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tru the atrium windows

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OK, it has been two months and many days since my last posting… so yea, i went hibernating once again… 😛 I hope I wont hibernate too often this year… after all, I feel this year gonna be a super year for me… 😀

So for my first posting this year, I’m gonna talk about something which helps me to see far… and hopefully it will helps or drives me to go further this year… out of my comfort zone.

OK, here it goes… every morning after waking up, the first thing that helps me to see further are the windows… OK, I’m not talking about the Windows that we are most fond of although turning on my notebook is one of the fist thing I do in the morning… I’m talking about the regular old windows, the one you usually have at your house. So for this posting it’s gonna be be about windows but not the regular windows… but atrium windows… so this posting is like an atrium windows reviews 😀

There are all sorts of windows available, most house use normal windows with glass, metal or woods, square or rectagular, and some tried to be creative and add a hemisphere on top of their square or rectangular windows. But I’m not gonna talk about those small windows… this year I want to go big… so I’m gonna talk about atrium windows… so what are they? Well, they are not regular windows, they can’t be seen in our houses, they are most commonly used in large buildings like offices, shopping mall… and because of that, they can be expensive to install… the reason I want to do an atrium windows reviews.

So what is the purpose to have an atrium windows?… Well first of all, you need to know the type of building you are building it on, is it a shopping mall? is it an office?, Then pick your design and material to see if it fits in your building, after deciding, you have to see if your budget fits the atrium windows that you decided to use on your building.
Atrium windows aren’t only good for conserving the air-conditioning inside the building, but it also helps reducing the use of powers for the light where natural sunlight can be used during the day as light so it’s not dark around the building, but also at night, if there are stars or moon, it would look beautiful and awesome. Other than conserving energy and power, it also helps making the building look classy by using colorful glass windows. Those are couple of useful things that atrium windows could be used for.

I want to do more on this atrium windows reviews but I have to stop here for now… too tired and sleepy 😛


there is MU2?

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I have not played online games for so long… probably more than 5 years. The last online game I played was MU… no, that has nothing to do with football or soccer… it has nothing to do with Manchester United. It is MMORPG from Korea… I believe it was the first Korean MMORPG.

Anyway, a few days ago, I saw someone posted a youtube video about MU2 on Facebook… yes, that is version 2 of MU… but the video was created somewhere in 2011… but when I searched more about MU2, I read one where it said the MU2 will be launched in 2013… I’m really not sure if that is true, can’t find more news about it… but that something to look forward if it true… 😀

But today, playing with game consoles are much exciting… furthermore game console can be connected to the internet for playing online. The call of duty modern warfare 3 xbox 360 is one of the talked about xbox games today… I played this game on PC before… and we played it on the LAN. I wanted to buy Xbox 360 for sometimes… but I just don’t want coz I really don’t want to get addicted with online games like before… but then again, there is news about the coming Xbox 720… I wonder if it going to the market soon… maybe I will buy that for sure this time… 😀

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web conferencing with skpe

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Why is it every time Microsoft acquire something, others will get very uneasy?… The recent one is the acquisition of Skype. Microsoft announced its plan to acquired Skype in May last year and European Commission cleared Microsoft’s $8.5 billion acquisition in October the same year.

But others especially video or web conferencing players are not happy with the acquisition. They are worried Microsoft will make the video conferencing technology closed… proprietary to itself. Cisco especially, wants the European court to impose tougher conditions on Microsoft Corp’s acquisition on Skype. Citing example, Cisco chief executive officer John Chambers said that when the Cisco acquired Norway’s Tandberg in 2009, the EU approved the deal under the condition it stick to open standards… Cisco wants the same condition applied to Microsoft.

Analyst said the global videoconferencing market will hit US$5bil in 2015 compared with US$2.2bil in 2010. Well, let’s hope Microsoft makes Skype video conferencing an open standard and not proprietary so that other video or web conferencing players such as Polycom and Citrix will be able cross-interact with each other’s and makes all consumers happy… 😀

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kinect 360

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I’m sure all of you have seen the iPad with 9.7-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology… and of course with its super sensitive accelerometer… errr… the thing that sense the position of the iPad… something like the gyroscope in the segway 😛

But that’s not really cool… most of the smartphone has that too nowadays… the coolest thing is not even close to the Sony PS3’s Move… much far away from the Nintendo Wii… the coolest thing today is the Microsoft Xbox 360’s Kinect!!!

Kinect is so cool compared to Sony’s Move coz you don’t have to hold or wear any sensors… you just stand in front of the screen and do whatever action you need to do to play your games… or dance… or run… or jump… or do aerobic… or kung-fu… this kinect is so cool… it can be used to do exercise… it can be the best fat burner for the potato couch… parents don’t have to shout at their obese kid to stop watching tv or playing the game console… they can burn fats with this… 😛

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don’t get stress

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This week was a very hectic week… have to chase everything… I only left with a day tomorrow before I go for a long break… I have to complete loads of letters… documents… documentations… network designs… 😛

Sony PS3And the worst part, all the big shots and important staff in the office are not around for the past two days… they are having conference and seminar… two events at two locations for two days… and I really need to complete my work… I need their signatures… comments… dang I just hope they all come back tomorrow and don’t take leave… else I will not enjoy my trip… Only one more day tomorrow for me to settle all my work before I fly on Saturday… So tonight, I don’t want to stress out… I want to forget about these for a while… I just want to relax… don’t want to think about all these… I’m going to the gym… errr nope… I went last night… so tonight I just want to play games… wish I have Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 to play games on the big LCD TV… My nephews also have been pestering me to buy them a Sony PSP… I myself also need one PSP… 😛

I’m going home now… need to buy something for my aquarium… the thingy to suck out water… donno what is the name… siphon  I think… I have not change my aquarium water for more than a month… lucky the water filter is good… 😀

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Politic Sucks… And I’m Busy…

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Gone missing for sometimes again… lots of things happen for the past 2 weeks. The worse was the Perak’s political drama. It made the country looks like ‘jungle’… I think the jungle has better rules… the animals can live in the jungle much more peaceful.

But yesterday, 11 May 2009, the decision by the High Court to reinstate the ‘former’ Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, gave some hope to the country’s democracy.

OK, forget about politics… I don’t like politician anyway. . . . Continue Reading »


How to Make Decent Money in KL

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If you got talent, surviving in Kuala Lumpur is not a problem for you I guess…

For instant the street performer group ENJOI… I really enjoy their street performance. I have watched them perform twice… during TechEd SEA 2007 (which I did not carry camera when I saw them performing) and this year TechEd SEA 2008 (this time with my Sony T200). This video is part of my TechEd collection which I want to share with you all 😀

Digging about ENJOI… this is what I found…

“In 2003, a bunch of people started jamming together next to Bukit Bintang’s intersection. Using various kinds of instrument, they start to experiment with sounds and traditional music of different cultures around the globe. At the beginning, the group started with three core members. Later they were getting bigger by the involvement of many interested fans and friends. The group then formed a band, ABONATION, and recorded an album, BIRTH. Later they broke up. But the group still doing the street performance with a new name, ENJOI. With many years of experience, the band is now getting ahead with a style and sound, which they called, the traditional tribal music.”

You should be able to watch them performing staring from around 9.00pm… This is 3 part video which took me ages to upload to YouTube… enjoi it…

ENJOI 2008 Part 1 ( 00:40 minutes)

ENJOI 2008 Part 2 ( 01:36 minutes)

ENJOI 2008 Part 3 ( 03:47 minutes)


Microsoft TechEd SEA 2008… started my trip…

microsoft, teched, techedsea2008

I will start posting my TechEd SEA 2008 trip… 10 – 17 August 2008… slowly…

My TechEd SEA 2008 Air Ticket

My trip started on the 10 August 2008 at KKIA. My flight was at 12.15pm. The flight was slightly delayed because someone decided to come late… then never turned-up. We only started moving slightly before 1.00pm… damm. And imagine, because of the fuel price, I think they decided to save cost by reducing the air-cond power. I was a bit sweating… waiting whoever was it to come into the aircraft. I noticed lately, the aircraft  reduced their air-cond power while waiting for passenger… You will only feel the cool air after the aircraft is on air…

I stayed at Melia Hotel… again like last year TechEd SEA 2007. Why?… because it is situated at Bukit Bintang area and next to the hotel is the Imbi Monorail Station.

After checking in… the first thing we did is to attack food. We decided to have our late lunch at Jalan Alor… I had a can of Coca Cola and ‘sasau kai fan’ 😀

View from inside the hotel’s bubble lift… infront of Hotel Melia is Berjaya Times Square… and the Imbi Monorail Station.

The place we eat at Jalan Alor.

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A Quickie on TechEd SEA 2008

microsoft, Steve Riley, teched, techedsea2008

TechEd SEA 2008 was fantastic!!! The closing was the most exciting… really KABOOM… like last year, once again hosted by Daphne Iking.

Guitar Hero competition…

This time, I did not attend much track but spend most of my time at the exhibition hall… Well, what do you expect a five timer attendee ‘senior’ will do? Let the ‘junior’ fills up the track-room 😀

As usual, Steve Riley’s track is the most crowded… he should be given the Planery Hall instead of the Banquet Hall :O
Like I said before, this guy is the only one wearing short and don’t use the stage…

The track session at Room 306 is too small for the crowd. Hope the organizer will take note on this for next year event… and hopefully I still can make it next year.

Will be continued…


Microsoft TechEd South East Asia 2008 is One Week Away

microsoft, Steve Riley, teched, techedsea2008

Microsoft TechEd SEA 2008 Annual Conference is only a week away. Everything has been committed… fee, air fare and hotel… my credit card hit the limit already… so poor now.

If any of you still interested to attend the TechEd, the 999 Promotion is still on… The fee is only RM999 or USD323 compared to the usual RM1,299 or USD419 fee. And group promotion is also still on… with 5 or more in a group, you can save RM100 or USD32 for each participants… meaning each only have to pay RM899 or USD291.

Wait, there are still more… TechEd SEA 2008 is now HRDF Claimable under the SBL Scheme… but it doesn’t apply to me… but if it apply to you, you should take it… especially if you are staying around KL… me staying across South China Sea also can come… I’m sure those around KL will not have any problem… HRDF Claimable some more…

And if this TechEd is going to be your first time, let me recommend to you… you should attend all Steve Riley’s sessions!!! You won’t regret it, believe me!!! I have been attending his sessions since 2003! He is the security expert… so, if you want to hear security expert experience, attend his sessions. You will learn and gain loads of great things.

I’m not saying this to win the Exclusive Luncheon with Steve Riley competition… NO!.. NO WAY!.. I don’t want it… seriously I don’t want it. Even if I get one of the seats, I won’t take it… I’m willing to exchange it with XBOX360… yea… I’m damm serious… I want XBOX360 more than luncheoning with Mr. Riley… he is a bit… errr… weird… but he is very cool… he is the only presenter wearing shorts as if he is going to the beach… but he is funny… he has funny hair.

I think in 2004 he only used one PowerPoint slide… yea, I think it was 2004. I don’t remember what was on the slide… but I think it was the title of the session and his name only. But seriously, he don’t need any slides… his story and presentation enough to make everyone awake throughout the session. And he always get Grand Ballroom too… coz his session always full house… even with the Grand Ballroom, it will still full!

And he loves to show Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter photo. I think they almost look alike LOL. Don’t you think so?..

Stever Riley Stever Irwin
Steve Riley (L) and Steve Irwin (R)

Once again, I love XBOX360 more than luncheoning with Mr. Steve Riley.

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