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acne in the hole

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This is about pimples… or acne if you like to call it that way. I hate it when it grows inside my nose. It’s bloody painful and sensitive…  it makes me sneeze… and sneeze makes me having headache…

I wish there is way to get rid of this acne forever… is there acne remedies out there that can do that?… when I was teenager, I understand that acne only appears during teen years… but that is very wrong… I’m still having it from time to time… and it’s bloody painful…


getting rid of acne

acne pills, acne treatment, pimples

I really hate it when there is acne growing inside my nose… it’s bloody painful and super sensitive. When I accidentally press it when I touch my nose, I will start sneezing non-stop… I just don’t know why it grows inside the nose… not really inside but just a little bit inside… and at this age, why must I still get acne… pimples…

I usually just leave it, but sometimes it takes a week to go away… using acne cream usually helps, it goes away within 3 days… and now I’m wondering how effective is acne pills?… I’m thinking of trying it next time… bit I hope there is no next time… who wants acne right?… 😛

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extra belly

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Foods seem to be the main thing for the past few months… from Christmas to Chinese New Year… and till now. And everyone seem to be enjoying eating… I did said I want to stop all those junk foods coz they are evil… but seem can’t… eating junk, fatty and oily food seems to be the most tastier…

Can’t avoid gaining extras on the belly… have to shift to another hole on my belt… meaning I gain extra one inch… 😛 But lucky only the belly is gaining extra and not having other unsightly stuff like acne or pimple becoz of those fatty and oily stuffs… else have search for acne treatment.

Hope to able to go back to the gym soon… and burn all those oil and fat… 😛

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Happy New Year

acne, acsonic, barbecue, new year, pimples

I guess it’s still ok to say Happy New Year… 😀 This gonna be my first posting in my blog for this year, 2011… 😀

What did we do during the new year eve on 31st December 2010 and the first day of 2011?… Well, family, cousins and guest had little barbecue and fireworks… as usual, the main barbecue is the lamb 😀 there are also sausages, chicken wings,  satay and pork barbecued on that night… also some noodles, root beer, beer… and some acsonix to get rid of pimples for eating too much barbecue and staying late… 😛 just kidding… 😆

Anyways, just like the previous years, fireworks is the main and most fun activity on that night… usually it just like a fight… or should I say war?… whenever someone launched their fireworks, others will response with bigger or more fireworks… especially when it get closer to 12.00am… and of course when the clock hit the new year, not only the fireworks but firecrackers will echo the whole place… that night we launched about 30 fireworks and burned four blocks of 8 feet long firecrackers… 😀

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no allergy but puss

anti germs liquid, blackheads, Dettol, instant hand sanitizer, pimples, puss

The last time after SPL, I had itchy palm and foot… it was some kind of allergy… and until today, never sure what was the cause. This time, I did not experience any kind of itchiness… probably because I was using the Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer 😀 Used it on my foot and palms before going into the field… my feet actually soak with water and mud the whole two days while inside the field… so it was good to use the anti germs liquid… else don’t know what would happen to my foot… But this time instead of getting allergy which was probably prevented by the Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer, I had two pimples like red spots… more like blackheads or puss… on my thigh and tummy… but luckily after removing out the puss and ‘blackhead’, it just dry off and heal… 😛

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volcano acne

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One thing that I don’t like when I have to take medicine is the side effect… I don’t really have major problem taking medicine… medicine is for cure… cure for my back pain… it just that I just don’t like taking drugs… and sometimes medicine which is new to me causes acne popping on my body… especially my back… it’s usually a big one… just like volcano when it ripe… ready to spew its larva…. 😛 So far, I have not found any best back acne treatment… so I just let it grow… then when it ripe, I just press out the pus… 😛

And volcano type acne is very painful… especially when it grows inside your nose… or under your skin without ‘eyes’… without hole… for the pus to come out… 😛

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acne and pronexin

acne treatment, pimples, pronexin review

Not sure how many out there who are still having pimples problem… pass after their teenage life… some experience pimples till pass their teenage life… sometimes it is so bad, it will looks like they have some kind of skin disease… some don’t even have to worry coz they don’t get a pimples at all… There are all kind of acne or pimples treatment out there… if you like to know more about it or want to read about it, try searching for pronexin review… pronexin is an acne treatment which has no side effect, according to the review… 😛 feel free to check it out…

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