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tv stand

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Last week the office requested a ‘special display’ for the meeting room… a display for the chairman coz the 12 feet screen in front is not good enough. Can’t blame the chairman or the projector or the large screen… everyone eyesight are still good… the projector is bright enough although it’s 3 years old… the screen is huge enough for the room…

So what’s the problem?… You see, sometimes the presenter present their papers especially numbers on the excel so pack making the letters and numbers so small even on the 12 feet screen… 😛

So to make sure the chairman gets what are presented on the condensed excel spread sheet in future, a solution is required… such as special display. The first thing came across my mind was a TV stand… not like the amish furniture for the living room… but just a TV stand… a futuristic display stand.

So, I asked around… then decided for something like the one on the picture… but I think it’s not available locally… can we custom make it?… I don’t think it’s hard to find a furniture factory around and ask them to make one… sure they can build something similar…

Then came the funny part… when I saw the warning diagram for the design, I can’t avoid not laughing… well, it’s funny to me… probably I did something similar when I was small… but I’m sure everyone did something similar right?… kids are adventures… 😀

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Small gathering in our multipurpose room

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Last week, 16 December 2009, our small office… a small branch of a big department had a small gathering among us… it was a 3 in 1 celebration.

First, to celebrate one of our staff achievements who received an excellent award this year… second to celebrate our boss and another colleague belated birthday… and third to thank our two trainee, college students, who have been with us for the past six months.

We had our small party in our multipurpose room… a training room, a store room, a meeting room… it can be any room you like it to be anytime… 😀 we don’t have much office furniture inside the room but probably you might say it is full of junk if you see what inside the room… 😛

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Office Junks

5s, furniture, junks, office, stuff

For the past two weeks, our office was trying to clean up and rearranging the office. There were zillions of old stuff and junks… one might wonder how it came into this situation…

Well, when you are dealing with maintenance… especially IT maintenance… sometimes it is very hard just to throw away junks… the junks might not be usable anymore, but there are important parts inside it which can be used as spare parts.

And spare parts… especially for old junks are very hard to find… u  might not even able to buy it… coz it might no longer in the market… or no longer in production… obsolete… extinct… dinosaur…

So here we are, trying to use the 5S system… you know the Japanese’s 5S… Seiri, Seiso, Seiketsu & Shitsuke… translate that into English… well some say it is… Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize & Sustain… or… Sort, Systematize, Shining, Standardize & Self-Discipline.

I manage to run away from doing the ‘gotong-royong’ last week, starting from Wednesday because I went outstation to Sandakan until Friday 😆

But looking at the whole situation… I think we do not have enough office furniture like cabinets or drawers to keep all this old stuffs and junks… that’s why we end up just piling it up into the store room until there is no more space… it was not arrange properly, so they occupied more space.

Well, hopefully we can sustain or self-discipline our self doing this 5S thingy… 😀

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Rain and Wind

furniture, indoor, outdoor, weather, wind

Lately, my area is having loads of rain… No… No, I’m not complaining about rain. I like rain… much better than too much heat.

But actually, I prefer when it cloudy… the air is much cooler with beautiful rays of light. Usually it will be cloudy in the morning but with enough sun rays… just nice to dry cloths 😀

The beautiful morning cloud I snap while driving along the Penampang Bypass Road from Donggongon.

In the afternoon, it will be sunny… sometimes the heat is too much.

Then in the late evening, it will start raining… heavy rains. This is the best time to see the heavy rain… very cold and a bit windy. But the only problem is when the wind is too strong.

Last week, on Friday night, there was heavy rain followed with strong wind. Probably it was a monsoon wind. That night, the wind was OK at my place, but I didn’t know that about 20KM away, the wind was blowing so strong that many trees and signboards were blow away.

While driving last Saturday evening, I saw many tree branches on the road. And I also saw few roof sheets and furniture lying besides the road. Probably the furniture is outdoor furniture… else if the furniture is from inside the house… man, the wind must be so strong and suck-out the furniture from inside the house!

There is still rain followed by mild wind this week… hopefully it will stay like that.


Do kampung people need patio furniture covers?

covers, furniture, patio

OK, this is something unusual to ask… do you have tables or chairs outside your house and they are exposed to the sun and rain everyday?… Well, usually ‘kampung house’ do have some wooden chairs and table outside their house… like under the tree or somewhere in the middle of their small beautiful green garden. This furniture usually used for resting while chit chatting or barbequing with the neighbors after their hard work at their ‘kebun’ or ‘sawah padi’ during the day.

But this wooden furniture doesn’t get rotten easily… it can last many years although exposed under the sun and rain everyday… probably because the ‘kampung people’ really know how to choose a good timber or wood to make their tables and chairs.

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Captains Bed

bed, furniture

When I step into Furniture From Home galleries, my feeling was like I’m in a King’s bedroom in one of His majestic castle. It is true because they are displaying traditional and sleek style furniture which is sleek and contemporary to please the new generation.

When you look at any of the Bed in their galleries, you will be amazed by its design and fine craftsmanship. It just like in the movie and I have heard queens bed before but never captains bed.

If beds are not enough to make your eyes stretch, try the Living Room Furniture galleries. The sofas leather is shining so bright until I have to stretch and blink my eyes a few times to look what they are.

If you like traditional, sleek and contemporary furniture, you can check out the Furniture From Home.


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