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mount merapi is active again…

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Once again, Indonesia is going to face another natural disaster… Mount Merapi located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the most active volcano in Indonesia is starting showing its color again… it has erupted regularly since 1548… and experts are forecasting the eruption this time would be much more spectacular than the last one in 2006.

Smoke can be seen from the top of the mountain at least 300 days a year… and during the weekend, officials recorded about 500 volcanic earthquakes activities… seismic activity… in the area. People living within 10km or 6 miles around the mountain were told to evacuate and seek shelters at a safer place. Other neighboring countries are getting their medical cart ready for deployment for medical relief if the volcano erupted.

On May 27, 2006, an earthquake with 5.6 magnitude about 30 miles southwest of Mount Merapi killed at least 5,000 people and made about 200,000 people homeless… but the Merapi eruption itself only caused two fatalities 😛

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volcano acne

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One thing that I don’t like when I have to take medicine is the side effect… I don’t really have major problem taking medicine… medicine is for cure… cure for my back pain… it just that I just don’t like taking drugs… and sometimes medicine which is new to me causes acne popping on my body… especially my back… it’s usually a big one… just like volcano when it ripe… ready to spew its larva…. 😛 So far, I have not found any best back acne treatment… so I just let it grow… then when it ripe, I just press out the pus… 😛

And volcano type acne is very painful… especially when it grows inside your nose… or under your skin without ‘eyes’… without hole… for the pus to come out… 😛

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