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unsuitable TV stand can kill

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Accident can happen anytime… even while watching TV. A three year old girl was killed when a television set fell on her on 18 January 2010 at Bandar Putra Kulai, Johor.

She was watching her nursery dance performance recorded by her parents last year in a room. The parents said she loves to watch the video recording very much. During the accident, the mother was in the bathroom while the father and the other two children were watching TV in the living room.

It was believed the girl accidentally pulled the 24-inch television set off a tv stand and landed on here back. The youngest of three children, the poor girl died from injuries to her head and body.

She was rushed to the Kulai Hospital but died without regaining consciousness. Police did not suspect foul play.


Speakers box cum tv stand

cabinet, design, entertainment, radical, speakers, stand, tv

I need to find an interesting… space age… speakers’ box design which can also turn as tv stand…

Usually we put the tv on a tv cabinet or stand. As for the sound system, if it a HiFi, we need to have some space for the HiFi and also for the few large speakers on the left and right… and front for the sub-woofer.

But to save space, why not have tv stands which also house the speakers… including the sub-woofer…  that will save some space and some messy wiring… and the living room will be neater… need to do some radical design to accomplish this… 😀

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