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TVs are getting thinner each year… but getting bigger in screen size. .. it’s true coz if you follow the international electronic expo, almost all the big TV brands will showcase their latest TV. For example the recent Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2013 which was held in Las Vegas last month.

The tv-buzz during the expo is 4K TV… so what is 4K TV?… well it’s all about the TV’s resolution. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image will be. So in this case, 4K TV will have twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of the 1080p HDTV format.

Imagine, if you are already satisfied with your 1080p HDTV, wait until you see the 4K TV…

Expect the next few months when the 4K TVs hit the store, consumers will start replacing their ‘ancient’ 1080p HDTV… imagine having the futuristic 4K TV on top of your new tv rack in your living room… 😀

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tv stand

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Last week the office requested a ‘special display’ for the meeting room… a display for the chairman coz the 12 feet screen in front is not good enough. Can’t blame the chairman or the projector or the large screen… everyone eyesight are still good… the projector is bright enough although it’s 3 years old… the screen is huge enough for the room…

So what’s the problem?… You see, sometimes the presenter present their papers especially numbers on the excel so pack making the letters and numbers so small even on the 12 feet screen… 😛

So to make sure the chairman gets what are presented on the condensed excel spread sheet in future, a solution is required… such as special display. The first thing came across my mind was a TV stand… not like the amish furniture for the living room… but just a TV stand… a futuristic display stand.

So, I asked around… then decided for something like the one on the picture… but I think it’s not available locally… can we custom make it?… I don’t think it’s hard to find a furniture factory around and ask them to make one… sure they can build something similar…

Then came the funny part… when I saw the warning diagram for the design, I can’t avoid not laughing… well, it’s funny to me… probably I did something similar when I was small… but I’m sure everyone did something similar right?… kids are adventures… 😀

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