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A Quickie on TechEd SEA 2008

microsoft, Steve Riley, teched, techedsea2008

TechEd SEA 2008 was fantastic!!! The closing was the most exciting… really KABOOM… like last year, once again hosted by Daphne Iking.

Guitar Hero competition…

This time, I did not attend much track but spend most of my time at the exhibition hall… Well, what do you expect a five timer attendee ‘senior’ will do? Let the ‘junior’ fills up the track-room 😀

As usual, Steve Riley’s track is the most crowded… he should be given the Planery Hall instead of the Banquet Hall :O
Like I said before, this guy is the only one wearing short and don’t use the stage…

The track session at Room 306 is too small for the crowd. Hope the organizer will take note on this for next year event… and hopefully I still can make it next year.

Will be continued…


Microsoft TechEd South East Asia 2008 is One Week Away

microsoft, Steve Riley, teched, techedsea2008

Microsoft TechEd SEA 2008 Annual Conference is only a week away. Everything has been committed… fee, air fare and hotel… my credit card hit the limit already… so poor now.

If any of you still interested to attend the TechEd, the 999 Promotion is still on… The fee is only RM999 or USD323 compared to the usual RM1,299 or USD419 fee. And group promotion is also still on… with 5 or more in a group, you can save RM100 or USD32 for each participants… meaning each only have to pay RM899 or USD291.

Wait, there are still more… TechEd SEA 2008 is now HRDF Claimable under the SBL Scheme… but it doesn’t apply to me… but if it apply to you, you should take it… especially if you are staying around KL… me staying across South China Sea also can come… I’m sure those around KL will not have any problem… HRDF Claimable some more…

And if this TechEd is going to be your first time, let me recommend to you… you should attend all Steve Riley’s sessions!!! You won’t regret it, believe me!!! I have been attending his sessions since 2003! He is the security expert… so, if you want to hear security expert experience, attend his sessions. You will learn and gain loads of great things.

I’m not saying this to win the Exclusive Luncheon with Steve Riley competition… NO!.. NO WAY!.. I don’t want it… seriously I don’t want it. Even if I get one of the seats, I won’t take it… I’m willing to exchange it with XBOX360… yea… I’m damm serious… I want XBOX360 more than luncheoning with Mr. Riley… he is a bit… errr… weird… but he is very cool… he is the only presenter wearing shorts as if he is going to the beach… but he is funny… he has funny hair.

I think in 2004 he only used one PowerPoint slide… yea, I think it was 2004. I don’t remember what was on the slide… but I think it was the title of the session and his name only. But seriously, he don’t need any slides… his story and presentation enough to make everyone awake throughout the session. And he always get Grand Ballroom too… coz his session always full house… even with the Grand Ballroom, it will still full!

And he loves to show Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter photo. I think they almost look alike LOL. Don’t you think so?..

Stever Riley Stever Irwin
Steve Riley (L) and Steve Irwin (R)

Once again, I love XBOX360 more than luncheoning with Mr. Steve Riley.

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