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Day one at Singapore

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When we reach Singapore on the 3rd March 2009, the rain has stopped. It was a 4 hours journey… because we have to transit at Kuching International Airport.

Our original flight was MH631 departing from Kota Kinabalu international Airport with ETD at 11.10 AM and ETA is 14.15 PM. Unfortunately the flight was cancel which I believe was caused by low passengers.

Our flight was changed to MH637 with ETD at 9.05 AM and ETA is 12.35 PM… damm… that’s terrible because I have to get ready early morning… luckily I manage to get to the airport on time coz I was almost stuck at the Lintas traffic jam chaos around 7 AM.

I stayed at the Hotel Grand Central in Orchard Road area. The hotel is not bad although there is no temperature controller for the air cond. The room gets a bit warm for a while sometimes so there is no need for heated blanket. Probably the room has a sensors or something to bring up or down the temperature automatically.

Eating is no problem coz there are plenty stalls and shops around the area to eat. Right below the hotel, there is a row of stalls which operate until 3 or 4 AM or probably longer. And next to the hotel is Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall. There are other hotels next to our hotel.

Changi Airport emigration check.

Hotel internet service is through wired and no WiFi, but I did not bother coz I did not bring my notebook. I end up using my hand phone to surf the web. It was cool using Maxis coz it works with SingTel very well. But the ugly part, Maxis said, I can use the Maxis.Data roaming for SG$10.50 per Megabytes… shoot tats KILLING man!!! But luckily, with Maxis I can hook to any SingTel hotspots for free. My room can get a weak SingTel WiFi signal… but good enough to do surfing throughout my stay in Singapore 😀

So hungry… my first meal at one of the stall below the hotel.

SingTel building view form hotel room.

The Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall below the hotel.


What have been?

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Many things occur since my last post. The most recent is streamyx was down for almost 2 days, late Friday to early Sunday, and it seems that certain part of Sabah was affected by some strange disturbances which spoil the streamyx.

Then there are piles of work waiting back in the office. There was training last week for the system we developed with more than 20 participants for 2 days. I have to make sure the training server is working fine… luckily it was working fine for the 2 days training. But the worse part is, it seems that our network DNS has been poisoned. I was trying to fix it since last week. My next solution is to rebuild the whole ‘perimeter’… that will eat up plenty of my time… again!

Then accounting work also waiting to be done… few things on systems need to be modified and to build… imagine accountants not sure the flow of their accounting works! And we supposed to tell them how to do their work, their work flow… crap, how to do system like that?…

Two weeks ago I was in Singapore attending forum for 3 days. I went there on Tuesday, 3rd March, and back on Saturday, 7th March 2009.

But lucky I was happily touring Singapore during the night and the day before I fly home. It was tiring attending the ‘boring’ forum and touring the city at night. My back and legs were save by my Crocs shoes which make the walking enjoyable… if not, I will be complaining of back and legs pain 😛

OK that’s all for now… no photos this time, lazy to upload 😛

Eh… wait… politic really sucks!!! Really feels like ‘dungu’ when you are outside the country and hearing the stupid politic happening back home!!! Gosh… so ‘malu’…


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