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Speakers box cum tv stand

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I need to find an interesting… space age… speakers’ box design which can also turn as tv stand…

Usually we put the tv on a tv cabinet or stand. As for the sound system, if it a HiFi, we need to have some space for the HiFi and also for the few large speakers on the left and right… and front for the sub-woofer.

But to save space, why not have tv stands which also house the speakers… including the sub-woofer…  that will save some space and some messy wiring… and the living room will be neater… need to do some radical design to accomplish this… 😀

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HERO Season 3

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HERO Season 3

The wait is finally over! In a STAR WORLD exclusive, the all-new season of Heroes blasts off on Thu 6 Nov at 10pm. In this much-anticipated third season, the stakes are higher, the villains are tougher and the threat of an impending apocalypse has never been greater!In the brand-new chapter, titled ´Volume 3: Villains´, a group of highly developed super villains escape from prison and unleash their evil on an unsuspecting world. Meanwhile serial killer Sylar (Zachary Quinto) returns with enhanced powers and Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) begins a new journey to understand his powers. Elsewhere, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) is forced to take sides, Matt (Greg Grunberg) learns new ways to use his ability and Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) begins a dangerous transformation.

As for fan favorite Hiro (Masi Oka), he chases down a superfast villain named Daphne (Brea Grant) who outraces him at every turn. “This season we are not really introducing any new characters,” explains Heroes´ writer-creator Tim Kring. “We are concentrating very much on the core characters that we´ve had for two seasons.” While fans expect the super-strong baddies to perform evil deeds, Kring hints that some of the good guys will also venture over to the dark side this season. “These are ordinary people,” explains Kring, “and they make decisions based on who they are and the circumstances they find themselves in.

It was always built into the premise that our core group of people would be tempted by the circumstances they were in [to use their powers for evil].” As Kring points out, though, newcomers to the show will be able to pick up the plot. “We didn´t want to feel like you had to have watched two years of Heroes to catch up,” he says. “We wanted to answer things really quickly so viewers could move forward and have a clean path in front of them.” – ASTRO

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One of my favorite puzzle games during my uni time is SOKOBAN. In fact I still love playing this game until today. This game really tests your creativity. The idea of this game is player pushes boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and tries to put them in designated locations. Only one box may be pushed at a time, and boxes cannot be pulled…. yea, this game is just about moving boxes around… sound boring you said? If you never tried it before, you will definitely say that. But once you played it, you will get hooked to this game FOREVER… just like how kids got hooked with the tiny gray scale screen ‘game and watch’ game console during the eighties… and my favorite ‘game and watch’ game was the Octopus… yea I think that was the title of the game… that was way too long time ago, I can’t possibly remember it very well… but I know the game made me skip food 😛

There are many types of Sokoban out there today from different developers… try googling it 😀 There is one version which has more than 100 levels I played a few years back… but I only manage to complete 70 plus level… The interesting part about Sokoban is, once you solve a particular level… you might not remember the solution after sometimes… that what make you hooked to this game… you want to solve it! badly! again and again…

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How to Make Decent Money in KL

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If you got talent, surviving in Kuala Lumpur is not a problem for you I guess…

For instant the street performer group ENJOI… I really enjoy their street performance. I have watched them perform twice… during TechEd SEA 2007 (which I did not carry camera when I saw them performing) and this year TechEd SEA 2008 (this time with my Sony T200). This video is part of my TechEd collection which I want to share with you all 😀

Digging about ENJOI… this is what I found…

“In 2003, a bunch of people started jamming together next to Bukit Bintang’s intersection. Using various kinds of instrument, they start to experiment with sounds and traditional music of different cultures around the globe. At the beginning, the group started with three core members. Later they were getting bigger by the involvement of many interested fans and friends. The group then formed a band, ABONATION, and recorded an album, BIRTH. Later they broke up. But the group still doing the street performance with a new name, ENJOI. With many years of experience, the band is now getting ahead with a style and sound, which they called, the traditional tribal music.”

You should be able to watch them performing staring from around 9.00pm… This is 3 part video which took me ages to upload to YouTube… enjoi it…

ENJOI 2008 Part 1 ( 00:40 minutes)

ENJOI 2008 Part 2 ( 01:36 minutes)

ENJOI 2008 Part 3 ( 03:47 minutes)


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