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tru the atrium windows

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OK, it has been two months and many days since my last posting… so yea, i went hibernating once again… 😛 I hope I wont hibernate too often this year… after all, I feel this year gonna be a super year for me… 😀

So for my first posting this year, I’m gonna talk about something which helps me to see far… and hopefully it will helps or drives me to go further this year… out of my comfort zone.

OK, here it goes… every morning after waking up, the first thing that helps me to see further are the windows… OK, I’m not talking about the Windows that we are most fond of although turning on my notebook is one of the fist thing I do in the morning… I’m talking about the regular old windows, the one you usually have at your house. So for this posting it’s gonna be be about windows but not the regular windows… but atrium windows… so this posting is like an atrium windows reviews 😀

There are all sorts of windows available, most house use normal windows with glass, metal or woods, square or rectagular, and some tried to be creative and add a hemisphere on top of their square or rectangular windows. But I’m not gonna talk about those small windows… this year I want to go big… so I’m gonna talk about atrium windows… so what are they? Well, they are not regular windows, they can’t be seen in our houses, they are most commonly used in large buildings like offices, shopping mall… and because of that, they can be expensive to install… the reason I want to do an atrium windows reviews.

So what is the purpose to have an atrium windows?… Well first of all, you need to know the type of building you are building it on, is it a shopping mall? is it an office?, Then pick your design and material to see if it fits in your building, after deciding, you have to see if your budget fits the atrium windows that you decided to use on your building.
Atrium windows aren’t only good for conserving the air-conditioning inside the building, but it also helps reducing the use of powers for the light where natural sunlight can be used during the day as light so it’s not dark around the building, but also at night, if there are stars or moon, it would look beautiful and awesome. Other than conserving energy and power, it also helps making the building look classy by using colorful glass windows. Those are couple of useful things that atrium windows could be used for.

I want to do more on this atrium windows reviews but I have to stop here for now… too tired and sleepy 😛


laser eyes surgery

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Wearing eye glasses or spectacle is not cool… it’s like wearing jewellery which you don’t like. I started wearing spectacle when I was 16 years old… but that was more than a year after I started having short sighted. I was trying to avoid wearing spectacle… but at the end I have to coz it was getting hard for me to see things at distance… things looks blurry and double… yea, I see things double.

Each year I have to change my glasses… not for better but for worse… it’s like my eyes needed 0.5 to 1.0 corrections each year. OK, that numbers doesn’t make sense to some… well, usually people called it 50 degrees or 100 degrees. But I think the correct figure is using the pointer… for instance, if you go to sports shops which sells swimming goggle, some of the goggle will have some numbering on it… such as 1.0 to indicate the goggle has eyesight correction of 1.0 or 100 degrees.

At the end, I was wearing 5.0 and 5.5 glasses… yea, I have uneven eyesight correction. The glasses are getting thicker and heavier… so I have to get a better glass which they called high index lens… I hope I remember that right, coz I’ve not wear glasses for many years already. High index lens is thinner and lighter but more expensive… in fact this glass is harder and stronger just like the gorilla glass used in Samsung Galaxy phone or Apple’s iPhone. To make things much lighter, I use titanium frame… which is more expensive too. But I can’t help it coz I just can’t stand with the pain on my nose which has to hold the spectacle.

So about 4 years ago, I took a bold move… I went for laser eye correction… I went for LASIK… yea, I went for laser eyes surgery. Actually I have been reading about LASIK since the 90s… I learned that the Russian ophthalmologist is offering laser eyes surgery called Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis or LASIK. Reference about LASIK is very limited coz internet is almost unknown at that time but today you can read it everyway even at ophthalmologist chicagoland. At that time I feel LASIK is dangerous coz after surgery, the eye will be on bandage for a month or so… and they can only perform on one eye at a time just in case something goes wrong with the operation.

But today, LASIK can be performed on both eyes in single operation and there is no need for bandage… after the operation on both my eyes which took less than 30 minutes, I actually able see clearly… during the operation, I did not feel any pain coz they put anaesthesia on my eyes, but after the operation, it was stinging… it’s like someone squeeze an onion near my eyes. But the best part is, I can see clearly, in fact clearer than when I wear my spectacle.

The most important after the surgery is to use the eye drops… to make sure the eyes are lubricated. I have to use the eye drops for 3 months continuously… I did it just to make sure my eyes are OK. Then after that, I will get eye drops from time to time… which is, only when I feel my eyes are dry… and that will be like a few months apart. If you are wearing thick glasses, you should consider LASIK… you won’t regret it… trust me… The best part after I’m no longer dependent to eye glasses is I’m able to see clearly every morning when I wake up… 😀

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