a certified instructor… probably even enrolls into junior Golf Schools if I have to… πŸ˜† Yea, why not? It will be fun to learn from the basic… πŸ˜€

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Sabah Paintball League (SPL) Cup 2011 – 1st leg photos

massage therapy, paintball, Sabah Paintball League, spl, sports

This is a late reporting… I should have posted this last week but I was to tired and too busy… and still busy and still exhausted… πŸ˜›

Anyways, this is about the Sabah Paintball League 2011 which was held on 12 and 13 March. Once again, I was assigned by the organizer to take photos from inside the field. Like last year, I was assisted by Bonaventure who assisted me on the first day and Louis on the second day… meaning I was covering it for two days… standing under the sun for two days… well there was not much sun… it was cloudy most of the time and it was raining on the first day towards the end of the day… around 3pm.

After standing under the sun and rain for two days, I continued with journey to Sandakan for 3 days… Monday to Wednesday… went there by road which put us 8 hours on the road and I came back by air which only took about 55 minutes. I was bloody tired with the two events… I’m really exhausted… I really need a massage therapy program… I’m thinking to get body massage this weekend… probably with acupuncture too… πŸ˜›

OK, back to SPL… this time the field is much better then last year… and it is bigger too. The field was dry on the first day but it was wet when the rain came down at the end of the first day event… causing two matches carried to the following day. There are 24 teams divided into 3 groups with 8 teams each. This is the first leg of three legs league. The winners of this first leg are… 1st is Hoodlums, 2nd is Tribe-X and 3rd is Splatz 1… and I have not processed all the photos yet… here are some of it…

Winner… Hoodlums

2nd… Tribe-X

3rd… Splatz 1

4th… Mighty Owl

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small cup

Houston Rockets, NBA, personalized basketballs, Satnam Singh Bhamar, sports, suzuki cup, Yao Ming

Malaysia won the Suzuki Cup on the 29th December 2010 although loosing the match that night against Indonesia with 1-2 score the reason being they won the first leg earlier on 26th December 2010 with 3-0 score. By winning the cup, 31st December 2010 was declared as public holiday… but not all are happy with the declaration… those who are not happy prefer the public holiday to be on 3rd January 2011. Why? Because those who are doing end of year works at full speed such as closing the monthly/yearly account was put on break… they need to close everything by 31st December… but now, they have to clear everything on 30th December… they can’t back date the system if they were to continue next year on 3rd January… and Suzuki Cup is a small cup… only eight countries participated πŸ˜›

Anyways, there is a more interesting story… not about soccer or football, but basketball… soon NBA might have a second superstar from Asia… currently there is Yao Ming wearing jersey number 11 for Houston Rockets from Shanghai, China. Now, there is a 7 footer (7-foot-2Β  or 2.18-meters to be exact) 15 years old teenager from New Delhi, India… Satnam Singh Bhamar πŸ˜› India is banking on him to be the second wave from Asia after Yao Ming.Β  Bahmar who was among eight players – four boys and four girls, is on three-month stint at the IMG basketball academy in Florida.

Bahmar says the training methods in Florida is very different and noticed there is a huge gap in the standard of players in India and the US… β€œI think players here (India) need to forget their style of play,” he said… the personalized basketballsΒ  training they received in Florida in short period made them on par or better than India’s national players… β€œI was unable to match top (Indian) seniors before I left for my training, but I can already feel the difference when I play with them now in practice sessions.”… emm… wonder if India gonna declare a public holiday if they win a basketball cup in the future… πŸ˜›

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New Delhi XIX Commonwealth Games

australia, Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, India, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Soctland, sports

XIX Commonwealth Games, New Delhi 2010XX Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014Malaysia seems to be doing well this time in the XIX (19) Commonwealth Games staged in New Delhi, India which runs from 3rd to 14th October 2010.Β  Malaysia is sitting at 7th spot with 35 medals… 12 gold, 10 silver and 13 bronze.

The best medals collection for Malaysia before was during the XVI (16) Commonwealth Games staged at home in Kuala Lumpur with 36 medals… 10 gold, 14 silver and 12 bronze at 4th spot. Comparing this year 2010 games with the 1998 games,Β  XVI Commonwealth Games, Kuala Lumpur 1998 you can see that total medal collection is short one medal… but it improved on gold medal collection, 12 compared to 10 and silver with 13 compared to 12. But collection for silver is short of 1 medal… only 10 compared to 14.

Although Malaysia did not bring home any trophies, the better gold medals collection is enough to make some smiling. Let’s wait and see what Malaysia can do on the next games… the XX (20) Commonwealth Games in 2014 to be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

The overall winner for XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 is Australia with 35 gold medals followed by India and England with 25 and 22 gold medals respectively.

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finance ministry sports carnival… ping pong

Foo Chow, jpkn, luyang, ping pong, sports, table tennis

Yesterday, the Finance Ministry sports carnival for table tennis or ping pong event was held at the Foo Chow Hall at Luyang. I went there to support my department and to capture some moments… our department manage to get the 2nd placing πŸ˜€

The hall is quite pack in the morning and it was getting warmer and hotter towards noon… can’t use the fan around the hall coz it will blow the table tennis balls. I was sweating so much… and luckily there is a canteen at the back of the hall… I bought drinks and ate fried noodles there πŸ˜€

Anyways, here are some of the shots… πŸ˜€ . . . Continue Reading »

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Sabah Paintball League Cup 2010… 2nd leg is ON…

clothes, crocs, hip hop clothes, jersey, likas sports complex, paintball, Sabah Paintball League, spl, sports

OK, tomorrow is the second leg of the Sabah Paintball League 2010. It’s going to run from Saturday to Sunday… 3rd July to 4th July 2010. It’s going to be held at the same place as the first leg… KK Paintball Field at Likas Sports Complex… located between the swimming pool and the golf driving range… you should be able to see the red bunkers on the field from the road or round-about near the Likas Golf Driving Range entrance.

Sabah Paintball League or SPL is the first big paintball tournament held in Sabah… hopefully it will become bigger every year… Me and two more photographers will be covering the two days event. In the first leg, there are quite a number of teams participated… and this time there are more than 20 teams… and on Sunday, there will be a special event… One On One.. for those who want to try and eager to shoot legally and safely, you should try this… just drop by… and don’t worry about jersey or what to wear… you can wear anything… even hip hop clothes… or better still wear your favorite World Cup team… but just make sure you wear shoes… sandals, sleepers or crocs are not allowed… I love crocs… πŸ˜€ You can use sneakers, shoe with studs… as long as it is shoes, that’s fine… OK see you all there tomorrow πŸ˜€

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Borneo International Marathon 2010

Borneo International Marathon 2010, hgh supplements, sports

Borneo International MarathonThe coming Borneo International Marathon 2010 is on 2 May 2010.

During last year event, I manage to snap some photos… it was not planned… me and another two friends just decided to go for it… I think one or two days before the events… but this time, I already informed them about this coming event… hopefully this time we can get better location and photos… if we go for it.

Last year, the international category winners was monopolize by African runners… probably they are taking hgh supplements… orΒ  maybe it’s inΒ  their blood… great runners…

We see how the event goes this time… hopefully more international participants… If you are around Kota Kinabalu on 2nd May, don’t forget to drop by and watch the event… πŸ˜€

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