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paying saman ekor

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So yesterday, I tried to pay my summons… yes, I tried… After lunch, I went to KK Traffic Police Station. I had my lunch at Wisma Merdeka 2nd Floor. Usually when I eat there, I have the vegetarian foods… in fact whenever I see something different or new at new place or places I seldom go, I usually choose the one I never or seldom have… what is the point eating something similar that you eat everyday when you are not at your usual place?… 😛

Anyway, when I arrived at the police station, I asked the policeman manning the gate… where can I pay my summons?… He said just walk straight ahead… errrr ok… then I saw the sign… so I went up to the 1st floor… From inside the building, I see people queuing at the corridor… and when I went out to the corridor… holly craps… the queue is quite long… and it’s only 2.15pm 😛 So I decided to go back to the office.

Feeling uneasy for not settling my summons that day… at 3pm, I went there again… but this time the queue is much longer… 😛 craps, I don’t feel like it… I don’t want to waste my time waiting… but I decided to join the queue anyway… just want to feel how it is… you know the feeling to rush to pay the summons at the last minute. And it turn out to be great… I can hear all kind of conversations about this summons thingy… All kind of expressions, feelings, angers… I guess I’m the only one enjoying the queue I guess… coz I don’t really care if I can pay my summons or not… I don’t know… I just want to have the feeling of queuing up… probably because I have not queued for something important for a very long time… but the rest seem to be stressful… probably they are going to pay more compared to my RM1,260

The queue is moving so slow… I feel it don’t even move after sometimes… others also feeling the same. There are only 2 counters serving 😛 Then someone in front said the counter will close at 4.30pm… when I look at the time, it’s 3.30pm… ok never mind, I still have 1 hour… but the queue is still very long… I don’t think I’ll get my turn… but I stayed… to enjoy…

About 10  minutes before the counter closed, people in front started making noises… one of the counter is already serving its last customer!… They look disappointed, angry, and stressed out… it seems like they catches  hoodia side effects out of nowhere… they have to save and diet to have enough money to pay their summons and now they can’t… Some started cursing and some started leaving… now, only about 10 people in front of me… good… if everyone leaves, probably I’ll get my chance settling my summons… well that did not happen…

Anyway, to those who really want to pay their summons, you actually can go to police station at Kepayan, Penampang, Tuaran and Pejabat Pos Besar Kota Kinabalu… or you can opt  to pay online from or… but rilek only accept CIMB and RHB online bank…and I can’t find option to pay summon in myeg… anyway, I will ask my friend to go and pay my summons today instead… 😛

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Saman Ekor

life, payday loans, pdrm, saman ekor, speed limit, speed trap, speeding, summon, tail summon, traffic offence

Speed trap or ‘samam ekor’ or ‘tail summon’ is really sick… especially if you are not aware of the speed limit on that route. Imagine this… you’ve been driving 100 km/h everyday thinking the speed limit of that route is 100 km/h.

Then 3 months later you received a summon… your very first traffic summon of your whole life… through the post office… yes, the summon is sent to you through a registered mail… the summon said you have exceeded the 90 km/h speed limit on the route… dammm… now you realize the speed limit is only 90 km/h. OK, never mind, let’s just be a good citizen… comply the speed limit from that day and pay the summon too… and great, they even give you 50% discount for paying the summon from the RM300.

But two weeks letter, you received another registered mail… and this time, there are 7 summons inside!!! Holly craps… the total is RM1,650!!!

If they have stopped me immediately on my first offence and informed me about the speed limit of that route, I would have not accumulated those 7 summons continuously!!! So I got very upset…. I did not pay the summons…  until today!!!… that was at the end of 2006 when I received all the summons.

But now, they are giving us dateline… if summons are not paid by 1st March 2011, there will be no more discount and those who are renewing their road tax will not be able to do it… they need to clear all their summons first!!!

So, I check my summon through the online service a few days ago… I want to see how much discount I get from those 7 summons… but now, instead of 7 summons, now I have 10 summons!!!… craps… with a total of RM2,550!!!… and after discount, I still have to pay RM1,260… meaning, tomorrow I’m gonna waste RM1,260 for the 10 summons… that’s about $400 man… with that amount I can get lots of stuff… including foods… dammm… I’m gonna need to apply for payday loans just for these… and I still need a lot  more coz I’ll be outstation next week… I need some mercy here man… 😛


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